Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2600

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When Jiang Chen reached the third floor, he finally saw the most obvious Eastern Emperor Limitless Art. When he opened the book, he finally felt the power of the technique, it was pretty strong, although not as strong as the Dragon Transformation Art, but it’s still strong nonetheless. However, he wouldn’t forgo his own art to train this technique. Instead, he saw another powerful technique, the ‘Divine Golden Bell: God Sealing Prohibition’.

Jiang Chen read it with interest. This God Sealing Prohibition was no simple offensive formation. It needed the Eastern Emperor Limitless Art as the foundation to summon the divine bell, and the divine bell acts as the base to unleash the God Sealing Prohibition.

“To summon the image of the Eastern Emperor Bell? I wonder if my real Eastern Emperor Bell could use this God Sealing Prohibition, or not?”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Would this God Sealing Prohibition succeed if I were to use the real Eastern Emperor Bell? If it does, then I can be invincible by sealing the gods.

He imprinted the ‘Divine Golden Bell: God Sealing Prohibition’ in his mind, so that he could practice it after going back, even if he can’t, there’s nothing to lose. However, this technique requires a sacrifice of a divine bell. Jiang Chen thought of the Eastern Emperor Bell as the base, it ought to work out…

He then browsed through the place for another round but there weren't any techniques or books that interested him, he then left the third floor right after.

On the second floor, Jiang Chen saw Qu Tianshu was still researching that pill concoction book. His eyes started to glow a hint of happiness.

“The Great Bodhi Pill, Immortal Grade Pill, able to purify extreme toxins and poison, purify divine origin energy, and most importantly to save a person who’s on the verge of dying.” Jiang Chen said differently.

Qu Tianshu was shocked, turned and looked towards Jiang Chen. She didn’t expect that she, a Peak Early Divine King, wasn’t able to detect this Late Heavenly God who suddenly appeared behind her back.

“Just from seeing the Spirit Bodhi Grass and the Scarlet Essence Snow Lotus, I already knew what you’re trying to concoct. Looks like I may have underestimated you.”

Qu Tianshu was silently shocked. This fella, does he really know how to concoct pills?

“An Immortal Grade Pill, that's all, it’s not some Peerless Saint Pill. But this pill is great for strengthening the yang, are you going to use it?”  Jiang Chen looked at Qu Tianshu with a weird smile.


Qu Tianshu threw a punch and Jiang Chen immediately appeared between the border of the first and second floor. Originally, Qu Tianshu showed a tinge of shock and curiosity towards Jiang Chen, but it was now all gone. This fella is just all talk, he definitely does not know about the art of concoction.

“The most difficult part of the Great Bodhi Pill is the temperament of the Spirit Bodhi Grass and the dominance of the Scarlet Essence Snow Lotus. The success rate of fusing these two ingredients together is extremely low. Therefore, although the Great Bodhi Pill is the lowest Immortal Grade Pill, it’s still hard to succeed in it. The temperament of the Great Bodhi Grass could flow with the dominance of the Scarlet Essence Snow Lotus, by supporting one another only then could the maximum efficiency of the medicinal effect be brought upon, you’ll only fail if you forcefully merge them together.”

Jiang Chen’s voice reverberated in Qu Tianshu’s ears. She sneered with disdain.

On that night, Qu Tianshu put all her effort into concocting the Great Bodhi Pill, she concocted for three days straight, nine attempts and all failed. Every single time, when she was on the verge of forming the pill, it failed.

“Dammit, why is this Great Bodhi Pill so hard to concoct? I’ve already failed a dozen times, why can’t I do it?! There’s not much time left for Godfather.” Qu Tianshu was extremely stressed and her expression was solemn.

Her heart was set on completing the Great Bodhi Pill. Her Godfather got seriously injured from saving her 37 years ago, he was heavily poisoned. There was no cure after so many years. But after searching hard, she managed to get the recipe of the Great Bodhi Pill. Godfather will be saved as long as the Great Bodhi Pill could be concocted.

However, there was no development after so many years. There wasn’t one alchemist master that could concoct the Great Bodhi Pill in this Qilian Region. Not even the two  great alchemists in the Spirit Jade City could. Although Qu Tianshu had the recipe but they still couldn’t concoct it no matter what, that was the most painful part for her.

“Could what that damned brat say true?”

Qu Tianshu suddenly thought about what Jiang Chen had said before. The Spirit Bodhi Grass and Scarlet Essence Snow Lotus rejected one another because of their different attributes. It’s extremely hard to completely fuse the two ingredients together, she couldn’t succeed in the end. The Great Bodhi Pill had become a great challenge for her where she wasn’t able to succeed even after so many years.

“Let’s try it.”

Qu Tianshu followed Jiang Chen’s steps and tried it, however, she didn’t completely fuse the two ingredients together immediately but unleashed the uniqueness of each of the ingredients and forced the Great Bodhi Pill to form with the yin and yang style.

Qu Tianshu was extremely nervous. This time, she followed Jiang Chen’s method and fused the two ingredients together and managed to get a result. She was shocked, because the Great Bodhi Pill that she had spent 30 years concocting was finally made.

At this moment, Qu Tianshu stared at the Great Bodhi Pill in her palm and cried in joy. Thirty years, for the sake of staying beside her Godfather at his last moments, she chose to not leave him and tried all she could everyday. Today, the fruit of success was finally born and the merit of this belongs to Jiang Chen.

“That brat, is he that great? No, a Late Heavenly God fella, how great could he be? He’s just lucky, he couldn’t even concoct a Supreme Grade pill, it’s probably just luck that he knew about the Great Bodhi Pill.” Qu Tianshu thought, that must be it…

She couldn’t suppress her happiness as she took the Great Bodhi Pill and rushed towards her Godfather’s mansion.

“Godfather, Godfather, I managed to concoct the Great Bodhi Pill, hahaha.” Qu Tianshu said with a mad laugh.

The cave she was at was also the mansion where the Great Elder resided.

The Great Elder was wearing a robe that was rough and patched up, his expression was pale but his eyes were vigorous.

“Oh? You managed to concoct the Great Bodhi Pill?” The Great Elder was clearly surprised.

The Great Bodhi Pill was difficult to concoct, he understood that very well. Not even the two great master alchemists of the Spirit Jade City were able to do it. To think my adoptive daughter managed to succeed… The Great Elder was excited and happy, his predestined time of death was still far away, but he was on the verge of death due to this poison. Now, finally, a ray of hope had shone upon him.

“Yes, take it, quickly, Godfather.” Qu Tianshu said anxiously.


The Great Elder took the Great Bodhi Pill and swallowed it, digesting it within his dantian. Qu Tianshu looked at him nervously, fearing something may go wrong.

In three hours, the Great Elder coughed out three mouthfuls of blood. More than half of the toxins within his meridians were forced out from his body. The medicinal effect of the Great Bodhi Pill had played its part.

“Great, great.” The Great Elder said with a smile as he wiped away the ink-ish poisoned blood from his lips.

“No, Godfather, you’re not clear of that accursed poison yet.” Qu Tianshu said with a serious tone.

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