Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2552

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“Now that the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine has been suppressed, do you think you can remove the ice sealed man? But if you take that away, then you will put yourself at risk. Did you really think that you could compete with the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine alone?” Feng Qiuhuang said.

“It’s not necessary to use the ice sealed man to suppress it. Using formations might be another good way of restraining the Scarlet cloud Ancient Vine.”

Jiang Chen wore a smile on his face.

“Do you know how to set a formation?”

“I know it will be impossible for him to get into the formation, but it’s relatively easy to create a sealed formation.”

Jiang Chen closed his eyes and plunged deep into thought. Amongst the hundred eighty formations of the No-Beginning Formation, there was a horrifying mid-grade formation which was called Soul-Devouring and Demon Prohibition Formation! Even though it would be unlikely to suppress a Divine Emperor and God Emperor, it might work effectively on this guy.

“I hope you can act wisely and well. It is the body of an Ancient Venerable Emperor after all. People used to feel jealous of his luck and envious of his real talent. If those ancient families realized that you possess the body of an Ancient Venerable Emperor, they will definitely chase you to the ends of this world at all cost.”

After she finished speaking, her shadow slowly faded away. Her spirit and power had been nearly exhausted.

“Jiang Chen, do you really think that the Soul-Devouring and Demon Prohibition Formation can constrain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine?” 

Yu Er’niang asked under her breath.

“I’ll try my best.”

Jiang Chen replied in a low voice, concentrating on setting up the Soul-Devouring and Demon Prohibition Formation in the space of the tree hole with rapt attention. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine was currently being wrapped up completely into the formation. Although Jiang Chen could not make this Soul-Devouring and Demon Prohibition Formation last forever, he could at least make it well-preserved without any damage for thousands of years. If he was fortunate enough to live for another thousand years, he would definitely come back more powerful to seal it again.

Compared to the Little Ashura Sword Formation, setting up the Soul-Devouring and Demon Prohibition Formation was relatively difficult. The number of the base of the formation needed to be set was just too much. The moment Jiang Chen finished setting the Soul Devouring and Demon Sealing Formation, his Divine Origin Strength was almost exhausted.


At this moment, Jiang Chen’s body became desperately weak. A sword pierced through his chest unexpectedly, which caught him off guard. Jiang Chen turned his back slowly, and there was Yu Er’niang gazing at him with mixed feelings. Jiang Chen’s blood was flowing down the edge of the sword. He then got down on one knee, before eventually collapsing.


Jiang Chen smiled bitterly, his eyes filled with bitterness and sorrow. Everything changed in just the blink of an eye. He had never expected that Yu Er'niang had been scheming behind his back. Besides, she had actually already reached the Half-step Divine King Realm, which was comparable to Li Zongheng.

“I am sorry......”

Yu Er’niang’s face turned slightly red but she still sounded cold and gloomy.

“The success and failure is nothing for me, but it seems like I have underestimated you after all.”

“I am determined to obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart today so I have no choice but to offend you.”

“So this was the reason you have been acting weak all this while? You have been planning for this, digging  a pit for me, right?”

Jiang Chen shook his head, eating his heart out.

“You could say that. I must get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Jiang Chen, let’s settle our gratitude and grudges in another life. But in this life, I would like to apologize to you for doing this.”

Yu Er’niang said with a strong determination, looking extremely calm. She reached out her hands and held the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart in her hand tightly.

“It's indeed true that the mind of a woman is always the most venomous and sinister.”

Jiang Chen smiled bitterly.

The Heavenly Fire was burning wildly while Jiang Chen was being wrapped up into the growing flame. He was at death’s door, his Divine Origin Strength was running out and he was severely wounded. As he was pierced on the chest, it meant that he was really going to die this time.

“You’re right. I have a heart of the devil, your chivalry and kindness is a joke in front of me. Please remember that I am called Yu Jingxian..”

The moment Yu Jingxian turned her back, she could not hold back her tears any more. She was bursting into tears and disappeared into the tree hole.

However, she was not aware that Jiang Chen’s Divine Origin Strength was already fading away when he tried to get the ice sealed man. She did not even know that Jiang Chen had been fighting desperately just to get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Fortunately, the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was successfully sealed in the Soul-Devouring and Demon Prohibition Formation, however,  Jiang Chen had suffered a severe injury, the chance of survival was too slim.

Yu Jingfan, Yu Huafan and Xue Liang fixed their eyes on Yu Jingxian when she walked out of the space of the tree hole.

“Where’s Jiang Chen?”

Xue Liang was the first to ask.

“Jiang Chen decided to sacrifice himself in order to kill the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine.”

Yu Jingxian breathed out fully, her tears made everyone feel how sorrowful and pitiful she was. Xue Liang knew that Yu Er’niang was deeply attached to Jiang Chen and she proved that when tears spouted from her eyes.

“How could it happen? Didn’t you boast that you are  the strongest one in the world? Didn’t you tell us that you’re unbeatable and irresistible? Aren’t you going to fight against the warriors all around the universe? Why? Why did you die here? Why......”

Xue Liang murmured. He was heartbroken as he regarded Jiang Chen as his close friend, a great brother. Mixed feelings welled up in his mind after hearing Jiang Chen’s death since Jiang Chen had been acting like his friend and enemy at the same time.

“Jiang Chen, our Yu family will never forget your great kindness. Please accept my worship.”

Yu Huafan fell heavily on the ground, he got down on his knee in front of the tree hole and kowtowed to Jiang Chen thrice. At this moment, Yu Jingxian was trembling but she did not feel regret as she had her own reason for doing this. She could not go against the will of her family.

They were sunk in despair. Jiang Chen had saved them from danger several times all along the way. However, they were now helplessly watching him sacrifice himself in order to save them once again.

By looking back at the flames growing in the caves beyond the Dong Wu Sunset Mountain, Yu Jingxian’s heart was in the depths of despair, like ash. It was painful for her to kill Jiang Chen with her own hands, however, she had no alternative but to do that. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was too important to their  family.

Her eyes are bigger than her belly, this was the most appropriate word to describe herself. Jiang Chen had helped them several times but he was still engulfed by her greed. All of these were like sharp swords piercing into her heart mercilessly, and she was the one who held the sword.

After leaving the Wu Dong Sunset Mountain, Xue Liang split up with Yu Jingxian and went his way. He was looking for another wider stage to make a breakthrough, to keep improving his strength and to get stronger. He realized that Linhe Boundary was not suitable for him any more, the Tian Qi Mountain Range shall be a great choice.

In the midst of the raging flames, Jiang Chen swallowed ten recovery pills f and, along with his Wooden Spirit, made him restore his strength, and he returned to great condition in a short period of time. His heart was badly hurt by Yu Jingxian. Even though the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was important to him,  it did not mean that he would refuse to give it up to Yu Jingfan.

If she was reasonable, he would’ve given that to her. Although the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was a necessary ingredient in making the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill, he could definitely find a substitute  for that. That’s why he was heartbroken at this moment. Didn’t it mean that their friendship was nothing compared to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?

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