Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2549

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“Such a terrifying ancient vine.” Yu Erniang and the others gasped. 

Jiang Chen was currently surrounded by countless intertwining vines, pushing him into a corner. 

“This time, we’ve miscalculated. This Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine is too terrifying.” Yu Jingfan sighed with a shred of despair in his eyes. Xue Liang also felt the same way. 

Although Jiang Chen was powerful and resourceful, managing to push Li Zongheng back and defeat Xuanyuan Canglan, he did not anticipate this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine. 

There’s always a flaw no matter how great the plan was. Moreover, this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine was a true great schemer, scheming for tens of thousands of years, maybe even longer than that. Every time there’s news about a Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart coming into existence, it was time for him to eat. This old schemer couldn’t be understood, truly a terrifying schemer. 

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword once again shone its sharpness as it cut down countless vines, burning it into nothingness. But the vines of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine were endless. 

Dreadful sword shadows overlapped each other, cutting those ancient vines, slashing one after another. Although the vines were extremely sharp and sturdy, it couldn’t be compared against Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword. The Heavenly Dragon Sword was immensely sharp and invincible. Jiang Chen slashed countless vines, yet the vines were too numerous, it kept growing from all sides. It was a sticky situation for Jiang Chen. 

Those vines kept regrowing after it was cut down, continuously growing, moving forward, towards Jiang Chen’s zone, pushing closer towards his body. 

“Jiang Chen will surely lose if this continues!” Yu Huafan worriedly said. 

However, they couldn’t do anything to help Jiang Chen but their hearts were still worried about his well-being. 

“Little boy, you’ll never get away from my palm,” the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine said coldly. 

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword couldn’t cut through all those vines and he was pushed toward a corner as a result. 

“Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation!”

Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation instantly expanded. However, those vines seemed indestructible as they did not burn even though the tree-hole space was already filled with flames, flames that were on-par with the Five Elemental True Flame. A true Heavenly Fire, not even the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation could show its true worth in this place. 

The astral wind of the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation was continuously getting corrupted by the Heavenly Fire. This was the first time Jiang Chen experienced lossing with his Five Elemental Flame. However, it’s not just the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine’s Heavenly Fire that defeated his flame, it’s because of the space of this tree-hole, the Five Elemental Flame has lost its edge in this place. It’s a pity that Red Lotus was still in slumber, otherwise, she’ll certainly overpower this Heavenly Fire. 

The Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation was suppressed by the Heavenly Fire and the vines were coming from all over the place, piercing through Jiang Chen’s defences as he got tangled up by the vines. 

“Your fate would reach its end soon if you act too overbearing. Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine, you’re too eager for quick success.” A cold voice reverberated through the tree-hole space. 

Jiang Chen once again saw that figure, Feng Qiuhuang! 

“Feng Qiuhuang, you again!” The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine’s face became dark and the floating vines slightly tightened a little. 

One could clearly see he’s extremely afraid of Feng Qiuhuang.

“My heart had always faced towards the shining moon, yet the light of the bright moon reached this ditch. I could’ve cultivated into the great Dao with peace yet I wander through the samsara.”

Feng Qiuhuang’s voice was low, delicate yet elegant, like a ghost yet extremely holy. Feng Qiuhuang, does he/she truly exist in this world? Jiang Chen heard that Feng Qiuhuang had died countless years ago yet it appeared now, before them. 

“Great Dao my ass, I am the Heavens, who can stop me? Hahaha!” Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine said arrogantly. 

“A centipede dies in a curl, you should’ve died. I wouldn’t have been in this sorry state if it weren’t for you sealing me away with your death millions of years ago!! Now you’re here spouting bullsh*t, can you defy the heavens with just a shred of soul left? You couldn’t even kill me before and could only seal me. Now, I am finally reborn, yet you’re here to stop me again. Looks like I have to thoroughly get rid of you to ensure that you’ll be rid of my life.”

The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine stared at Feng Qiuhuang with a vicious look, the latter was calm and mysterious. 

“So, to think that those two fellas' relationships are that complicated.” 

Jiang Chen finally knew that these two fellas must be super old existences. One that was able to be reborn after being suppressed for millions of years. The other who was able to wander on this earth after dying millions of years ago, both of them were extremely powerful. 

“Feng Qiuhuang, are you the undying phoenix from the Divine Phoenix Clan?” 

Jiang Chen gazed towards Feng Qiuhuang’s great beauty. Until now, he doesn’t know whether he’s a she or a he. 

Feng Qiuhuang glanced at Jiang Chen, it was a complicated gaze. An extremely complicated one. 

“The wind stopped, the fragrance of the flowers lingered in the soil, but the flower has wilted. Please don't talk about the sorrow of old, we will be together every day until we get old and die in Nanjiang. The imprisoned phoenix guides the path of the previous incarnation, to hold each other’s hand when we part, we promised to never force each other. The story remains the same, but the protagonist of the story is not the same as the one before. I couldn’t help but cry when I think about that. I wanted to speak but my tears flowed before I could.” A tinge of untraceable tears was seen in Feng Qiuhuang’s eyes.  (TN: It’s a 52 character poetry. The author took reference of at least 3 Chinese poetries and merged them together) 

Jiang Chen frowned in return, that obsession that was hidden deep within the eyes made Jiang Chen feel extremely depressed. 

“What a great poem about love sickness. It’s a pity that the undying Phoenix Lord died at the western mountain, the Great Black Turtle Emperor died at the northern sea and the White Tiger Nether Lord died. The Ancestral Dragon Heavenly Venerable changed into the stars, Master Dharma is dead, Old Ancestor Bodhi cannot be found, even the self-proclaimed World’s No. 1 mad fella died on the ancient battlefield. The reincarnation of the Heavenly Dao, it has reincarnated to the wrong path. What is Heaven? What is Devil? What are God and Buddha? Everything is void. I only know that only true experts could stand tall in this world. When my body is complete, I shall rise to the top and reach the highest realm, who can stop me in this world? Hahaha!”

The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine’s voice was chilling and murderous. He wanted to become the world’s strongest, to walk on the path of supremacy. 

“You’re but a branch from a tree, how can you comprehend the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth? Hundred Reincarnation of Samsara? The undying Phoenix Lord is not one that you could blaspheme! The Old Ancestor’s body is not one that could be speculated by someone like you! Even the Buddha of the Extreme West Divine Domain should have the title Senior. You’re too cocky, arrogant.” Feng Qiuhuang said in disdain. 

“I've been born into this world since the start of time. Who could be compared against me? If it wasn’t for that old fella destroying my body, you can’t even touch me, little baby. Hateful! Such sadness!” Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine shivered. 

He was pretty angry when Feng Qiuhuang said he’s but a tree branch. God knows he had the highest level of cultivation in the past, yet he was sealed away by Feng Qiuhuang, otherwise, he wouldn’t be in this sorry state. 

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