Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2500

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Lan Xiaosheng left. But his words reverberated in Jiang Chen’s ears. He didn’t want to cause trouble yet others would come seeking trouble, instead. This Lan Xiaosheng was one of them. 

“Brother, you better watch your back in the future, especially when you’re passing by the Black Crag Stronghold. Lan Xiaosheng is the third leader of the Black Crag Stronghold, and he holds great authority, he’s pretty famous around the Tianqi Mountain Range. ”

“Yeah, nobody dares to offend him. Even the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon did not go all-out against Lan Xiaosheng. This is a proof of his abilities and the power he wields. Plus, his brother is said to be a single step away from reaching the Divine King realm.”

“Lan Xiaosheng is not your average foe. We would’ve died here if it weren’t for Yu Erniang. He wouldn’t even blink even if we were to die here.”

Everyone was advising Jiang Chen to be careful. To avoid Lan Xiaosheng. 

Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head. That fella… is not your average ‘good guy’. He only acted so because of Yu Erniang and… I’ve definitely gotten on that devil’s bad side. 

Jiang Chen obviously won their favour, but due to the arrogant and cocky Lan Xiaosheng, they advised Jiang Chen to stay away, not daring to go near him. People like Lan Xiaosheng and them were of different worlds. 

“Oh right, Big Sis Yu, are you looking for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?” Jiang Chen looked at Yu Erniang and asked. 

Yu Erniang looked at Jiang Chen, feeling slightly startled. She knew that Lan Xiaosheng accidentally blurted it out but not many people knew about the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, a treasure like that would even cause Divine Kings to move. 

“You know about the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?”

“Heard it from here and there… ” Jiang Chen said. 

Yu Erniang was extremely smart, how could she not notice it? Jiang Chen was obviously interested in the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, otherwise, he wouldn’t have voluntarily asked her. 

“You wish to obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart?” Yu Erniang asked. 

“I’ll let fate decide. I’ll obviously get it if I have the chance. Such a treasure… could only be obtained by those who are destined and favoured by fate. Hehe.”

“The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, the greatest treasure of the Tianqi Mountain Range only appears once every 10,000 years. A treasure with mystical healing effect, one that is sought after by many.”

Yu Erniang murmured. She’s obviously interested in the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart too. 

Jiang Chen slightly nodded, he didn’t expect Yu Erniang to know so much about the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. Plus, the said treasure only appears every 10,000 years, to think it would appear in the Tianqi Mountain Range, it’s truly godsend. 

“Follow me if you want to obtain it. Whether you can get it or not, it’ll all depend on your luck.” Yu Erniang looked at Jiang Chen, her lips curved into a teasing smile, her charming eyes let out tantalizing hormones, extremely seductive. 

“Why do I feel that you’re trying to pull me into a trap… ” Jiang Chen looked at Yu Erniang. 

This woman is scary, especially that charming eyes of hers, one that could seduce others to do her bidding. He would’ve fallen under her skirt if his heart wasn’t pure. However, Yu Erniang had no ill intent towards him, otherwise, she wouldn’t have protected him from Lan Xiaosheng.  

“I would naturally be happy to have a great assistant. Plus, you’re the only one who knows what you really are.” Yu Erniang chuckled charmingly, causing the men to stare at her. She was a natural-born honeytrap.

“Looks like Lan Xiaosheng is stronger than me.” Jiang Chen said indifferently.  

“I don’t like him.” 

“Doesn’t that mean that I have received the favour of Big Sis Yu?” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Honey-tongued little brother. I thought you’re an insensitive man but to think you have such a sly tongue. Haih, looks like all the men under the heavens are the same.” Yu Erniang rolled her eyes like a resentful widow.  

“You’re the one who said it, you don’t like his narrow-mindedness, fussy man. Unlike me, a low-key, luxurious, and tolerant man.” Jiang Chen said in a serious tone. 

Jiang Chen made Yu Erniang laugh continuously, the happiness in her eyes was one that she had not shown before. 

On the other side, She Xinying was extremely angry as she harrumphed, seeing Jiang Chen and Yu Erniang chatting happily over there. She was extremely unhappy. 

“Why? Are you jealous?” 

She Zhen looked at his niece, his lips curved into a slight smile. His minor action had saved all of them, Jiang Chen was a true example of there’s always someone stronger than you. A tiny Early Heavenly God who had managed to save all of them. 

“Me? Jealous? Hehe, stop joking around. Uncle, do you think I’ll get jealous of someone that’s unrelated to me? Why would I get jealous? He’s already been seduced by that fox, look at him, smiling so happily, who am I to compare?” She Xinying said. 

She Zhen already knew the answer, and smiled without prodding any further. 

“Little Brother, should we continue our journey?” She Zhen asked Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen looked at She Zhen and said:

“I’m sorry, Big Brother She, I’d like to follow Yu Erniang and leave. I’m terribly sorry.” 

She Zhen was slightly stunned. Although feeling slightly disappointed, it was Jiang Chen’s choice, they had only met each other purely by chance, that’s all. 

“It’s fine. There is no never-ending feast. Let us meet again in the future.” She Zhen said. 

“See you soon, Big Brother She.” 

Jiang Chen left after saying his goodbyes, preparing to leave with Yu Erniang. As he must obtain the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart. 

“What did I say? He never once looked at us properly. Now that there’s that sly fox, he would naturally follow her. Hehe, men are all the same.” She Xinying said in a weird tone. 

Jiang Chen shook his head as he knew what was happening, and did not bother replying. Because he knew that there wasn’t a need for him to explain to them. It was his life, his choice. 

A glimpse of tears could be seen on She Xinying’s eyes as she turned back. Has there been a woman who had not liked someone? But what can she say? How can she keep Jiang Chen by her side? From the disgust she felt from the beginning to the love she felt in the end… She’s the type to show her emotion easily, but she knew that both of them were people from different worlds. 

Letting go is also a kind of love, to let go of staying together forever for the sake of love. Why should I be sad if you’re able to gain the world I let go? 

She Xinying looked up and smiled as she murmured:

“I hope the person I fell in love with will be a hero who stands upright.”

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