Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2490

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Jiang Chen overpowered the Twin Dragon Leopards’ dragon prestige easily, the brothers tried to bring out their full strength but to no avail. Their dragon prestige was suppressed, completely losing their former domineering aura. 

The Twin Dragon Leopards who were famous around the outer parts of the Tianqi Mountain Range were utterly suppressed by Jiang Chen’s dragon prestige. They finally knew what it meant to be suppressed, although they were the ones who had used it on others in the past. 

“Such terrifying pressure.” The Golden Dragon Leopard gasped. 

Such powerful dragon prestige, suppressing both of them.  


The Silver Dragon Leopard roared as he pounced on Jiang Chen with his sharp claws. Jiang Chen was completely unfazed as he intercepted the Silver Dragon Leopard with his mighty fist. The leopard whimpered in pain as it flew back, Jiang Chen’s physical strength alone could overpower the leopard’s might. 

The Golden Dragon Leopard quickly joined in but Jiang Chen was much more violent compared to these beasts. He didn’t even take a single step back as his fist pounded on the duo’s body, causing them to roar and scream in pain.  The Twin Dragon Leopards completely lost the initiative. 

“It’s about time to end this.” Jiang Chen said as he formed a hand seal. 

The Twin Dragon Leopards' expression became twisted in fear. At this moment, they realised how terrifying Jiang Chen was. 

“True Dragon Palm!” 

Dragon prestige fell upon the battlefield, dragon roars could be heard as the mighty True Dragon Palm landed on the Twin Dragon Leopards, causing the two of them to fly backwards. 

“Don’t kill us!” 

The Twin Dragon Leopards were filled with fear, they finally understood this Early Heavenly God’s terror after he single-handedly put the two of them down. Never had they met nor heard such a powerful human before, completely unstoppable.  Especially that terrifying dragon prestige, that was the most fatal part as it could suppress their strength, locking away their dragon techniques. 

“Isn’t it too late to beg for forgiveness now?” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

He then launched his thunderous punch towards the Twin Dragon Leopards, shattering their meridians and blood vessels and their skulls exploded, instantly killing them. 

The Twin Dragon Leopards had surely never imagined getting killed by an Early Heavenly God little kid. The reason? To prepare for the gift for the Eight Lineages Silver River. 

*Clap clap* 

Jiang Chen then took the Twin Dragon Leopards demonic spirit. Two Late Heavenly Gods demonic spirits were pretty useful, including 30 Early Heavenly God demonic spirits… he’ll be able to cultivate more with these.  

Jiang Chen bumped into She Zhen after a short while, She Zhen looked at him in shock. 

“Little Brother, are you alright?” 

“I’m fine, what can happen to me? Hehe.” Jiang Chen replied with a shrug and a smile. His clothes were as clean even after going through such a heated battle. 

She Zhen looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief. What about the Twin Dragon Leopards?

“Where’s the Twin Dragon Leopards? I could hear two faint beastly roars.” She Zhen said solemnly. 

“You probably heard it wrong, I didn’t see anything. I was pretty careful when I came down, I didn’t see nor hear any disturbance in my surroundings.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Alright, let us leave quickly, it’s not great to stay here any longer. The Twin Dragon Leopards may not have noticed what’s happening yet, otherwise we would’ve been caught.” She Zhen was stunned but felt relieved. 

They wouldn’t be able to withstand the might of the Twin Dragon Leopards, who are in the Late Heavenly God realm, if they were to come. Jiang Chen would be the first to die, although he’s strong, he’s still an Early Heavenly God. Hence, it was very impressive of him to be able to kill those weaker leopards. But it was also thanks to She Zhen’s help. But from this, one could see that Jiang Chen has some experience. 

Probably… Jiang Chen was right, the Twin Dragon Leopards weren't around or they may not have figured out what was happening yet. Nevertheless, they must leave this place ASAP. 

Jiang Chen nodded and followed behind She Zhen as they swiftly met up with She Xinying and the others. She Zhen looked back, feeling confused and relieved at the same time. 

After another month of travelling, they finally left the Twin Dragon Leopards’ territory. She Zhen was filled with anxiety during this month, fearing that the Twin Dragon Leopards may catch up to them, but his worry was obviously unneeded. Because Jiang Chen had already eliminated those two troublesome pests. 

In the meantime, She Xinying dared not to make things hard for Jiang Chen anymore. She even treated Jiang Chen with respect, however Jiang Chen was unfazed by her action. She became matured after facing such hardship even though she was pampered her whole life. 

There wasn’t any big event after that. Because most of the organised demonic beast groups will not simply attack travellers. They only encountered some demonic beasts who were hunting for prey and they had not met any powerful Mid Heavenly God demonic beast. 

“The Misty Forest is up ahead. The outer layer of the Misty Forest has a natural barrier, it’s not hard to get through the forest but we’ll have to wait until the sun is shining brightly and the mist clears up. However, if there’s rain, the forest will become extremely misty, forming a barrier and the poisonous mist will gather from the poisonous swamp within the forest. Hence, the forest is filled with poisonous mist, making it hard for even Divine Kings to get through this forest.” She Zhen said in a serious manner, reminding everyone. 

But at this moment, a squeal could be heard from the front. 

“Run, quick, run away!” A shaken squeal rang out. 

Finally, a human after their long journey, but it looks like it's more than a guy. 

A dozen or so men were running towards them with fear written all over their faces. 

“Friend, why are you guys running? What’s going on over there?” She Zhen stopped a guy and asked. 

“A Blazing Flame Heavenly Lizard appeared in the Misty Forest, poisonous gas filled the air, nobody could get through it. Plus, there’s also a great amount of Heavenly God Realm poisonous toads, it’s terrifying.” A Mid Heavenly God expert said. 

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