Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2502

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From what Yu Er'niang saw about the white-clothed swordsman, he was just like a sword which was unbeatable and unavoidable.  

“White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang.”

Jiang Chen said. Yu Er'niang was shocked and curious about the true identity of Jiang Chen. What does he do and how did he get to know the White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang? Even though Yu Er'niang was not interested in his name, it seemed like this White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang had a high and outstanding reputation.

“How about you?”

Yu Er'niang took a glance at Jiang Chen and she was filled with wonder. There was a huge difference in both of their strengths after all.

“He is better than me.”

Jiang Chen said with a slight smile.

Yu Er'niang looked disappointed and curled up her lips. The moment she looked at White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang, he already cropped off the head of thirteen Fire Spiritual Lions. He was standing proudly with an overbearing aura.

“I never thought I would meet you here.”

Jiang Chen laughed.

“It is all about the law of nature, everything happens according to fate.”

Xue Liang said lightly and looked at Jiang Chen without showing happiness nor sadness. However, there was a thrill of admiration and respect in his eyes. After all, Jiang Chen had managed to arouse a storm in the entire Linhe Boundary by killing five hundred Heavenly God Realm experts, ten Half-step Divine Kings and even the whole Hundred Sects Alliance was destroyed under his hand. Not only that, he was able to seize an opportunity to escape from the Divine Kings and was able to stay alive. This was definitely a miracle, and Jiang Chen did it.

Xue Liang rarely showed his admiration to anyone but Jiang Chen had proved that he was an extremely terrifying monster through the fight in Hidden Secret Realm and the life-and-death battle in Linhe Boundary. All of the geniuses were eclipsed by Jiang Chen and those monsters were just like the fleeting clouds, disappearing in front of Jiang Chen.

“You’re right, us meeting again is also kind of destiny,”

Jiang Chen nodded.

“I’m here for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart.”

As soon as Xue Liang finished his words, Yu Er'niang was getting serious. It seemed obtaining the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart was getting harder.

“It seems like the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart has attracted a large crowd.”

Xue Liang wrinkled his brows, and glanced at Yu Er'niang without saying anything.

“Let’s find it together then.”

Jiang Chen said.


Xue Liang gave Jiang Chen a short and direct answer. Upon seeing how Xue Liang treated Jiang Chen,  Yu Er'niang could feel that White-clothed Sword God Xue Liang was showing his admiration and respect towards Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was merely an Early Heavenly God Realm.

It seemed like Xue Liang was just looking at his friend without glancing at Yu Er'niang, and she was one who has never doubted her charm. This only showed that this White-clothed Sword God was obsessed with the sword in his hand. It was all about the sword, and nothing else.

Yu Er'niang’s curiosity about Jiang Chen was strongly piqued.

The three of them were now travelling together. After a few months, they had finally reached the place that Yu Er'niang had mentioned, the place that her brothers appointed. There were peach blossoms falling apart all over the mountains and fields, with rivers snaking through the fields. The forests were high and the rivers were boundless.

“It’s here. I won’t get it wrong. There are hundreds of miles of breathtaking peach blossom trees.”

Yu Er'niang furrowed her brows into a frown. It was the first time Jiang Chen saw her being this nervous and tense.

The peach blossom trees tinged the air with fresh fragrance, which was pleasing and refreshing.

“These peach blossom trees seem strange.”

Jiang Chen whispered.

The moment they stepped into the Peach-blossom Spring, Jiang Chen could feel a strangely strong power which kept pulling and guiding them. The secret force made them step into this hundred thousand miles of Peach-blossom Spring. Everything was strange and spooky, they were puzzled and confused.

“Obviously, this is the place. But why can't I find it.”

Yu Er'niang said in a low voice, filled with disappointment and depression. Her brothers would never leave her alone as they promised to meet here. When the peach blossom withered away, it was time for them to reunite. 

“The hundred miles of peach blossom trees is just a formation. If I am not mistaken, we are already trapped inside the formation now.”

Jiang Chen said.

The Peach-blossom Spring was particularly fine. Each tree was arranged according to a mysterious way, and it seemed like everything was trying to reveal the secrets. The one who set the formation was definitely an extraordinarily strong expert. Not only that, all the peach blossom trees here were growing unnaturally, the roots as the base while the peach blossom as the shadow. The changeable peach blossom trees entangled with an immortal unbreakable formation.

“Do you mean that we are trapped inside a formation? Does it mean that my elder brothers may be trapped here too?”

Yu Er'niang looked serious and worried. They had completely lost their path and direction in the Peach-blossom Spring.

“You can also say that. I am not sure if your elder brothers are trapped here, but I can tell that we definitely got caught in this Peach Blossom Formation.

Jiang Chen answered and shrugged his shoulder.

“If what you said is true, then why did you still get in it here if you noticed that this is a Peach Blossom Formation in the beginning?”

Yu Er'niang turned up her eyes.

“I did not know that this is a formation before we went in.”

Jiang Chen said with an innocent face.

“Well, this formation is not that simple.”

Xue Liang said in a low voice. The three of them observed continuously for a while but they still failed to figure things out.

“We should just play it by ear. Or else, no one could find out what’s wrong with this Peach-blossom Spring.”

Even though Jiang Chen had learned much about formations, he was not yet a great master who was proficient in creating formations. Even though he was bound up in the study of the No-Beginning Formation, he had not reached its highest level. It’s not easy for the Formation Master to learn the formation. He was absolutely clueless about this Peach Blossom Formation. However, he was calm as he was even able to solve the No-Beginning Formation. He believed that everything has its own rules. He would not be stumped by this Peach Blossom Formation.

However, Yu Er'niang did not think the same. Her biggest concern was her two elder brothers.”

“Are you confident to get out of here?”

Yu Er'niang asked with a serious face. She was deeply concerned.

“I will try my best.”

Jiang Chen nodded his head silently. At this moment, he felt stressed and burdened. After all, the Peach Blossom Formation was truly strange. It was not aggressive and looked more like a Misty Formation which made them immersed and will get inside their head eventually.


A strange ghostly wind whistled and the peach blossom fell apart. Ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains stayed still but Jiang Chen could feel the terrifying ghostly wind devouring their body constantly.

“Things are getting worse. I can feel that I am losing my power.” 

Yu Er'niang looked blanched upon hearing this. The ghostly wind was whistling wildly while the peach blossom cluttered up the place. The ghostly wind interrupted their flow of thought and even Yu Er'niang could feel that her strength had been flowing away without any signs. 

“I feel the same way.” 

Xue Liang whispered softly, trying to control his astonishment. This Peach Blossom Formation had been weakening their power continuously. Compared to the formation which had a devastating power, this was relatively spine-chilling and horrifying.

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