Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2534

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The Divine White Tiger stepped back, its body was covered with wounds. Its snowy white fur was dyed with bright red blood which looked conspicuous, a dreadful sight. The old gibbon’s face was full of anxiety and seriousness. It was impossible for him to stay out of this at the moment and Jiang Chen could feel that the old gibbon was actually anxious. If this Divine White Tiger was the last line of defence, it meant that they were possibly close to obtaining the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. That would be the reason that the old gibbon could not take the situation easy at this moment.

He stayed calm at first, became serious and showed a shade of anxiety now. The old gibbon was on an emotional roller coaster, it seemed like he did not expect that the White Tiger was vulnerable and would go down at the first fight. The tiger might have underestimated its enemies or even lacked combat experience, but these were all excuses for losing. The White Tiger was moving slowly at the moment and it was obvious that it would collapse soon.

Fei Ying and Xiong Zhan took the lead and tried to suppress the Divine White Tiger. Even though the Divine White Tiger was invincible and formidable, he would not be able to make a turnaround.

According to the old saying, it is difficult for a fully grown tiger to hold a pack of wolves. The White Tiger was in a tight corner under the continuous attack of a pack of hungry wolves.

“You humans are just despicable! Let’s fight one on one instead.” The Divine White Tiger roared. 

Jiang Chen was wearing a smile on his face as he thought that the Divine White Tiger was too naive. He could not believe that the tiger suggested going one on one with one of them. This was a life and death battle not a fight for a bride. They only aimed to cut off the White Tiger.

“You’re such an innocent guy. Hahaha! The Divine White Tiger is just nothing more than this.”

Zhu Ri burst into a laugh.

“Is it possible for a toothless tiger to arouse a storm? Fighting one one one, you’re just being overconfident.”

He Ba could not help laughing as he felt that this guy was hilarious and being silly. The Divine White Tiger should be spiritual and sharp-witted. However, this one grew up very naive and irrational. Even if the Divine White Tiger was ferocious, it would be impossible for him to make a breakthrough to Divine King Realm. Furthermore, Fei Ying, Xiong Zhan, Zhu Ri and He Ba were not someone who could be easily dealt with.

Fei Ying was the most terrifying among them, and kept exerting the most fatal blow. He was holding the Divine White Tiger’s body with his claws and the entire body of the White Tiger was full of terrible wounds and stained with blood.

“It’s impossible. I will never let you off!”

The Divine White Tiger roared constantly but it was useless. He had lost the initiative in the fight so it would not be easy for him to turn things around.

“Let’s see how far you can go.”

Hong Yan sneered, looking terrifyingly sharp.

“White Tiger catches the wind, heaven and earth remains silent!”  

The Divine White Tiger became majestic all of sudden and his eyes fired up which looked very terrifying. Another white tiger with dim shadow flew high up into the sky. Its shadow then overlapped with the shadow of the White Tiger in the sky. The moment that two shadows overlapped, the aura grew stronger instantly.

“It seems like something’s wrong. It is the Divine White Tiger’s soul burning skill which is also known as its second strongest inheritance of strength.“

He Ba looked sharply and took a deep breath. Among all of them, it was the oldest and had great experience and knowledge. He was the first to realize the soul burning skill of the Divine White Tiger which was extraordinarily terrifying. He got out of the way, astonishment plastered in his eyes.

“It is unbelievable that this Divine White Tiger is still able to attack. It’s not simple at all.”

Jiang Chen said with a slight smile as he narrowed his eyes. The old gibbon could not hold himself anymore, he was startled when he saw the White Tiger rise abruptly once again. It was obvious that he did not expect the Divine White Tiger to make such a turnaround.


The White Tiger fell out of the sky and surged forward. It blotted the sun and the sky. It seemed like the entire bottomless abyss was suffocated and covered by its overbearing aura. There was no one who managed to escape from its aura that was like representing heaven. The White Tiger was exceedingly strong which also proved that it was truly one of the greatest Divine Beast. It would have been defeated early if it was an Ancient Giant Beast instead. Only the White Tiger who was known as one of the greatest Divine Beasts could resist everyone’s attack until now.

The White Tiger’s blow repulsed Yu Jingfan. But Yu Huafan and Xue Liang were still taking the lead in the battle, so they were also suffering huge threatening pressure. The muscle and vessels in their body were nearly damaged, the attack of White Tiger was irresistible.

Yu Huafan was now like a disabled person. His bones and veins had suffered severely under the attack of the Divine White Tiger. Even though Xue Liang could protect his heart, he was badly injured. It seemed like he could hardly resist the attack by holding the long sword in his hand.

“Fifth brother!”

Yu Er’niang shouted and the tears overflowed her eyes. At that moment, every hope turned to dust and she totally sank into despair. He was her only blood brother, but his body was being split apart and his bones were all broken into fragments. He was nearly fading away.


Yu Jingfan exclaimed in shock and held Yu Huafan quickly. At the moment, Yu Huafan was nearly at his last grasp.

“Third brother, what should we do now? Is our Fifth brother going to die soon?”

Yu Er’niang was bursting into tears. She used to be bright and straightforward but she nearly broke down this time. How could she still stay calm when one of her closest brothers nearly died?

“To accomplish the mission of our Yu family, I will die without regret!”

Yu Huafan was holding Yu Jingfan’s hand tightly, his heart was despairing.

“My brother......”

Yu Jingfan heaved a deep sigh, his eyes were full of sadness and grief.

Jiang Chen frowned. He swiftly transformed into a light and rushed at Yu Huafan.

“Make him swallow three of these pills.”

Jiang Chen was holding three pills in his hand, the Recovery, Restoring and Soul-Controlling pills, and instructed Yu Er’niang.

Yu Er’niang raised her head and looked straight into Jiang Chen’s eyes.

“Just make him swallow these if you don’t want to see him die.” 

Yu Er’niang felt startled at his words. She immediately made Yu Huafan swallow the pills. The effect of the pills spread instantly, making him recover. After a few seconds, Yu Huafan was finally able to get his breath back. 

Both Yu Er’niang and Yu Jingfan were astonished and looked at Jiang Chen gratefully. 

“Jiang Chen, you’re truly my life savior. It will never be enough for me to repay your kindness even if I died nine times.” 

Yu Huafan breathed out slowly. Dying is as natural as living, but who would be willing to die if he could live? Dying was as simple as turning off the light, everything would come to an end when the soul was dead.

On the other side, the aura of the White Tiger was still irresistible. The people of the Red-clothed Thirteen House and the others were all killed except Hong Yan. Zhu Ri and He Ba survived, Xiong Zhan and Fei Ying retreated as well. They were afraid that their lives would be threatened by the Divine White Tiger.

“We shall not confront the tough with toughness. This White Tiger is now like a spent arrow, he just wants to bury you guys together with his body. We must not allow it to do so.”

Zhu Ri exclaimed in a deep voice.

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