Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2582

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Only the vast world could accommodate Jiang Chen who shone with a boundless radiance.


Jiang Chen waved farewell to She Zhen, Li Peng and the others. He had benefited greatly in this journey. Whether it’s the summary of the formation or Dou Formation Technique,  they had profoundly boosted his understanding of the formation and his power had achieved a significant improvement. He could even breakthrough to the Late Heavenly God Realm at any time, it is merely a matter of time. However, the foundations that he needed to build before reaching the Divine King Realm would be absolutely critical if he wished everything to run smoothly and move towards success gradually.

Jiang Chen’s heart was ready to start another new journey but perhaps he would be back here again someday. It was a pity that the mysterious background of the sealed Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine and the bleakness of Feng Qiuhuang was utterly unknown so far.

A melodious sound of a flute followed by the harmonies of the lutes while the eagles were soaring in and cleaving the vast sky. Jiang Chen’s determination to continue his journey was growing stronger. He then turned around and murmured under his breath.

“Looking back upon the mountains, the eagle has soared in the sky.  I am still immersed in the journey of Tian Qi Mountain Range and the melodies are distracting my mind. In the future, when I come back again I will definitely become invincible.”

Jiang Chen’s voice echoed through the void, reverberating among the forest and mountains.

Hundreds of birds were singing while the entire heaven was trembling.

Jiang Chen left while She Zhen, the Li Lei brothers and the rest chose to stay at this place.

Before winter came, the maple leaves were tinged with autumn red, falling on the mountains and spreading over the dales. The Eight Lineages eventually collapsed. Li Peng was holding the long spear in his hand, sweeping across the water with an overbearing and overwhelming spirit.

Li Peng raised his head and looked at the peak of the mountain in the distance. There was a long shadow of a lady reflected in the southeast, full of loneliness and desolation.

“It has been a year. Are you still waiting for him? Why are you looking depressed and sorrowful by loving someone?” Li Peng said lightly. 

He would be full of jealousy if the man  was someone else. However, he realized that the person she missed was Jiang Chen, a man who was supposed to stay on the peak. How could he be jealous of the person he also admired in his life? However, even if she had someone in her mind, he knew that this lady meant the world to him.

“I don’t like him, I just can’t erase him from my mind.”

She Xinying said in a low voice and her eyes were blinking. The shadow remained in her heart for a long time. However, the legend already left her and disappeared into heaven.

“Then, you’re......”

Li Peng was confused

She Xinying turned and looked back with a smile. She took a glance at Li Peng and disappeared in the dense bamboo woods with a graceful shadow.

At the moment, Jiang Chen stepped out of the Tian Qi Mountain Range. His strength had reached the Late Heavenly God Realm in just a year. Two thousand beasts and spirits of Late Heavenly Gods kept challenging his capability and his skills achieved mastery. He restrained his own power and cultivated his foundation. At the moment, his power was beyond all of them.

How terrifying would the power be when two thousand Late Heavenly God beasts and spirits were devoured by him? Even Divine Kings would be frightened with this kind of tremendous energy.

The howling of the tiger echoed through the mountain and forest while the dragons were soaring in the nine heavens. The moment that Jiang Chen stepped out of the Tian Qi Mountain Range, he regained his freedom which made him feel like the fish leap in the wide sea and the birds flying freely in the vast sky. No matter where he went, a Late Heavenly God would be considered as a real invincible master. Jiang Chen would be capable of having a fair and square fight even if he met a Divine King expert at the moment. Besides, he had completely learned the Summary of Formation that Dou Hongming had left in just a year. Now he could even launch a perfect formation which was way better and stronger than before. Not only that, he had achieved Third Star of the Dou Formation Technique.

The Dou Formation Technique was divided into Seven Stars of the Dipper. The First Star was the foundation and the Fifth Star would be the intermediate level. When the Sixth Star is achieved, the Elemental Dou Formation Technique would be able to give a shock to the universe and the Seven Star of Elemental Dou Formation Technique could change the position of the stars which enforced the formation to true perfection. That was the most terrifying skill.

Unfortunately, the Dou Formation Technique that Jiang Chen owned only allowed him to cultivate his skills until the Fifth Star. In other words, he could only exert the power of Level Five. The remaining Sixth Star of Elemental Dou Formation Technique and the Seventh Star still belonged to the Battle God Clan. As such, he imagined that he would be torn apart the moment when he met the Battle God Clan.

Although Jiang Chen was not afraid of the Battle God Clan, his strength was nothing compared with them. The situation was like a mantis trying to stop a chariot which was totally meaningless. He would never have the chance to strike back.

The Qilian Boundary was one of the strongest boundaries in the Lone Dragon County’s twenty seven boundaries. It was paralleled with the Heavenly Star Boundary, Long Live Boundary and Mo He Boundary. The Ling Jue City was one of the largest cities in the Qilian Boundary and countless of mighty strong sects were within thousand miles of the Ling Jue City, which is also known as the true greatest city with numerous disciples.

“Have you guys heard that the Profound Connection Divine Palace is planning for something big. I am afraid that it would give a shock to the entire Qilian Boundary.” 

“That is inevitable. Can’t you see the position of Ling Jue City by now? It is destined to stir a storm in the Profound Connection Divine Palace, Lone Dragon County, Qilian Boundary and Ling Jue City.”

“It’s said that the Lord of Reverends of the Nine Boundaries will all assemble in the Ling Jue City as the Profound Connection Divine Palace made an offer which was tempting and everyone couldn’t refuse. The disciples from all around the world will definitely be gathered here.”

“Who are the Lord of Reverends of the Nine Boundaries that you mentioned? I have been living in this Ling Jue City for more than hundreds years but I have never heard of them.”

“You really look like a fool. How could you know nothing about the Lord of Reverends of Nine Boundaries? There are nine main boundaries and twenty seven minor boundaries in Lone Dragon County. For every nine boundaries, they are under the rule of one Lord of Reverend. The Lord of Reverend of the Nine boundaries included the Lord of Reverend of Heavenly Star Boundary, Qilian Boundary and Mo He Boundary respectively. The Long Live Boundary is supposed to be known as one of the Lord of Reverends previously but Long Live Boundary shows no interest with power and authority. Thus, it lowered its position and combined with the Mo He Boundary eventually. So, the Mo He Boundary is the most terrifying boundary among them. The Long Live Boundary, meanwhile, has formidable force, hence they should not be treated lightly by the other two boundaries’ Lord of Reverend . That is how the Long Live Boundary gained their honourable fame.”

A swordsman who was holding a folding fan said it with a smile. He looked confident and he seemed to know the Lord of Reverends of the Nine Boundaries like the back of his hand.

“I heard that the adopted daughter of the Mo He Boundary will be here as well. Then the strongest experts in Nine Boundaries will be gathered here in one city. Although it is just the elite conference of the Qilian Boundary, I believe that no one will miss out the Profound Connection Divine Palace. That is a place that everyone desperately wants to get in after all.

Jiang Chen put down the cup slowly and he fixed his glance at the moment.

“It seems like our fate is really amazing.”

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