Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2540

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The pressure became too heavy. Fei Ying, Hong Yan and the others started to gasp for air as the situation suddenly became dire. 

Who can survive the Heavenly Fire? That devastating Heavenly Fire had become a life-and-death catastrophe of theirs.

“F*ck it, let’s just enter and ignore the rest.” Fei Ying took Xiong Zhan into the flaming tree hole and Hong Yan quickly followed behind. 

“Xue Liang, Third Brother Yu, lead the both of them into the tree hole.” Jiang Chen said. 

Yu Jingfan and Xue Liang led Yu Huafan and Yu Erniang into the tree-hole. 

“Jiang Chen, you must survive!” Yu Erniang shouted. 

Finally, the young lady and the old gibbon looked at each other as they entered the raging tree hole. 

Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng looked at each other calmly. Only the two of them were calm. 

“Aren’t you afraid of death?” Li Zongheng asked. 

“Are you not?”  Jiang Chen asked back. 

“For a person who has already died once, what do you think?” Li Zongheng suddenly smiled. 

“I do not fear death, because I will not die.” Jiang Chen said with a dominating vigour. 

“Then, why don’t we fight in this Heavenly Fire Domain? What do you think?” Li Zongheng said without fear. 

“This Heavenly Fire Domain is probably a gimmick. Although the Heavenly Fire is pretty strong but for it to come down on us from above, don’t you think it’s strange?” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“Indeed. From the moment I’ve entered this place, something feels amiss.” Li Zongheng frowned. 

“A greater plot is probably going to fall upon us.” Jiang Chen replied. 

Suddenly, a scream could be heard from the tree-hole. 

Jiang Chen looked down on the red seed and said: 

“This is probably a part of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart’s energy, the true Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is in that tree hole.” 

Li Zongheng did not doubt him as the scream had proven his statement. Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng then simultaneously rushed into the tree hole. 

Jiang Chen found that this tree hole was an atypical flaming space, terrifying flame burned through the space. Fei Ying and Xiong Zhan were missing. Yu Jingfan, Xue Liang, Hong Yan and the others were fighting the Divine Beast White Tiger. The old gibbon was weak and the young lady was supporting him. Jiang Chen was guessing the relationship between the two. 

The Divine Beast White Tiger was stronger than before as if it received a blessing from the gods. 

“Fei Ying and Xiong Zhan got devoured by him. This tree hole is his nest, his power would continuously rise.” Xue Liang shouted. 

“Such a cunning fella. This is all a ploy from you, if I’m correct. Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart!”Jiang Chen said. 

The Divine Beast White Tiger and the old gibbon trembled from Jiang Chen’s words. 

“What? The Divine Beast White Tiger is the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart!”

Yu Jingfan and the others were in utter shock. How can the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart be him?! 

Li Zongheng’s eyes squinted as he could see the Divine Beast White Tiger feeling tense, meaning that Jiang Chen was right. 

Jiang Chen had doubts. The four crystal hearts were not the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart and the Divine Beast White Tiger came from the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine. Although he’s a Divine Beast, he has never unleashed any divine skills , lest its inheritance, and with the old gibbon assisting him. Jiang Chen was sure that the White Tiger was the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, without a doubt.  

“To think that the Divine Beast White Tiger is the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart” Yu Erniang shouted, in shock. 

However, the White Tiger was getting even more confident and it’s strength kept on growing. Fei Ying and Xiong Zhan got devoured by him. The others were currently in great danger. 

The young lady wasn’t that shocked. Because the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart had nothing to do with her. However, the old ape stared at Jiang Chen, his perfect plan was seen through by Jiang Chen. This fella’s eyes are extremely sharp. 

“Lad, I hate and love you at the same time, I love your talent, I hate that you’re too smart, exceptional amongst your peers. You shouldn’t be pulled into this, however, those who enter this tree-hole must die. The moment you’ve entered this endless pit, your end was already set.” The old ape said in a serious tone. 

The Divine Beast White Tiger looked down on the crowd with arrogance. Now, he had what it takes to take down every single one of them. The situation had become dire. 

“Red-Clothed Formation!” Hong Yan harrumphed and flashed.  

Thirteen figures formed a formation and surrounded the white tiger. 

The Red-Clothed Formation was pretty strong as it was Hong Yan’s ace-in-the-hole. It was rare to see someone under the Divine King Realm break through this formation. 


However, the Divine Beast White Tiger was one of those rare cases. The formation was utterly shattered followed by its roar, and Hong Yan flew back with a bloodied body. The beast then gulped down Hong Yan and the crystal heart into its body, further increasing its power. 

But at this moment, the Divine Beast White Tiger’s gaze fell upon Jiang Chen and Li Zongheng. 

“Every single one of you shall become my dinner.” 

The Divine Beast White Tiger squinted and turned towards Yu Jingfan. Yu Jingfan quickly backed off, how could a Half-Step Divine King not have any tricks up their sleeves? 

“Yan Ling Yu!” Yu Jingfan shouted. 

This was his clan’s Heavenly Divine Tool, Yan Ling Yu. This divine tool could buff the members of the Yu Clan. Feathers filled the skies, filling the flaming red sky with feathers, and the feathers then pierced towards the Divine Beast White Tiger. The beast roared, it was unfazed by the attack. 

“Such a terrifying fella.” Yu JIngfan gasped as he staggered with shock and fear. 

“Fruitless effort.” The White Tiger sneered as he pounced upon Yu Jingfan. 

Xue Liang sent out a slash, trying to stop the beast. His blade was then filled with a golden aura. 

“Not bad, you’re considered somewhat strong.” The Divine Beast White Tiger did not get mad and turned towards Xue Liang. 

Xue Liang’s blade started to glow in a golden light. 

“Forgotten Sword Art, Golden Saint Sword!”

Xue Liang unleashed his power, red and gold rays of light clashed. The Divine Beast White Tiger swiped through the crowd and as he clashed with the Golden Saint Sword, pushing Xue Liang a hundred meters back. 

The Divine Beast White Tiger was still as powerful as ever. After gulping down Fei Ying and Hong Yan’s heart-shaped crystal, the Tiger was on the verge of breaking through. Plus, the four crystal hearts were originally his, his rightful energy had returned back to him and he was buffed by the tree-hole. His might has reached a terrifying height. 

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