Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2574

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At an unappealing corner, Xue Ying pushed out something with his hand, and a secret room appeared. The secret room could only allow one person to enter. There were many dazzling treasures around. On a jade dressing-table, there was a golden coloured knuckle that was around the size of a thumb. The moment Yan Qingcheng saw it, her eyes shone out some lights as she was astonished. She murmured: 

“Is this the Great Bright Lord's Relic?”

“You’re right. There are three pieces of the Great Bright Lord's Relic in total. They are the Buddism treasures left by the Great Buddha Bright Lord. The bone relics are extremely beneficial. Even Divine Emperors and God Emperors yearn for it. The relics are the secret inheritance of the Great Buddha Bright Lord. Ordinary people would find it hard to master it. Even if they reached the Divine Emperor and God Emperor realm, it is not that easy for them to devour it. That’s why it's said that the Great Bright Lord's Relic is extremely precious.”

Xue Ying said in a low voice while looking solemn. At this moment, he wanted to take the opportunity to kill Yan Qingcheng who was immersed in the Great Bright Lord's Relic. He tried to take the Great Bright Lord's Relic away and planned to swallow it. However, his palm was immediately cut off by Yan Qingcheng’s sword. Blood spurted out from his hands and his face contorted in pain.

“I have told you before not to try to play any trick, otherwise, you will die in an unpleasing way.”

Yan Qingcheng raised her eyebrow. She had completely lost her patience to Xue Ying at this moment.

“My hand…….”

Xue Ying held his slashed hand tightly, looking extremely pale and weak. His spirit was only filled with fear.

“It’s indeed the Great Bright Lord's Relic .”

Yan Qingcheng took over the Great Bright Lord's Relic which was around the size of a knuckle, she immediately felt peaceful in her heart. The dazzling golden Great Bright Lord's Relic seemed like it had an enormous power. It also gave people a peaceful feeling that Yan Qingcheng had never experienced before. 

“You’re useless now.”

Yan Qingcheng gave Xue Ying a glance. Xue Ying took a step backward subconsciously and said:

“You shouldn’t go against your words. I have used so much effort in pleasing you throughout these years, why do you want to kill me?”

“What is the point of sparing a bastard like you? Do you think that I don’t know what kind of evil things you have done throughout the years? As the young master of Eight Lineages Silver River, your behaviour is always dirty and despicable. I am afraid that my eyes would become dirty too if I keep looking at you.”

Yan Qingcheng turned around and was ready to leave. Xue Ying heaved a sigh thinking  that Yan Qingcheng was going to spare him. However, the Azure Jade Sword in Yan Qingcheng’s hand suddenly flew towards Xue Ying in a flash. It left a wound on his neck and he finally fell down with unwillingness. 


Xue Jia’s eyes were full of blood as he could feel that his son had lost his life at this moment. Although this happened in Eight Lineages Silver River, he knew that his son had already been killed by someone. The person who killed his son possibly was Yan Qingcheng, the unparalleled beautiful enchantress.

“This is hateful! Truly hateful! I will never forgive you, enchantress!”

Xue Jia immediately rushed to the centre of the Eight Lineages Silver River. However, how could the Old Toad allow him to leave just like this?  Their battle had become more and more intense. Both of them were already severely injured.

“Old Toad, if you stop me again, I will crush you into ashes!” 

Xue Jia puckered his lips hard while the sky had been stained by their blood. He was badly injured by the Old Toad, whereas the Old Toad was also running out of breath. However, he had been smiling as he had already seen through life and death. 

“As I have said before, I will never give up if I haven’t killed your son!”

The Old Toad said with a gloomy voice.

“My son has already been killed, are you satisfied now?”

Xue Jia’s words stunned the Old Toad for a second.

“I am going to find you out, the one who killed my son. Enchantress, come out!” 

Xue Jia’s voice was deafening and even Jiang Chen could feel Xue Jia’s anger. The Divine King’s anger was really provoked. 

Enchantress? It’s Yan Qingcheng.

“Master Dou, unleash the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. I want everyone here to be buried with my son!”

Xue Jia had obviously gone nuts as his son was killed. The only murderer was Yan Qingcheng as she was the one who brought Xue Ying away earlier. Now, Xue Ying had completely lost his life. It was impossible for Yan Qingcheng to leave the Eight Lineages Silver River in such a short period of time.

“You don’t even have 30 minutes now. Someone already wishes that you all be killed here.” 

Dou Hongming stared at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had already been mentally prepared. He was going to use the Little Ashura Sword Formation to fight against the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. At least he could use the Little Ashura Sword Formation to protect those he wanted to protect.

Jiang Chen immediately took action. His Little Ashura Sword Formation could not withstand the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation perfectly, but he was well-aware of this. That’s why he was going to use the Interlock Formation to create another formation in the formation. It was the enlightenment he got when solving Dou Hongming’s formation. Since it was his first time performing this, he would not be reckless at all during the process.

“Profound Dragon Jade Amour Formation!”

Profound Dragon Jade Amour Formation came into Jiang Chen’s mind, a formation that was even more powerful than the Heavenly Profound Guard Formation. More importantly, Jiang Chen could use the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour as the foundation to set the formation. However, it would consume too much Divine Origin Strength. He did not know whether he could afford to do so or not. It was definitely a challenge to him!

“Yan Qingcheng, where are you?!”

Xue Jia roared fiercely, which startled Yan Qingcheng. She knew that Xue Ying’s death definitely triggered Xue Jia. This guy was using his spiritual strength to look for her in the entire Eight Lineages Silver River. She had no way to hide herself now.

“How dared you kill my son?!”

“I have already killed him.”

Yan Qingcheng said coldly.

“Do you think you can leave this place alive? Return what you stole and let me kill you!”

Xue Jia looked at Yan Qingcheng with contempt and he was in full rage. Because he knew that Yan Qingcheng must have taken the Great Bright Lord's Relic away. Yan Qingcheng immediately ran out from the ice cave.

“You can have it if you can.” 

Yan Qingchen was not afraid at all. Her elegant aura had impressed many men.

Dou Hongming could not help but smile. Finally what he had been preparing for a thousand years would be displayed soon. No one could take away what he wanted!

Xue Jia never revealed the Great Bright Lord's Relic because he was worried that it would stir up a storm and everyone from the entire Lone Dragon County would come to Tian Qi Mountain Range. Although the Tian Qi Mountain Range was not big, the Great Bright Lord's Relic was enough to arouse everyone’s interest.

In order to obtain the Great Bright Lord's Relic, Dou Hongming had been planning this in the dark for a thousand years.

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