Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2541

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The Golden Saint Sword was torn apart by the Divine White Tiger’s claws.

“Forgotten Sword Scar.”

Xue Liang surged forward once again, taking the bull by the horns.

His little shadow was in stark contrast with the enormous body of the Divine White Tiger. Xue Liang did not retreat without a fight this time. Both of them stepped back but there was now a little crack in Xue Liang’s sword.

“You have so much strength.”

The Divine White Tiger was absorbing the energy of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. This also determined that its existence was closely connected with the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart and it was his strongest card.

Jiang Chen looked fixedly at them. Xue Liang’s power was thoroughly exposed. The third sword was his strongest sword.

“Forgotten Sword turns everything into void!”

Xue Liang turned cold and overbearing. His strike was irresistible, it could sweep through three hundred people like a rising sun. The Divine White Tiger became serious this time. A huge shadow of the sword was scampering through the sky which felt like penetrating through his heart.

“Just melt!”

The Divine White Tiger swallowed the huge shadow of the sword, making Xue Liang relatively confused and in pain. He was being thrown out by the Divine White Tiger and the shadow of his sword was being engulfed.

Xue Liang retreated, went down on one knee and stood with the help of his sword. However the sword was not in its strongest at the moment.

“The moment when the sword is reforged, it will be the time for the return of the swordsman!”

Xue Liang looked up into the sky and murmured. Even though he lost, he refused to give up.

“How about getting rid of this White Tiger first and settle our old scores later?”

Li Zongheng glanced at Jiang Chen.

“I was about to say the same thing.”

Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng gazed upon each other. Even though Li Zongheng was killed by Jiang Chen once, he was still exalted with pride. After getting a new life, the only knot in his heart was to beat Jiang Chen fair and square. 

So, Jiang Chen had never been afraid that he would play any trick.

The real strongest experts tend to maintain their dignity and insist on their belief, so does Li Zongheng. And besides, he was proud of himself.

“Even if you found the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, what can you do to me? Hahaha!” The Divine White Tiger confidently said.

“Let’s see if you are truly capable to devour me.”

Jiang Chen challenged.

“Both of you will become my delicious meal.”

The Divine White Tiger giggled, declaring both of their death sentences. Now that he settled on the both of them, there was no need to worry about anything. The rest were just non-threatening and useless troops.

“Am I doing the right thing?”

The old gibbon had fallen into silence. He realized that the Divine White Tiger was not composed and calm as what he had expected. For more than the past thousand years, he had been protecting the Dong Wu Sunset Mountain and preventing others from entering the place as it would be a threat to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart and his own safety.

He had been protecting his family thousands of years ago. But his ancestors mysteriously disappeared without a reason so he believed that their disappearance was possibly related to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

“Without the help of the old gibbon, I might have become the food of the tiger and wolf.”

A young girl in green whispered.

“You are born to be a child of heaven, you won’t die for sure even without me. You’re just different with others.”

The old gibbon heaved a deep sigh.

“You’re different from me too. I didn’t know if I am doing the right thing right now. Is the inheritance of my ancestors merely to protect the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?”

The old gibbon felt confused. There was a crack in his heart, making him feel incomplete and guilty.

“Why did you help that person in black?”

The old gibbon lowered his eyebrows.

“I......I don’t know. But he was holding a token in his hand and the token is familiar which made me feel like it has been existing in my life till now.”

The girl in green seldom talks much like this.

“Token? What token is that?”

The old gibbon asked with astonishment.

“Buddha Token.”

“Buddha Token?”

The old gibbon shook his head. He knew nothing except the things that happened in Tian Qi Mountain Range. The moment that he was born, he was destined to live with a mission which was guarding the Wu Dong Sunset Mountain and protecting the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

The Divine White Tiger struck Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng again and again. Both of them were unbeatable and mighty strong, which means they posed a great threat to the Divine White Tiger.


The Divine White Tiger roared constantly which sounded like it’s expressing its anger. But it was getting stronger and it was never afraid of Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng.

“You look weak, let’s start from you.”

The Divine White Tiger narrowed its eyes and rushed at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen sneered and exerted the dragon transformation. He transformed into half dragon and half human. He looked majestic, he was full of overbearing aura which wanted to challenge heaven and earth at the same time.

Jiang Chen struck a heavy blow against the Divine White Tiger, shedding rays in all directions and shattering the heavens with a thunderous noise. In front of the Divine White Tiger, Jiang Chen seemed insignificant to be mentioned but the strike which did not look very destructive had made the Divine White Tiger take a deep breath. Their strength was on the same level and the White Tiger failed to show its mightiness in front of Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was constraining the Divine White Tiger with his formidable dragon’s dignity. This was the first time that the White Tiger lost the initiative in the fight.

“What exactly are you, a human or a dragon?”

The Divine White Tiger roared in a deep voice.

“I am the Descendant of Dragon.”

Jiang Chen smiled confidently, surging forward and kept battering the Divine White Tiger. Although he looked weak and incapable, he managed to hit an earth-shattering and devastating blow.

“You’re such a terrifying guy.”

Yu Jingfan was full of mixed filling as he clearly understood the difference between Jiang Chen and himself at the moment. This guy was not a Half-step Divine King, but his strength had already reached the Half-step Divine King Realm. His terrifying human and dragon body managed to constrain the Divine White Tiger. Even Yu Jingfan himself could clearly feel the mightiness of the dragon.

Yu Jingfan glanced at Yu Er’niang. It was definitely not an easy task to obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. 

“Little Seven, you’re just good at sizing people up as always. I am not as good as you.” 

Yu Huafan sighed and gazed at Yu Er’niang at the same time.

Yu Er’niang fixed her glance at Jiang Chen, struggling with mixed emotions. He was truly strong and the combat strength he showed was irresistible and unparalleled in the Divine King Realm. He could defeat countless people with this human-dragon body.

The old gibbon was startled and astonished deep inside. The Divine White Tiger had a destructive power of a mythological beast which was terrifying, but so was the Jiang Chen’s mightiness of a dragon.

Jiang Chen’s aura was overbearing, soaring into heaven. However, the Divine White Tiger was not easy to deal with as the cave that hid with the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was its own turf after all. It was impossible for Jiang Chen to severely injure the beast wounded as its ability to recover was incredibly fast and its strength was constantly increasing.

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