Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2578

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“You’re right, it’s a pity, this Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation will unceasingly contract your formation. The heaven and earth will crumble, the sea will dry up, stones crumble, the shore, the floras, the faunas, everything shall perish, all of you shall perish! Hahaha.”

Dou Hongming was the ultimate beneficiary. Jiang Chen fought until the end and yet he was still stuck inside the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation with his life hanging on a thread. 

“Do you really think that this Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation could trap me and the others?” Jiang Chen pointed towards Dou Hongming with a cold smile.

Both of their confidence were off the roof. Jiang Chen refused to believe that this formation was unbreakable yetDou Hongming also refused to believe that Jiang Chen could break his hundred years of effort. 

“My Battle God Clan is the best in the art of formation, what about you? To break through my hundred years of effort? Keep dreaming. Hahaha! There are less than five people who can surpass me in the art of formation in the Lone Dragon County. But even they could not destroy my Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation in such a short amount of time. What do you have to destroy my 100 years of blood, sweat, and tears? ” 

Dou Hongming looked at Jiang Chen with disdain. Young and reckless, it’s a pity that he thought he’s something else. 

“I refuse to believe that anyone could stop me!” Jiang Chen laughed. 

A dominating aura coursed through his body, he must break through this Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation!!

Jiang Chen stood in front of Yan Qingcheng to protect her. Yan Qingcheng felt somewhat amused as she watched Jiang Chen’s confidence rise sky high. To think a meticulous man like him has such a temperament, somewhat arrogant and conceited. It should be said that this Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation made Yan Qingcheng feel somewhat threatened.  

The Eight Lineages Silver River has lost all its previous glory. Now, it’s just a wasteland, as corpses were lying all over the place. 

Jiang Chen analysed the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation with the No Beginning Formation, which made his impression of Dou Hongming become greater. This fella’s definitely a great master in the art of formation. He thoroughly perfected the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation, there seems to be no weakness anywhere. This Great Sect Protection Formation that has changed into an extinction formation, the final change of this formation is to devastate the whole Eight Lineages Silver River. This is Dou Hongming's final plan. 

“The art of formation. It is truly broad and profound.” Jiang Chen thought solemnly. 

Although analysing the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation with the No Beginning Formation was slow, it was progressing nonetheless. His understanding of the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation was increasing as time went on, this formation was a great textbook material in the art of formation arrangement. 

Jiang Chen had never seen such a terrifying formation arrangement: deathly traps everywhere, with only a single way out left for him but he still couldn’t find it no matter how hard he tried.  

Countless people were buried along the Eight Lineages Silver River. Jiang Chen’s eyes became solemn, he refused to give up. This Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation might not be able to kill him, but he doesn’t want Dou Hongming’s plot to go as planned, which was to obtain the Great Bright Lord's Relic that was in Yan Qingcheng’s possession. 

Although Jiang Chen doesn’t know what the Great Bright Lord's Relic was, his heart moved when he thought how Dou Hongming planned and waited for a hundred years. However, it was already in Yan Qingcheng’s possession and Jiang Chen will not touch her stuff without permission. 

The most important thing now was to protect his woman. 

Jiang Chen gained massive knowledge with the help of the No Beginning Formation. It was like a silent teacher, giving him an abundance of knowledge. His understanding towards formations increased. Plus, this Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation was like a living textbook, he could learn many formation arrangements from this and further improve his understanding on formation. 

Dou Hongming was extremely confident. Jiang Chen closed his eyes and meditated. Although he looked confident, nobody knows whether he would be the last one smiling in the end. The might and terror of the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation could clearly be seen as half of the Eight Lineages Silver River had become a wasteland.   

Yan Qingcheng stared at Jiang Chen, however, she did not place all her hopes on him. That would be akin to sitting around and waiting for one’s death. She didn’t want to die being trapped. 

Yan Qingcheng moved like an agile rabbit, jumping across the crumbling Eight Lineages Silver River as she cut towards the sky. Clashing towards the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation, trying to break through it. In the end she flew back because of the counter force after countless attempts. 

The Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation was standing strong and she got heavily injured from the counter force. 

Yan Qingcheng gritted her teeth, her face was pale. A sudden anger emerged within her, she didn't feel safe as she had to put her life in the hands of others.  Even though this man was trying his very best to save her. 

Yan Qingcheng grabbed the Great Bright Lord's Relic tightly in her palm. Not even her Half-Step Diving King cultivation could do her any good. Even though she’s just a step away from the Diving King Realm and she’s hundred times stronger than Xue Ying, she was still weak. She coughed out a mouthful of blood. Although she was slowly regaining her strength after Xue Jia’s death, she still didn’t have the strength to cut through heaven and earth. 

Jiang Chen’s comprehension on things was monstrous. He started to find a way to solve the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation with the help of the No Beginning Formation. Although the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation was complicated, it wasn’t air-tight. He started to gain much more understanding on Dou Hongming’s formation after getting through three-layers of the formation. The Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation… it’s just a matter of time. 

“Dragon travels at the left shore, the earth spine as the mountain, three thousand seas, the cycle of reincarnation. A great Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation, Hahaha, this formation, so that’s it, huh.”

Jiang Chen said as he leapt towards the sky, every step he took was a part of the formation base. Dou Hongming began to waver. Could this boy really break through my formation? 

Time will prove it, Jiang Chen moved, each of his steps caused Dou Hongming to tremble. 

Finally, Jiang Chen thoroughly understood the base of the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. The Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation will become a meaningless formation once his blade cuts through and destroys its formation base. 

“Such a monstrous fella.” 

Yan Qingcheng watched this scene in disbelief. She knew that Dou Hongming was getting anxious. Every slash of Jiang Chen was precise, forcing Dou Hongming to act, to defend for his formation. 


Jiang Chen cut through a hundred zhang mountainrock, thoroughly destroying it and the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation began to slightly tremble. 

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