Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2496

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They were already surrounded by hundreds of Earthly Fire Giant Pythons before they could reach the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon. Liu Xingjun and She Xinying barely managed to withstand the attack of a single python, it was truly pitiful. They obviously lacked experience, especially in this kind of battle where one’s life is on the line. They were newbies without any ability to defend their lives. 

The strongest people here were none other than the short-haired swordsman, Yu Erniang, and the white-haired old man, the three of them were Late Heavenly Gods. The other Late Heavenly Gods also rushed towards the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon with other five experts in tow. Jiang Chen squinted his eyes, those fellas are looking to die. Even though the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon is injured, it was still a ferocious beast, do they really think that they could defeat it? 

“Truly foolish,” the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon harrumphed. 

It then raised its head and slammed on its enemies, one Late Heavenly God was instantly swept across the field. Those fellas were pretentious, thinking they could ambush the beast.   


That Late Heavenly God was in utter shock. He was instantly crushed by the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon and the other five experts were then devoured.

The Three-headed Dragon did not look very terrifying in its fight against the Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard. They couldn’t gauge the beast’s strength earlier, but now they finally knew how powerful it was. A Late Heavenly God Realm could not be compared against it.  

“Isn’t this Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon too terrifying?”

“Sh*t! Are we going to die here? ”

“It’s only an injured Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon and several hundreds Earthly Fire Giant Pythons, yet it’s enough to kill us all.”

They were extremely bitter, as they were pressured by the horde of giant Pythons, hundreds of Earthly Fire Giant Pythons. They only had around thirty of them, each and every one of them had already used whatever they had to protect themselves from the pythons, even the swordsman and Yu Erniang who were the strongest amongst them all could only take on a dozen of them. 

She Zhen was fearless too as he withstood the attacks of a dozen of Earthly Fire Giant Pythons. But it felt endless as the horde of pythons kept coming towards them, applying immense pressure upon them. They were in despair, if this continued on, none of them could survive this battle.  

Jiang Chen fought ten alone, obviously making him stand out, as he was only an Early Heavenly God. 

Jiang Chen was paying close attention to She Xinying since She Zhen had asked him to do so, to protect this naive little girl. Not everybody had the courage to pursue this place, as the Tianqi Mountain Range was an unforgiving place. One had to expect one’s life to be forfeited after entering the place. Liu Xingjun who was continuously being injured was the best example of it. 

Yu Erniang and the swordsman became extremely ferocious  in the face of the incoming horde of pythons, but not even they could take on all of these Earthly Fire Giant Pythons. 

“We’re going to die here if this continues.” Yu Erniang sneered as a fragrant sweat dripped down from her charming face. 

“Do you have a better idea?” The swordsman said. 

However, they all knew that the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon could easily run over them… how could they not know? Especially Yu Erniang… 

Yu Erniang suddenly glanced at Jiang Chen, not knowing why. Jiang Chen’s strength was pretty shocking. An Early Heavenly God capable of facing ten beasts alone. Totally unlike those prodigies who were brought up within a safe environment who only have their cultivation but nothing to back upon. To be this calm while facing a horde of enemies, Jiang Chen really looked like a veteran. 

“Such an interesting fella.” Yu Erniang murmured. 

“Hahaha, Erniang, it’s so lively over here, how could I be left out? To think you would leave me behind just to look for the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, that’s not good…” 

A strong laugh could be heard across the sky, and a blue-robed youngster arrived at the scene with a blade below his feet, emitting a sharp qi. He was obviously at the Peak Heavenly God Realm. A formidable character. 

Jiang Chen’s pupil contracted and his expression slightly changed. The Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart, isn’t that the ingredient he’s been looking for? It’s the main ingredient for the Heaven Seizing Fortune Pill. Jiang Chen’s heart was filled with shock, never in his wildest imagination that he could obtain information about the Scarlet Cloud Ancient Vine Heart here. Moreover, this Yu Erniang even knew about it. 

“Enough chatter, Lan Xiaosheng, scram if you’re not planning to help.” Yu Erniang said coldly. 

She wasn’t taking any of this even though her situation wasn’t pretty as she could not put herself to bow down towards the blue-robed youth. 

“Don’t get angry, Erniang, aren’t I here to save you? Let me see who dares to touch you. Not even the four great protectors of the Eight Lineages Silver River can.”

Lan Xiaosheng smiled towards Yu Erniang, looking extremely servile towards her. 

However, Lan Xiaosheng’s eyes became cold as ice as he looked across the field, the blade beneath his feet was emitting a dominating qi. Jiang Chen could feel that this fella was not an easy foe. He could possibly go toe-to-toe against the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon. 

“Lan Xiaosheng, to think it’s him, looks like we’re saved.” 

“Rumours has it that Lan Xiaosheng is terrifyingly strong, and he’s in love with Yu Erniang. However, the latter chose to not accept him no matter what. Looks like the rumours are true.” 

“Lan Xiaosheng versus the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon. It’s going to be quite a show. The heavens have not forsaken us. Haha.” 

Sparks of hope lit up amongst the men. She Zhen also felt slightly shocked, he knew that Lan Xiaosheng was here for Yu Erniang, and that Lan Xiaosheng was also one of the leading figures in the Tianqi Mountain who had fallen for her, never once giving up after a hundred years. 

“Black Crag Stronghold’s Lan Xiaosheng? Are you planning to interfere?” The Earthly Fire Three-head Dragon squinted its eyes and looked at Lan Xiaosheng. 

This one’s not scary but his brother that was backing him was extremely terrifying. 

“Do you think I will look aside when my woman is getting harmed?” Lan Xiaosheng said. 

“I am not your woman.” Yu Erniang said coldly. 

“That day will come. Hehe.” Lan Xiaosheng smiled and turned towards the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon with a cold expression 

“You’re already dead if it wasn’t for the Black Crag Stronghold, Lan Xiaosheng.” The Earthly Fire Three-head Dragon said. 

“Oh really? Let’s see what you can do against me.” 

Jiang Chen smiled. This fella is pretty arrogant, like me, but one needs to have the strength to back it up. If this Lan Xiaosheng looks down on his enemy, then he’ll lose against the Earthly Fire Three-headed Dragon, even if it’s injured. 

“Boy, the way you’re smiling, I don’t like it.” Lan Xiaosheng looked at Jiang Chen and said coldly. 

“I also do not like you.” Jiang Chen shrugged with a smile. 

Jiang Chen and Lan Xiaosheng gazed at each other. A standoff between an Early Heavenly God and Peak Heavenly God. Jiang Chen was unfazed despite the difference in cultivation. 

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