Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2526

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A ringing, albeit sarcastic laugh was heard, a fat man suddenly appeared from the sky with an unsteady footwork. 

“Zhu Ri, to think that you’re here too.” Fei Ying’s eyes became cold. 

This Zhu Ri was also a Half-Step Divine King, the boar king of the Tianqi Mountain Range. He had saved the young master’s life in the past, hence he’s not under the command of the Eight Lineages Silver River. One who was aloof, an outlier, the master cared not to bother against this one, hence this fella became cocky. 

Zhu Ri was on the same level as Fei Ying. There were around 10 of them that were Half-Step Divine Kings in the Tianqi Mountain Range and not all of them serve the Eight Lineages Silver River. Some rogue demonic beasts do not like to be shackled, hence they do not like to group up with those of the Eight Lineages Silver River. 

“Why can’t I be here when you’re here? Hmph.” Zhu Ri harrumphed. 

“Your pig nose is pretty sharp, to think you got here this fast.” 

“It’s just that some people are just too shameless, therefore, I’m here to set things straight. If one doesn’t take care of one’s reputation, the Eight Lineages Silver River will decline in the future. Haha.”

“Zhu Ri, don’t think that you can disrespect the Eight Lineages Silver River after saving the young master once. No need for the master to act, I alone am enough to kill you.”  Fei Ying shouted. 

“Kill me? Hahaha, aren’t you a naive one, you dare face me now? Aren’t you afraid of the others? You’re smarter than an ape, you wouldn’t be the first to act. Boy, this one here is just a fox exploiting a tiger’s might. However, he’s afraid after seeing this ol’ boar. Hahaha.” Zhu Ri looked at Jiang Chen and said proudly. 

Jiang Chen smiled. This ol’ boar is pretty interesting, totally not afraid of the Eight Lineages Silver River, looks like their history runs deep. 

However, Zhu Ri stated an honest fact, further infuriating Fei Ying. He certainly will not be the first to act, otherwise, he will be pushed to the corner by others. 

“Damned pig, this place is rowdy. I, He Ba, has come.”

An old man wearing a white robe with a skinny figure and sunken eyes appeared. Another force other than the Eight Lineages Silver River has appeared. 

“He Ba! You’re pretty sharp.” Zhu Ri said in a weird tone. 

At this moment, Fei Ying, Hong Yan and Yu Jingfan’s expression became heavy. The pressure increased as more people came. 

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. The more the better, so that I can snatch it away during the chaos. 

“Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, appearing once every ten thousand years. It is the gift from the heavens and we have the chance to obtain it, to be born in this era, to see the rare Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. This, by itself is a great fortune. How could I, He Ba, not be here?” He Ba said with an indifferent smile, his long white hair dancing with the wind, his deep, energetic eyes gaze with clarity. 

He Ba’s original form was an immortal crane, possessing great cultivation. However, he had already lived for several thousand years, although his expression was one of aloofness, to not be tied with the matters of the material world, he’s probably the one who needed the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart the most, to extend his lifespan, to breakthrough, this was his only hope and the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart could give him that opportunity. 

“This Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, looks like it really attracted quite a number of them.” Xue Liang said as he looked at the surroundings coldly. 

All of them were Half-Step Divine Kings, one stronger than the other. Even the four behind Hong Yan were Peak Heavenly Gods, those who could stand before this place were the capable and powerful ones. It won’t be easy to win in this battle. This would certainly  be a harsh battle. 

Yu Erniang was getting anxious. Only Third Brother has a chance against these fellas. The others couldn’t hope to stand up against them, especially Jiang Chen. Sometimes he’s an invincible hero, yet sometimes, he’s like a frail baby. 

Yu Erniang was feeling extremely worried. Because this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was extremely important for them, for the Yu Clan. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have followed her Third and Fifth Brother to travel such a long distance just to come here. 

Yu Erniang would even risk and bet her own life for the sake of the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart yet it may not be enough. 

Jiang Chen grasped the black seed tightly as if this seed was really something special. Possibly linked to the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.

“Looks like this Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart has even attracted the guys from the Qilian Region. I wonder how many will perish this time. A disaster happening one after another, haven’t you guys learned your lesson?” A handsome looking man suddenly appeared on the scene. One could even mistake him as a woman. 

His voice was majestic, like the wind brewing during the spring. 

His eyes were sometimes cold, tender, murderous, and sometimes pretty like a blossoming flower. Jiang Chen was shocked when he first laid his eyes on him. This person was too pretty, he could even bring a whole country down if he was  born as a girl. He was as pretty as Yan Qingcheng and Yan Chenyu. Jiang Chen could only sigh as this person was much more handsome than him. 

Such beauty shocked everyone, no matter if it were men or women. 

This person felt Jiang Chen’s gaze and looked back at Jiang Chen.

“This fella, why does it feel like he knows me, that gaze of his has a tinge of grievance…” 

Jiang Chen couldn’t understand what’s happening, what’s the scariest thing in the world? It’s the unknown. Jiang Chen had confidence in facing anyone, however, he wasn’t confident against this person, to win against this person, perhaps, he does not even have the will to fight him. 

“As beautiful as an angel, as perfect as a jade, divine, perfect.”

“Feng Qiuhuang, is that him? Didn’t he perish ten thousand years ago?”

“Impossible! Feng Qiuhuang is immortal, a symbol of the Tianqi Mountain Range, Feng Qiuhuang is a faith, humans or demonic beasts of the Tianqi Mountain Range respect Feng Qiuhuang greatly.”  

“Is this real? Isn’t he a myth? Could this Feng Qiuhuang… Am I witnessing a legend?”

No matter if it was He Ba or Zhu Ri, or even Fei Ying, all of them were in deep shock.  Everyone was shocked by Feng Qiuhuang’s appearance. Worship, reverence, Jiang Chen felt the uniqueness of the Tianqi Mountain Range after Feng Qiuhuang’s appearance. 

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