Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2553

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Jiang Chen was staring at the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. It had totally lost its arrogance and overbearingness after being sealed by Jiang Chen. The position of the ice sealed man and the Demon Suppressing Stele was replaced by the Soul Devouring and Demon Sealing Formation. Jiang Chen placed the Demon Suppressing Stele into the Myriad Qi Cauldron. At that moment, he could feel a slight throb. Even though it was a slight movement, he was sure that the feeling was real as his heart was already linked together with the Myriad Qi Cauldron.

“Can this Myriad Qi of the Myriad Qi Cauldron restore the Demon Suppressing Stele?”

Jiang Chen was full of astonishment. The Myriad Qi Cauldron could not restore the Great Yu Soul Forming Light but could restore the Demon Suppressing Stele, which made him feel truly astounded. The Demon Suppressing Stele was indeed slowly restored by the Myriad Qi Cauldron. However, Jiang Chen looked terrified and anxious as he expected that the Demon Suppressing Stele could only be fully restored in less than a year.

“The Great Yu Soul Forming Light was merely a man-made divine tool while the Demon Suppressing Stele was totally different as it was a divine item of the universe which could not be possibly made by humans.”

Jiang Chen murmured under his breath. It reminded him of the God Suppressing Monument in Tyrant’s hand. Is there any connection between the God Suppressing Monument and Demon Suppressing Stele? Jiang Chen intended to focus on refining the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. But he just realized that the Myriad Qi Cauldron would bring only little effect in producing the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. However, the Myriad Qi of the Myriad Qi Cauldron was relatively effective in restorating the Demon Suppressing Stele. There would not be any alternative that could bring such a great desired result.

When Jiang Chen was walking out of the Dong Wu Sunset Mountain, he saw the green-clothed young lady with bamboo flute standing on the peak of the mountain once again. The lady was watching him silently and when the both of them looked into each other’s eyes, she turned away and disappeared.

Jiang Chen set out on his long lonely journey again, heading to the Qilian Region. This Tian Qi Range Mountain was the only access to his destination. Although he was alone on the journey, he had successfully coped with every challenge. Throughout the journey, he had killed countless Late Heavenly God experts and Heavenly God beasts. By absorbing their Divine Strength, his power had eventually reached the Mid Heavenly God Realm; he was now just one step from the Late Heavenly God Realm. By then, his  power would certainly have a big jump.

Time flew and a few months had gone. All along the way, Jiang Chen had encountered the tribulation of the beasts and demons several times but he still managed to overcome them every time. 

Some experts got into difficult situations and they were covered with wounds due to the attacks of the beasts. But Jiang Chen arrived and saved both of the Late Heavenly God Realm sibling’s lives at the end.

“Thank you for saving our life, my savior. I am Li Lei and he is my younger brother, Li Peng.” 

A middle-aged man said in a deep voice, looking at Jiang Chen in admiration. Even though Jiang Chen’s strength was not on par with them, he could kill the four Late Heavenly God beasts effortlessly.

“It seems like those beasts are not going to kill you but to catch you instead?”

Jiang Chen said with a frown.

“That’s right, you’re such a sharp-eyed genius. They are not planning to kill us but send us to the Eight Lineages Silver River instead. The marriage of the young master of the Eight Lineages Silver River is approaching and those beasts are determined to offer us to the Eight Lineages Silver River as a present. It seems like those humans who entered the Tian Qi Mountain Range are destined to fall into trouble; none of them may possibly leave the place alive.”

Another man who looked thin and weak said that helplessly. These people were not weak as they could even fight Heavenly God beasts if they unite. However, they had been defeated again and again.

“The people from Eight Lineages Silver River had caught more than thousands of people just to make them as offerings during the marriage of the young master. And those beasts will enjoy a wild and joyful time like putting on a feast of flesh. Those humans who entered the Tian Qi Mountain Range had to resign to their fate. Some were given a chance to stay alive but it turned into a battle of hunting now. The beasts and demons in Eight Lineages Silver River are planning to make us their food.”

Li Lei said with clenched teeth. However they were inferior to them in strength and nearly got caught by them. There was no denying the fact and none of them could change the truth.

Was there anyone who dared to offend the master of Eight Lineages Silver River who was a Divine King expert? He was the sovereign of the Tian Qi Mountain Range and Qilian Region. Even the people of the Qilian Region were afraid of offending this old codger, not to mention those small dealers who were rich in experience and knowledgeable.

“This was just terrible and beneath contempt.”

Jiang Chen frowned. It was the cruelest thing in the world to feed the beasts with thousands of human’s life. Even though he was clear that human beings also follow the law of the jungle in the predatory world. Man is the soul of the universe, however, human beings are just advanced animals which stayed at the top of the food chain. However it was still not acceptable to make humans their food.

“Throughout the ages, it is hard for the beasts and humans to get along well together. The Eight Lineages Silver River has remained peaceful all this time but this battle will definitely cause despair to many and it will definitely stir a storm in Tian Qi Mountain Range.”

Li Lei said under his breath.

She Zhen and She Xinying came across Jiang Chen’s mind suddenly.

“I’d like to ask you about a person. Do you know She Zhen?”

“Shen Zhen? Do I know him? He has been caught for some time. Those from the Eight Lineages Silver River are just despicable and nasty.”

Li Peng asked, looked surprised.

“She Zhen is caught as well?”

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes. It seemed like he had to visit Eight Lineages Silver River. He did not plan to stir up trouble but he was obligated to do so at this moment. The Eight Lineages Silver River was a local despot of the Tian Qi Mountain Range. But who could hold him back if he decided to go against the law?

“You’re right. There were countless human beings caught in Tian Qi Mountain Range. We are just very lucky to escape from their hunting.”

Li Lei heaved a deep sigh. He realized that they could hardly take a step next.

“Are you interested in doing big things with me?”

Jiang Chen smiled.

Li Lei got a shock, he glanced at Jiang Chen and trembled.

“You just saved our life and we won’t hesitate to go through the fire and water for you.”

“Are you afraid of death?”

Jiang Chen went on.

“People tend to die after all but it could be different if it is a valuable death. Why should I be afraid?”

Li Peng laughed heartily which impressed Jiang Chen .

“Let’s head for Eight Lineages Silver River and save them. Our race is caught and since they turned against the beasts, they are considered as our friends and family at the moment. So I decided to save them from the Eight Lineages Silver River.”

Jiang Chen told them his thoughts.

The siblings looked at each other, nodding their assent and feeling impressed at the same time. They agreed and supported Jiang Chen in doing so.

“It will be worthwhile even if we die. Hahaha.”

Li Lei burst into laughter.

“We are going to save someone, not sending ourselves to die. When will the young master of Eight Lineages Silver River get married?”

Jiang Chen became serious.

“Three days later.”

Li Peng said.

“Good. Let’s do it three days later then.”

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