Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2555

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“Defeated? They are useless. Are there other Divine Kings in this Dong Wu Sunset Mountain? Okay, let’s not talk about getting the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. But, they all have been defeated and buried inside. I am quite curious who has such capability to go against my Eight Lineages Silver River?”

“Young master. The opponent’s strength is unpredictable. However, it’s said that he was not the only one who survived the battle at Dong Wu Sunset Mountain.”

A gloomy and deep voice echoed around the young man’s ear. There was a man with long wavy hair who looked very tall. He was wearing black clothes and  was incomparably cold. It was an obvious contrast between the aura of the black-clothed man and the young master.

“From what you said, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart has been stolen away, right?”

Xue Ying said in a deep voice, giving the black-clothed man a glance.

“I can’t deny that. However, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart  doesn’t seem that important to the young master. Right now, our young master’s wedding is more important.”  The black-clothed man said calmly.

“Great Guardian. I hand over all the people here to you on this special day. That two rubbishes have died. The four great guardians of Eight Lineages Silver River have become a joke. I really want to see who is going to make a mess on my wedding day.” 

Xue Ying sneered while looking at the wide ice field, feeling extremely peaceful. In the Tian Qi Mountain Range, he was the young master who stood above hundreds and thousands of people. Those who dared to go against him only had one path, death.

The black-clothed man was the number-one of the four great guardians of Eight Lineages Silver River, Yuan Fengchen!

“It’s our young master’s wedding day that everyone should celebrate. Who dares to make a mess? I, Yuan Fengchen ,will definitely put him to death and he will not even have a place to bury his body.” Yuan Fengchen declared.

“Alright. Great Guardian, you will be my right-hand man starting today. Once I’ve been enthroned to be the overload, you are definitely going to be the number-one statesman. As my dad is going to break through soon, Eight Lineages Silver River is in a situation where talented men are needed. We have so many unreliable guys that makes us worried, but I hope that you don’t disappoint me.”

Xue Ying said in a low voice.

“Don’t worry, young master. I will do everything even at the cost of my life.”

“Alright, alright. I believe that I have an eye for seeing a good talent.”

Xue Ying gave Yuan Fengchen a pat on the shoulder

“Let’s go out and see how the preparation is going. We are going to have more than ten thousand guests and we must treat them all well. Although Eight Lineages Silver River is the lord of the Tian Qi Mountain Range, we are still supposed to show them some respect. Never let them see Eight Lineages Silver River as a joke. The Eight Lineages Silver River will also give them a big surprise under the  heavens. Haha. And let them know that I am going to marry the most beautiful lady. Haha I am going to see my beauty first.”

After leaving, Xue Ying walked to his palace. 

Eight Lineages Silver River had a very strict security. When Jiang Chen came to the foot of Eight Lineages Peak, he felt an enormous pressure. The Eight Lineages Peak was closely related to the Heavenly Palace Exterminating Formation. This also meant that the Eight Lineages Peak was the formation's eye. It’s a formation eye that was formed by nature, and it strengthens Eight Lineages Silver River when dealing with enemies.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen saw a figure under the Eight Lineages Peak. It was a man wearing green clothes and his physique was sturdy. Although he had concealed his true strength, Jiang Chen could feel that the man was releasing a terrifying aura.

“Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad!” 

Jiang Chen took a cold breath. Is this the father of the Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad whom he had killed?

“Master, slow down yourself!”

Jiang Chen called the green-clothed man.

“Who are you?”

The green-clothed man looked at Jiang Chen coldly,  filled with intense killing intent.

“Master, I sense a familiar aura from you.”

Jiang Chen said.

The green-clothed man’s eyes looked stunned for a while, while staring at Jiang Chen.

“You better be more straightforward, otherwise, I am going to kill you.” 

The green-clothed man gazed at Jiang Chen while Jiang Chen shivered for a second as well. He was indeed a Divine King Realm expert. It seems like he just broke through to the Divine King Realm, his strength was very formidable. 

“Master, if I am not wrong, you should be Brother Toad’s family. I mean Blue-eyed Azure Flower Toad’s family.”

Jiang Chen looked solemn.

“What are you trying to say?”

The green-clothed man pressed against Jiang Chen.

“Master, please have a look to see if this is your son’s aura.”

Jiang Chen took out a piece of poisonous pill immediately.

“This is what Brother Toad gave me before he passed away. He wanted me to look for his father, so that his father can take revenge.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes looked reddish and he was filled with  emotion.

The green-clothed man held the poisonous pill immediately. His hands were shaking and his eyes immediately turned red. He was outraged as it was indeed his son’s aura.

“I am his father. Who are you?”

The green-clothed man of course would not trust Jiang Chen easily.

“Are you really Brother Toad’s father? I can’t believe that I would be able to meet you here. Thank God! And you have really opened my eyes.” 

Jiang Chen acted as if he was very excited.

“Be careful,  I will kill you if you try to cheat me.”

“Brother Toad and I hit it off very quickly after meeting for some time. He did not look down on my strength and allowed me to follow after him. He had been irresistible in the Tian Qi Mountain Range. However, we have encountered someone who claimed himself as the young master of  Eight Lineages Silver River. He despised us.

“Brother Toad was so talented and formidable. How could he tolerate someone who despised him. So, Brother Toad and the young master had a battle. Brother Toad’s strength was terrifying and he pressed against the young master fiercely. However, I was not able to offer any help due to my incapability. At the same time, the young master of  Eight Lineages Silver River had two Half-step Heavenly God Realm guardians helping him.

“Brother Toad had to deal with the three of them. In the end, he was defeated, however, he also managed to injure them badly. Before he passed away, he even saved me from the predicament and wanted me to look for his father so his father could take revenge. Unfortunately, you’re so formidable and more powerful than Brother Toad, how am I going to find even your shadow. Fortunately, I have met you here today. It’s God's arrangement.”

Jiang Chen finished his sentence while gritting his teeth. He was so emotional and full of anger while telling the story. 

“Why are you here then?”

The green-clothed man said coldly.

“Master, you might not know that my wife had been taken away by this young master of  Eight Lineages Silver River. He saw that my wife is as beautiful as an angel, then he took her away forcefully. He even announced that he is going to marry my wife at Eight Lineages Peak. I hate him to the core. However, I am weak and couldn’t hope to match him. I was thinking of sneaking into  Eight Lineages Peak in the dark, and look for a chance to kill him.”

Jiang Chen said while trembling in anger. The green-clothed man finally put down his guard and looked at Jiang Chen silently. 

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