Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2607

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The auction of the Immortal Grade Pill was truly exciting and the ultimate winner was Jiang Chen. Now that the Blue Cloud Metal was in his possession and the pills going for such a high price, Jiang Chen wasn’t in a hurry to leave. After all, this auction was a great place, and the final item hasn’t appeared yet.

“Xue Clan, eh? Hmph, Let’s see what you guys have to contend against my Shen Ying Sect.” Shenying Qi harrumphed as her expression became dark, however those words could only be uttered inside her heart while her long brows stared at Xue Pingyang.

She had lost twice today, but she’s not one to be silent, although she couldn’t offend the Eastern Emperor Sect, the tiny Xue Clan was nothing much to her.

“Elder, we must not let the Xue Clan go. That fella is too arrogant, to think he didn’t give face to our sect.” Shenfang He said coldly, as he too hated the Xue Clan.

One of those five pills would’ve been his. If those five pills landed in their hands, his dream of becoming a Divine King would have been fulfilled but the Xue Clan took those pills.

“You don’t need to teach me about that. Hmph, this Xue Clan will surely pay what is due.” Shenying Qi said.

Afterwards, the beautiful host took out an ancient scroll and everyone watched in anticipation, wondering what that scroll was. An ancient technique from the past? A map of an ancient ruin?

“I believe everyone is curious about the content of this scroll. I shall reveal it now.”

Many of them would’ve probably pummelled the host if she wasn’t pretty as she was keeping them hanging.

“This is a pill recipe, a peerless pill recipe.”

The breaths of the attendees halted after hearing what she said. Jiang Chen’s eyes squinted. Looks like I’m right in coming here today. To be regarded as a peerless pill recipe and to be this mysterious as the last item of the auction. That pill recipe must be extraordinary.

“What peerless pill recipe? Is that true?”

“These auction sites like to create all these gimmicks, I wonder if it’s true.”

“I can’t wait.”

The host smiled and said:

“This is an ancient recipe for the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill! A Peak Immortal Grade recipe. Our auction house has searched through countless ancient texts and found the answer. It is said that this pill could be taken by Divine Kings and Hierarch experts. Divine Kings could defy the heavens and reach the Hierarch Realm after taking this pill, there are no limitations. Whereas for Hierarchs, this pill could change one’s body and bones, allowing one’s body to have the muscle and bones of a divine beast, enabling one to crush mountains with just their bare hands. Most importantly, it could allow one to have nine bodies, although it could only be used nine times. It’s a heaven-defying pill. It’s akin to a peerless technique rather than a recipe of a peerless pill. Although nobody knows how mysterious this pill is as the information within the texts were limited. We can only understand that much of the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill.”

“Such a mysterious Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill.”

Jiang Chen’s blood was boiling. This Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill was akin to the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill, although different its rarity was the same. Plus, it’s effect was domineering.

Peak Immortal Grade Medicinal Pill, truly well deserved. Jiang Chen thought.

He must get his hands on this Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill.

“This is too mysterious…”

“Ain’t that right, Peak Immortal Grade Pill, no one has seen it before.”

“It’s obviously a great thing, however, I heard that one needs to be at least at the Divine King Realm to concoct an Immortal Grade Pill. As for a Peak Immortal Grade Pill, it requires a Peak Divine King or at least a Half-Step Hierarch. It has a very harsh requirement, let’s not include the ingredients of the recipe, the basic requirement of one’s cultivation has limited countless numbers of men.”

While some people were shocked, it was the truth for many, it would only be a scrap paper if such a peerless recipe was given to them as they couldn’t concoct it and it’s dangerous too boot which may cause them their lives. There’s probably only a few people that have the qualification to compete for this item.

“There are rumours that the last treasure would be a Peak Immortal Grade recipe, looks like it’s true.” Shenyin Qi thought silently.

This was also one of the treasures that was urged by the sect’s alchemist elder to get. She got herself two Immortal Grade Pills so that she could win in this contest.

On the site, there were less than five people who had the qualifications to compete for the recipe.

“This item could not be measured by Origin Stones, the owner of the pill recipe wishes to exchange it with other items, pills, techniques, precious treasures, anything goes.”

Nobody complained about what she said. Because the value of that recipe indeed could not be measured by origin stones, it’s reasonable for one to be traded with other treasures.

“Those who wish to exchange for the pill recipe, please show us your goods behind the stage, our attendants will guide you.”

Jiang Chen silently left the site and went towards the backstage. He quickly changed into a black robe and covered his face with a giant bamboo hat. The appraiser was not alarmed as everyone had the right to protect their identity.

“I wonder what this friend plans to use to exchange for the pill recipe of the Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill?”

“Three Azure Spirit Pills.” Jiang Chen said

That appraiser’s expression slightly changed but his heart thumped profusely. To think it’s THE Azure Spirit Pill? And three to boot?! He has been working for this auction house for thousands of years but he had never once seen the Azure Spirit Pill. Now that there were three, it was certainly mind-blowing.

The Azure Spirit Pill was considered to be a Mid-Immortal Grade Pill, and was extremely hard to concoct. It was highly sought by Divine King experts. Even Hierarch experts would keep it close to them. Three Azure Spirit Pills, it was also hard to evaluate its value.

“Friend, you know your stuff.”

“Nine Supreme Saint Bones Pill, it’s worth this price.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.

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