Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2527

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“I, Jiang Chen, have never seen such a demonic existence.” Jiang Chen slightly squinted his eyes as he gazed at Feng Qiuhuang. As if he’s looking at his own heart. 

“You’re not afraid of me, but you’re backing off because you don’t know how terrifying I am.”

Jiang Chen trembled at Feng Qiuhuang’s words, feeling extremely weird about it. 

“Who are you?” Jiang Chen said. 

“I’ve heard that Feng Qiuhuang is the belief of the Tianqi Mountain Range, a symbol. The Tianqi Mountain Range exists for Feng Qiuhuang. As for what? nobody knows.” Yu Jingfan said as he looked at Jiang Chen, feeling the same shock. The appearance of Feng Qiuhuang was like a warning to everyone. 

“I shall kill those who stand before me no matter if it’s God or Buddha, all shall perish! The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart is mine!” Yu Jingfan said coldly. 

He’s not born from the Tianqi Mountain Range, hence, he’s not afraid of the Tianqi Mountain Range’s symbol and belief. 

“Yeah, this old one is going to die, there’s nothing holding me back. This battle is for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, not even Feng Qiuhuang can stop me.” He Ba said with a slight smile. 

“Feng Qiuhuang, Feng Qiuhuang… ” Jiang Chen murmured. 

More people were rushing into the scene. At this moment, a sudden change occurred, the flame arena started to crack, the stone pavement beneath their feet also cracked, falling into the magma, completely disappearing into the magma. 

The flaming hot magma lit up the whole cave, the flame arena collapsed and everyone fell. Even those who had just arrived were all immediately thrown into such a crisis and were caught unprepared, they died without knowing what happened. 

Jiang Chen and the others looked down and gasped at the magma.

Jiang Chen recalled the black seed that was floating on the magma, it didn’t melt under the heat, this black seed could possibly be their key. 

Someone tried to grab onto the magma wall but it was too hot. A dozen of them fell and died without uttering any sound. Although they have the ability to fly, it was useless as the magma had a mysterious suction energy, pulling them towards that deathly pit. 

“I cannot, I cannot accept this!” 

“Help me.”

“I cannot accept this!”

The shrieking voices of people before perishing were terrifying to hear. Jiang Chen travelled on the sky, totally not affected by the pulling force of the magma. Whereby, Hong Yan, Fei Ying and the others were the same. However, Zhu Ri and He Ba were struggling in withstanding that pulling force. Those without the strength of a Half-Step Divine King certainly stood no chance as the death count rises. 

“It’s this black seed!” Fei Ying’s lips curved into a smile as he was holding onto the black seed, ensuring his safety and the three guardians. 

Whereby Jiang Chen, Hong Yan and the others were the same. Only Zhu Ri and He Ba were suffering as they tried their hardest to withstand the pulling force as if there’s a giant magnet below them. 

More and more people were getting sucked into the magma, it was a gruesome sight as corpses became ashes, disappearing into the air of the Divine World.

“This is terrifying, lucky for us we have the black seed, otherwise we might have ended up just like them.” Yu Huafan trembled at this sight as sweat dripped down from his chin, not knowing whether it was due to the heat or fear. 

“This black seed is something special. Jiang Chen, you have to take good care of it.” Yu Jingfan said. 

“Yeah.” Jiang Chen nodded. 

But at this moment, He Ba who was smiling from afar suddenly shot towards them, trying to rob Jiang Chen’s black seed. However, Yu Jingfan was prepared, a terrifying shockwave caused the magma to rise as they clashed. 

He Ba was slightly better off as he was able to push Yu Jingfan back. However, He Ba was still under the pressure of the suction force. 

“Damned old man, you’re still that shameless. Hahaha, to ambush a weak youngling, you’ve truly lived past your prime. You look like you’ve lived for a long time but you’re as scummy as one could be. Hahah.”

Zhu Ri was laughing his ass off. Although the suction force forced these Half-Step Divine Kings to use everything they had, Zhu Ri wasn’t like He Ba, who couldn’t hold himself in.   

“Hmph, what do you know, pig-brained fella.”

“This Ol’ Boar doesn't want to squabble with you anymore. There’s a saying, a successful man shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.” Zhu Ri was still smiling, further angering He Ba. 

He Ba and Yu Jingfan clashed, but none of them were willing to back off. Truthfully, Yu Jingfan lost in the first clash, however, the effect of the black seed was the reason he was able to withstand He Ba’s attack, unlike He Ba who was withstanding the suction force. 

“Third Brother, are you alright?” Yu Erniang said. 

Although He Ba was forced back, the others could clearly see that Jiang Chen’s group only had an advantage with their numbers, they were the weakest group amongst them all. 

“No matter.” Yu Jingfan waved his hand and said. 

Jiang Chen suddenly realised, Feng Qiuhuang was missing?! Where did he go? Who was he? 

The magma below them started to subside as it disappeared from their eyes. 

At this moment, a spiral appeared and inside was a giant tunnel, an ancient path that connects down towards the endless, dark tunnel. Although the terrifying suction force disappeared the endless tunnel had a mysterious energy and seemed to be enticing them, pulling them downward, asking them to explore what’s below. 

On the side of the ancient path, the vines of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine were spread across the tunnel. 

After the heatwave dispersed, the magma slowly formed a deep hole, nobody knew when the terrifying magma would burst forth again, that was the most worrying part of all. 

“Guys, look, this looks like an endless tunnel that leads straight to hell.” Zhu Ri said with a smile. 

However, one could see that his eyes weren’t as calm as before. Because this path indeed felt like it’s a one-way ticket straight to hell. 

Nobody knew what this endless tunnel was, because every time the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart appeared, countless people would die and it happened 10,000 years ago, who could still remember? Not even Divine Kings know much about it, who knew where it was? Where? 

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