Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2537

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“Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, this must be the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart!” He Ba said in a slightly excited tone as he gazed upon Jiang Chen’s red seed. 

Leaving Hong Yan and Fei Ying aside who were not easy foes, that Mid Heavenly God fella’s not as strong, but he’s able to hold the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, how can this happen? Jiang Chen totally felt that this red seed has just become a pain. 

Zhu Ri and He Ba’s eyes shifted towards Jiang Chen. 

“Boy, you better hand over the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart and stay out of trouble. Otherwise, you’ll be in a world of pain. I guarantee that you’ll be safe after you hand the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart to me.” Zhu Ri smilingly said, as if he's giving a piece of advice.

At this moment, Jiang Chen obviously became the target of everyone. Although Fei Ying also had a red seed, he’s not satisfied with the current situation. 

The old gibbon silently looked at Jiang Chen as the red seed caught his attention. 

“Let’s not waste our time, you ought to know who should you hand that Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart over to, right?” He Ba’s eyes squinted as if becoming a thin line. 

“This red seed is truly a pain now.” Jiang Chen said in a serious demeanour.

He Ba and Zhu Ri became much more excited, and Jiang Chen knew the pros and cons of this. He’ll certainly not try to resist them, it’s akin to suicide. 

“Hahaha, great, young fella, I like your wits, you have a good future.” He Ba was delighted as he stepped forward, trying to take the red seed before Zhu Ri and Xiong Zhan. 

“Boy, you should know who’s the master of the Tianqi Mountain Range.” 

Xiong Zhan’s eyes lit up, threatening Jiang Chen as he gazed at Jiang Chen coldly. 

“You’re pretty right, although I said it’s a pain, I never said that I’ll give it to anyone else. Fellow seniors have worked so hard even at your old age, and even got injured. I fear that it’ll seriously injure you after I hand this to you. Even if it doesn’t cause you harm, it’ll be bad if it causes any damage to the surroundings.” Jiang Chen shrugged as he backed off, carrying the flaming red seed with a smirk. 

“Alright, you damned bastard, you dare play us for a fool?” He Ba said as he trembled in anger. 

“I am injured, so what?! Killing you is as easy as taking candy from a child.” He Ba sneered as he pounced towards Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen sneered without fear. It’s time to take the stage. I should teach him a lesson. He Ba was weakened from the battle, I would lose the right to stand here if I couldn’t even beat a weakened Half-Step Divine King.

Jiang Chen steadied his form as he faced He Ba without fear. Jiang Chen launched a punch with lightning speed, it didn’t look like a punch coming from a Mid Heavenly God.  He Ba was shocked from the power coming from that punch, it was devastating. The kid’s strength was clearly just a Mid-Heavenly God yet the power behind his attack was of a Half-Step Divine King. That powerful punch made the Half-Step Divine King take it seriously. 

“Such a terrifying fella!” Hong Yan’s eyes shone brightly with shock. Looks like Jiang Chen wasn’t as weak as he seemed. 

“Strong!” Fei Ying’s eyes lit up. 

He previously thought of Jiang Chen as somewhat above average but did not expect him to display such an explosive strength, one really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. 

The one who was the most shocked was none other than Yu Erniang, she knew that Jiang Chen was strong but did not expect him to be stronger than her second brother. His stance, his strength… it was top notch. 

The might of a single punch shocked all spectators. He Ba unexpectedly got pushed back a dozen steps, staggering as he tried to stabilize his form. Xiong Zhan and  Zhu Ri immediately halted as they knew that they wouldn’t fare any better than He Ba. Plus, they were both injured. Their situation wasn’t looking good, and it’ll certainly be a hard fight to get that red seed from Jiang Chen. 

“A true young hero, it’s a pity. Haih.” The old gibbon sighed. 

It was a pity that they were enemies, Jiang Chen was the same as the others, he’s here for the sake of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. The old gibbon saw something different from Jiang Chen. He did not want to join in this battle, yet it couldn’t be helped, this was his legacy, his mission. 

Jiang Chen stood proudly, not even Half-Step Divine Kings dared to belittle him now. 

“My, Jiang Chen’s stuff has never been given away for free before.” Jiang Chen said indifferently with a cold gaze. 

This fella has been hiding his true strength, or maybe everyone just ignored his existence. His powerful display has caused everyone to go silent. 

“Come, I, Jiang Chen, shall gladly take up any challenges for those who can accept it.”

Xiong Zhan looked at Zhu Ri and said palely:

“I rather see any one of you get the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart rather than fall to the hands of those outsiders.”

He Ba and Zhu Ri’s determination were once again lit up by Xiong Zhan’s words. 

“Alright, boy, let’s see who’s going to have the last laugh. ”

He Ba, Zhu Ri, and Xiong Zhan, the three of them unleashed their true form as they vowed to fight Jiang Chen till the end. This red seed must not be his to take. 

“Am I a decoration to you guys? Hmph.” Yu Jingfan knew that he needed to act now. 

Jiang Chen had saved them several times. Now that Jiang Chen had to face these shameless Half-Step Divine Kings alone, it would be heartless of him if he were to stand idle. 

“Tianqi Mountain Range’s item should not be taken by an outsider!” Xiong Zhan said. 

“Let’s see whether you have what it takes!” Yu Jingfan looked at Jiang Chen, both of them nodded as they joined forces to face the trio.  

Jiang Chen pushed forward without fear as his dominating fist exploded. 

Jiang Chen became extremely proactive, compared to his quiet display earlier. He wanted to let the trio know what it means to be an expert. 

Jiang Chen almost crushed them as he faced the trio alone. Yu Jingfan was just there to support, that’s all. Jiang Chen clashed against Xiong Zhan, fist-to-fist, mano-y-mano. The latter backed off after an exchange of ten punches, Xiong Zhan’s thick and powerful body got beaten down and he coughed out blood. 

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