Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2575

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Xue Jia was rushing at Yan Qingcheng, determined to kill her.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were filled with coldness as he flew into a rage. He would definitely lose control and sweep through the entire Eight Lineages Silver River if anything happened to Yan Qingcheng. Hence, he  tried to break through the third formation desperately and recklessly.

Jiang Chen immediately blocked Xue Jia’s path like a shooting star. Xue Jia then struck out a formidable blow which shocked the mountains and rivers. Even though there was a huge difference between Jiang Chen and Xue Jia, JIang Chen managed to remain unmoved in front of Xue Jia, trying to bear the trembling heart and wiped the blood on the corner of his lips. He would rather die before his defeat as it would threaten Yan Qingcheng’s safety.

“Just fight me first if you want to harm a hair on her head.” Jiang Chen calmly said. 

At that moment, everyone was startled, including Xue Jia. They had never expected Jiang Chen, a Middle Heavenly God, to hold back Xue Jia. In spite of injuries, he impressed everyone, they were in awe with his overwhelming aura.

Yan Qingcheng witnessed all of these. She felt touched by Jiang Chen. However, she was confused why he was devoted passionately to her when she did not even know who he was.

Jiang Chen did not take a glance at Yan Qingcheng because he was clear that nothing would be comparable with her and he would not feel regret even if he lost his life. He was bound to stand in front of her, provide protection and shelter for her. Although she had forgotten him, he still had his eyes on her. He could still remember those times that Yan Qingcheng used to follow the same path as him. How could he allow anyone to hurt her now?

“I am still wondering why you have done all these for me.”

Yan Qingcheng murmured under her breath. 

A light of gratitude came into her eyes. She was not someone with a heart of stone even though she vowed to face everything without mercy in order to become the strongest.

To become the strongest expert, she needed to cut off the thread of love and break the bonds that hold her back.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen was destined to be dragged down. At the moment, his beloved woman was the most important person who meant the world to him.

“Lad, I will fulfil your dream if you can’t wait to die now so that you can stay together with her forever. I will take your life with her.”

Xue Jia was holding the Silver Snowflake Spear in his hand, wielding it with great skill. Jiang Chen was astonished, and reminded himself not to underestimate the strength of a Divine King Realm expert. Jiang Chen was holding the Heavenly God Sword and approached slowly. Moreover, he had already suffered from Xue Jia’s strong blow previously. It was impossible for a Half-stepped Divine King to be compared to that of a Divine King. Although the Half-stepped Divine King Realm was merely one step away from the Divine King Realm, there was a world of difference.

With the help of the Dragon Transformation, Jiang Chen became exceedingly strong, but he was still struggling to fight with him. If Xue Jia was not severely wounded during his battle against the Old Toad, Jiang Chen would undoubtedly suffer a terrible defeat.

However, Jiang Chen was unwilling to admit defeat. He realized that the only way to defeat Xue Jia was by strategy, not by a forceful attack.

“The Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation is unleashed. I didn’t mean to do it but you asked for it. Hahaha.”

Dou Hongming burst into laughter while looking at Jiang Chen. Now that the formation was activated, all he had to do now was to wait. While two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it. He would be the one who gained the benefits when Jiang Chen and Xue Jia had a life and death battle. Eventually, the Great Bright Lord’s Relic would belong to him.

“Let’s see if this Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation can constrain me.”

Jiang Chen said with a slight smile and full of confidence.

At the moment, the Dragon Profound Jade Amour Formation was completely formed by Jiang Chen. While those strong experts who had been saved by Jiang Chen were assembled within ten miles.

“The Dragon Profound Jade Amour Formation can at least shield you guys from danger. Remember not to step out of the formation.” 

Jiang Chen glanced at She Zhen and the Li Lei brothers.

Even though Jiang Chen did not know most of them, he would not leave them alone since he had saved their lives. And besides, She Zhen and the others were included.

“My life’s savior……”

Li Peng was touched by Jiang Chen’s action as he had never thought that Jiang Chen was this kind and affectionate. His strength and spirit was truly impressive. Even those from Eight Lineages Silver River were showing great respect to him. After settling down all of them, he was bound to engage in the intense battle with Xue Jia with his back to the wall. Win or lose, Jiang Chen was surging up into the sky.

“He is trying to burn the bridges behind him.”

She Zhen whispered calmly. However he failed to stay calm in his heart. Jiang Chen was truly affectionate. He was determined to fight the lord of the Eight Lineages Silver Master alone to save his beloved woman at all cost. Everyone was showing admiration and awed by his high morality.

She Xinying turned away her head instantly. She could still remember the time that Eight Lineages Silver River was shattered terribly while Jiang Chen's overbearing figure was burned in her brain.

“You’re a good man, you’re a wolf and lots of lamb has been lost because of you. You’re a good man, you’re the strongest in the world and countless heroes are heartbroken because of you. You’re a good man, you’re as bright as the sun, young and frivolous. You’re a good man, the sky will turn into your clothes. Put on your armour and your name will resound through ages. You’re a good man, forge ahead the winds and the waves, soars freely in the boundless heaven......”

She Xinying’s voice was pleasant and melodious. It was a touching marvellous song from her hometown which fit perfectly for Jiang Chen’s situation at the moment.

However, this relationship was dead and gone even before it started. So what she could do was think about him in this way and keep the memory of this upright and high-minded hero in her mind forever.

“If there is a life after death, I could become a dust on your shoulder.”

She Xingying murmured under her breath, turned her back with sharp determination and shed tears in her eyes. She had grown mature from a young girl in this journey to Tian Qi Mountain Range. Sometimes, we needed to learn how to grow tougher and stronger by ourselves as no one would experience the suffering hard times for you.

Jiang Chen was someone shining brightly like the sun while She Xinying would stay away from him. No matter if it was a success or failure, at least she knew that she had been in love with this man and she could die without regret.

“Is it the Dragon Profound Jade Amour Formation? This is a Mid grade Defence Formation. You made me feel impressed and astonished once again, kid.”

When Dou Hongming saw the Dragon Profound Jade Amour Formation, he was stunned for a second. He realized that it would be impossible for the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation to break through this Dragon Profound Jade Amour Formation within a short time.

The Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation was a formation which could ravage an entire place. The moment it was launched, it was too late to turn back. Everything in the formation was destined to be destroyed and turned into ashes at the end.

“Xue Jia. Even though your son is dead, you were the one who spared the rod and spoil your child, you are supposed to die today. Hahaha.”

The Old Toad’s eyes were full of resentment and grief. The pain of losing a child made him lose control and conceived his profound hatred for the Eight Lineages Silver River. Although Xue Ying was dead, he swore to take Xue Jia’s life to bury together with his son.

“You guys can never imagine how terrifying the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation is. But I hope you all can enjoy it.”

Dou Hongming burst into laughter.

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