Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2528

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Every single one of them were extremely anxious. Jiang Chen included. Because none of them knew what lies at the bottom of that endless pit. However, there’s no more reason for them to back off even if the bottom of it was the 18th level of hell. Because what lies at the end was the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, enticing them to come to it. 

“Second Brother, what do we do now?” Xiong Zhan looked at Fei Ying and asked quietly. 

“We’ll have to go check it out. Is there anything that I, Fei Ying, am afraid of in this Tianqi Mountain Range?” Fei Ying said proudly. 

“Agreed. This old one is already nearing its end. It’ll be a shame for these old bones if I don’t go all out for one last time.” He Ba refused to admit that he’s weaker than the others. 

Among the others, he might probably be the only one that wasn’t afraid of death. It would be a pity not to go for a last hoorah when one’s life was nearing its end. He Ba looked down at the endless pit without fear. 

“Then, how can this ol’ boar be left behind? Hahaha.” Zhu Ri too, said without fear. 

This endless tunnel was indestructible even under those magma. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart may as well escape from them if they hesitated. 

Hong Yan and the others also entered the ancient path. 

“Jiang Chen, what do you think?” Xue Liang looked at Jiang Chen and smiled. 

It was rare for him to smile, a fight with one’s life on the line, akin to a battle against fate.  

“You only live once, if one could live their life grandly, why should I live a mediocre life?” Jiang Chen smiled indifferently. 

He felt the danger coming from below, however, this had always been his motto, his way of life, to risk and explore to gain the fruit of his labour, fearless.

“Boundless happiness comes from fighting against the heavens, the earth, humans.” Xue Liang laughed as he wielded his blade, totally determined. 

“Us, three brothers and sisters have nothing to hesitate about. Let’s go.” 

None of them stopped and none of them dared to be careless. Jiang Chen knew about the Yu Clan’s desire for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Hence, they would surely risk their lives even if they were to pass through molten lavas or mountains of blades. 

Jiang Chen looked back as if there was a shadow tailing him, closely. However, he couldn’t detect it. 

It was pitch black below with an unknown depth, groaning and roaring sound could be heard from afar, it was truly shocking to one’s soul. 

None have taken the lead to rush forward without seeing the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart first. Because others might take this chance to rob it from their hands. Therefore, the people on the scene decided to stay calm and observe first before acting until seeing the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. However, they would surely reveal their true intention the moment they saw the  Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. At that time, they would decide who shall have the last laugh. 

Jiang Chen became very vigilant while moving forward. The path below his feet was hot as a heatwave, brushing across their face. 

A broken stone monument sat silently on the side of the ancient path, the carvings on the monument were too ancient for them to decipher. 

“The inscription on the tablet. Does anyone know what it means?” Fei Ying said. 

However, nobody answered as no one knew what those ancient broken words were. 

There was a blood-coloured swastika “卍” behind the monument. It was extremely broken with cracks covering its surface. As if it was a crack on one’s heart. 

Jiang Chen felt that the swastika was filled with demonic energy, definitely not a true swastika. The Buddha’s seal should be a boundless swastika, yet this felt depressing. 

“Hmph, it’s but a monument.” Hong Yan said coldly, completely unfazed as he continued forwards with the four experts. 

Jiang Chen, however, paused as he was pretty sensitive to swastikas. However, the Buddha’s Radiance that should’ve been filled with tranquility had been dyed blood red, it’s like a curse, causing Jiang Chen to feel disgusted by it. 

“Jiang Chen, what is it?” Yu Erniang looked at Jiang Chen who was currently at the back and asked.  

“It’s nothing, just gonna inspect it a little more. This Swastika should be Buddhist seal, it should lay supreme, yet it’s carved in such a dark and cold place, with blood nonetheless, it’s very weird.” Jiang Chen shook his head and said. 

“This swastika felt like it’s suppressing this monument. However, the monument is too broken and none of us knows what is written on it. ” Yu Erniang frowned and said. 

“You think that this swastika is suppressing this monument?” Jiang Chen looked at Yu Erniang weirdly. 

“I’m just guessing. This monument looked like it’s thousands and thousands of years old and buried underground to boot, who knows what it’s meant for? It’s just a broken stone monument, it’s nothing special. Let’s go, otherwise, we’re going to be left behind. This place is creepy.”  Yu Erniang rushed Jiang Chen. 

“Alright. I’ll be on my way, you better catch up.” Yu Erniang took off. 

Jiang Chen then took out his arm and pulled the stone monument out from the ancient path. However, it didn’t even budge even after he used all of his strength. He felt weird and unwillingly accepted that this monument couldn’t be taken away. 

“I refuse to believe it.”

Jiang Chen took seven steps forward and his face became gloomy. He then took out the frozen stone and smashed it on the stone monument. At this moment, the ancient path started to tremble, an ever slight tremble, but the swastika became much more vibrant, bloody vibrant. 

“What happened? Why did it suddenly shake?”

“Could this ancient path be collapsing?”

“I think this endless pit is getting much scarier. ” 

Everyone knew that this was no playground. But for the sake of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, they had to venture into it as the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart might be laying deep within this endless pit. 

Jiang Chen put the frozen stone on the stone monument and once again tried to pull it. This time, it finally moved. Jiang Chen roared and pulled it out.  He then looked at the frozen man. He’s definitely not your average guy, to push the powerful youth back, to move this immovable stone monument. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about it. 

Jiang Chen’s heart became extremely depressed as he pulled out the stone monument like he was weighed down by thousands of kilograms of weight, causing him to gasp for air. The bloodied swastika then felt like it was activated as demonic qi burst forth.  

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