Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2611

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Zang Tianming did not cheat. Since the moment he made the decision to surpass Jiang Chen and compete in alchemy, he was bound to do so. However, he had never thought that he was the one to be defeated, even failing miserably. There was a huge difference between the two of them as Jiang Chen’s flame was extremely terrifying. The moment he noticed Jiang Chen’s flames, Jiang Chen already finished making the pill.

It was not that Zang Tianming could not bear the failure. Since he was in the Northern Cold Divine Region until now, he had been seeking for ingredients and methods to concoct medicinal pills. If he had learned from the public open-heartedly, he would’ve already become a real master of refining medicinal pills.

Jiang Chen’s remarkably wonderful and incredible skills of refining pills had astonished Zang Tianming. He was convinced by his strength.

“This is the formula for concocting the Saint Spirit Pill.”

Zang Tianming stopped entangling with Jiang Chen, it was his final decision to protect his pride. Since the moment he started preparing for the refining of pills, he had thought that he already had the game in his hands. However, the opponent had succeeded while he was just about ready to concoct the pills. Furthermore, the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill that was made by Jiang Chen was extraordinarily perfect and unparalleled. It was possible for him to concoct the pills as well. However, the resources consumed and the probability of success would be incomparable with Jiang Chen. Most importantly, Jiang Chen could make a perfect Supreme Grade Medicinal Pill successfully on his first attempt.

“Thank you.”

Jiang Chen wore a slight smile and accepted the recipe for the Saint Spirit Pill. It was expected to be extraordinary, however, he would also suffer severe backlash at the same time if he consumed the pill.

“The Saint Spirit pill will bring a huge harm to one’s health, and your strength and energy will be drained away as well. Please don’t take this pill unless it’s absolutely necessary.”

Even though Zang Tianming was defeated,  he still showed magnificent tolerance and generosity. He even told Jiang Chen about the potential harm of consuming the Saint Spirit Pill. He could have fought by force but having a venerable opponent was the most important experience for him. In fact, Zang Tianming did not lose the match miserably as he had earned Jiang Chen’s respect.

“Alright, I will be aware of that. I am Jiang Chen, we will meet again someday.”

“I am sincerely convinced by your strength. But I will not fall behind as I will be able to concoct a Supreme Grade Medicinal Pill soon with my own strength. If I could make it successfully, I guess it will not be easy for you to defeat me next time. Perhaps not even strong enough to fight me at all.”

Zang Tianming was laughing at himself. He had never thought of taking advantage of Jiang Chen, however, he also had no choice but to admit that he was defeated by him.

Jiang Chen had left while Zang Tianming was still struggling to regain his composure. He had been calling himself as the First Master in the Northern Cold Divine Region. He could not believe that he had lost to an unknown guy who did not even reach the Divine King Realm. It was just ridiculous and sorrowful.

“I thought my pill concocting skill is the greatest among most of the younger generation in the world. I can hardly find an opponent if I did not enter the Central Region Divine Land. I have never expected that I will encounter the greatest challenge of my life in this small Qilian Boundary. I will never forget you, Jiang Chen.”

Zang Tianming turned his back and left. The shadow of his back looked lonely and isolated. However, he did not give up. Losing once did not mean that he would be a loser his whole life. Since he had a long lifetime, perhaps it was not a bad thing to be defeated by Jiang Chen. He was going to the Central Region Divine Land, a place where the world’s pill concocting geniuses assembled. He believed that he could impress everyone with his strength in that place.

Jiang Chen did not return to the inn but found a hidden desolate mountain in the suburban district. He planned to refine a hundred and eight Supreme Divine Tools. Once a hundred and eight Supreme Divine Tools were refined successfully, it would become a Heavenly Divine Tool eventually which would indicate that the Little Ashura Sword Formation would be irresistible and unbeatable. Jiang Chen took out the Azure Cloud Gold and the Millennium Cold Iron that he had obtained in Tian Qi Mountain Range and started refining the weapons.

As the minutes ticked away, Jiang Chen did not dare to take a rest. It was not an easy task to refine a Heavenly Divine Tool with a hundred and eight Supreme Divine Tools. Jiang Chen had to put a lot of effort in refining each type of Divine Tool. Moreover, it would be a great opportunity and trial to test if his refining skills had gained any improvement.

Jiang Chen was using the Myriad Qi Cauldron for refining the Heavenly Divine Tool with deep attention. The light of the Divine Tool was growing brighter under the refinement of the Five Elemental True Fire.

After three days and nights, Jiang Chen had refined all hundred and eight Supreme Divine Tools completely. Each sword had become a true Heavenly Divine Tool. After the refining and forging of the Myriad Qi Cauldron, a formidable and invincible Divine Tool was finally created.

Jiang Chen was holding a Heavenly Divine Sword in his hand and his eyes glittered with bright light. He was aggressive and eager to devour the world at this moment.

He did not know how strong the Little Ashura Sword Formation and the hundred and eight Heavenly Divine Tools were. But at least, he would not be afraid of any Divine King experts at this moment. Even the Hierarch Realm experts may not be able to resist the power of this Little Ashura Sword Formation. It would be different if Jiang Chen could make a turnaround as none of them would stand still and wait for their death.

Jiang Chen held the Storm Hammer and Meteor Hammer in his hand. Both hammers were Heavenly Divine Tools but he decided to use the Azure Cloud Gold in his practice this time. Another day had passed. The hammers in his hands were glimmering with bright radiance. It had become a Supreme Heavenly Divine Tool but Jiang Chen failed to refine it to an Origin Divine Tool even after trying so hard. He was only capable of refining a Supreme Heavenly Divine Tool at this moment.

“Well. I still failed to refine an Origin Divine Tool after all.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, feeling great disappointment in himself. He did not, however, realize that he would earn great respect and popularity by the public in the Lone Dragon County even though he had ‘only’ successfully refined a Heavenly Divine Tool. Countless sects would turn out to meet and greet him passionately.

However, Jiang Chen felt thoroughly dissatisfied. Even though he was able to refine a Heavenly Divine Tool at this moment, it was still not a Supreme Heavenly Divine Tool. He still lacked the necessary ingredients to make one. The reason that the Storm Hammer and Meteor Hammer became  Supreme Heavenly Divine Tools was because of their invincible materials, the remarkable skills of Jiang Chen and the power of the Myriad Qi Cauldron. It was created with all of the significant conditions.

After refining the tools, Jiang Chen took out the Nine Supreme Saint Bone Pill. It was impossible for him to concoct this kind of Supreme Grade Medicinal Pill. The most critical ingredient was the bone of a God Emperor. He could not help but click his tongue. No wonder that guy was forced to give up on this. How could he possibly obtain the bone of a God Emperor? Who would be capable of refining the Nine Supreme Saint Bone Pill even if they got the bone?

“The bone of a God Emperor, Flower of Spirit, Purple Devil Taro......”

Everyone had been yearning for these three  items yet they would not have the courage to pursue them. Even a sect lord would not spare a glance at the pill’s formula as none of them were capable of refining this Nine Supreme Saint Bone Pill.

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