Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2489

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Liu Xingjun never imagined Jiang Chen to be so powerful. Each of his punches were explosive, those leopards all died in one hit. The others were saved by Jiang Chen after he eliminated all 30 leopards alone in a swift manner. The four of them gasped for air as they were covered in injuries. 

The leading Leopard was slightly stunned and shocked. This young man has some pretty powerful techniques. 

Liu Xingjun looked at Jiang Chen with complicated eyes. Even though he couldn’t accept it but without him, they would’ve been all dead. 

“This fella… to think he’s that strong, concealing his true strength. He’s probably on par with Master She who’s a Peak Mid Heavenly God.” 

“Yeah, from just his physical strength alone to be this powerful, this is incredible.”  

Ma Jun and She San were both impressed. Jiang Chen instantly became their idol. Swift footwork, unpredictable, and precise attacks, those Heavenly God leopards stood no chance against him. Such techniques were worthy of their respect. 

She Xinying felt complicated seeing Jiang Chen was stronger than all of them, by leaps and bounds. Plus, he saved her by overwhelming their opponents, otherwise, her head would’ve been on the ground. Isn’t that how a prince charming should be? Like an angel descending upon the earth, saving her from the grasp of evil. But Jiang Chen’s image was far from her perfect image of a charming prince. 

Jiang Chen’s expression was cold. He then joined She Zhen to fight against the leading leopard. The beast was instantly pushed back as Jiang Chen fought with his unstoppable fist, not giving the beast a chance to breathe. The veteran fighter She Zhen also wasn’t giving his opponent a chance to get away as they both bombarded the leopard with violent strikes. 

“Die!” Jiang Chen punched with vigour. 

“You cannot kill me!!” The Spotted Leopard’s eyes were filled with terror as Jiang Chen’s fist thrust, devastating his body without remorse. 


“We need to get out of here ASAP. Otherwise, we’ll surely die once the Twin Dragon Leopard is to come, those two fellas are Late Heavenly Gods, we’re not their match.” She Zhen said seriously. 

Although Jiang Chen’s strength had shocked him, the time was pressing. 

“You guys leave, I’ll be the rearguard.” Jiang Chen said. 

“No! You can't beat those two fellas.” She Zhen shook his head and said. 

“It’s fine, I have a defensive footwork, not even a Late Heavenly God could kill me easily.” Jiang Chen said.


“Big Brother She, stop being wishy-washy, that’s so not you.” 

“Little Brother, I, She Zhen, owe you one. I shall wait for you on the outside of the Black Rock Ridge. I hope to see you there.” 

She Zhen quickly took the other four away from the Black Rock Ridge without looking back. She Xinying looked back as her eyes became much more confused. 

Jiang Chen felt two powerful energies closing onto his position with speed. 

“Good lad, you dare kill my men and stay here. You got balls. This is the first time I, Silver Dragon Leopard, met such a ballsy fella.” A silver leopard said coldly, filled with killing intent, he was ten-meter tall, this beast was truly mighty. 

A similar-looking golden leopard was behind him. Twin Dragon Leopard indeed. 

“To think a puny human could kill my vanguard. Heh, an Early Heavenly God, you’re pretty capable.” Golden Dragon Leopard shook his head and chuckled. 

“Twin Dragon Leopards? Two puny leopards dare to call themselves Dragon Leopard? Hahaha, this is hilarious, I shall make Xiao Long Bao out of you two today.” Jiang Chen calmly said as he faced the Twin Dragon Leopards with confidence and eyes of disdain. 

“Lad, I see that you’re seeking to die. Us, Twin Dragon Leopards have reigned supreme in this Tianqi Mountain Range for thousands of years, but never had we once met such an arrogant fella. We could even fight a Peak Heavenly God without losing. Today, you shall know what it means to have the courage of a leopard and the prestige of a dragon!” Silver Dragon Leopard sneered. 

“Dragon prestige? From the two of you?” Jiang Chen sighed.  

“Come, I’m rushing for time, don’t take up too much of my time.”

“Impertinent! Die!” Silver Dragon Leopard roared as he flew towards Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen roared and used the Dragon Transformation Art, filling his body with domineering dragon prestige and dragon qi. The Twin Dragon Leopards halted in their tracks, their combined dragon prestige couldn’t even compare against Jiang Chen. 

“Such a powerful dragon prestige!” 

Golden Dragon Leopard was shocked. But Jiang Chen was still weak compared to them.  

“Second Brother, careful, this human is not simple.” Golden Dragon Leopard said.

Jiang Chen came rushing towards the Silver Dragon Leopard with a great power coming from his fist. The beast was then pushed back due to the force behind the punch. 

Silver Dragon Leopard’s eyes were filled with shock, he was pushed back by a single punch, the dragon prestige behind that attack completely overwhelmed him. 

“Big Brother, I am not his match.” 

Silver Dragon Leopard was angered but he knew that his opponent had the advantage towards him, he would certainly die if he prolong this fight. 

“Alright, let’s do it together, let’s finish this fast.” 

The Golden Dragon Leopard knew what his brother was thinking. He too was shocked by that fist. Such a strong puny human. They needed to end this fight fast. These beasts have their own cards, otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to become a leading figure in this Tianqi Mountain Range. 

“Just to my liking.” Jiang Chen said with a smile as the dragon prestige filled the air. With his strength at the Late Heavenly God Realm, and in addition to the pressure from the dragon prestige, the Twin Dragon Leopards were utterly suppressed. They couldn’t defeat him even with their combined effort, it’s just a matter of time before they were beaten. 

Jiang Chen’s moves were lethal as his mighty fist kept landing on the Golden Leopard, like a metal bat swinging on a cat’s body. 

Jiang Chen’s body was as sturdy as a Divine Tool. He gained the initiative against the Twin Dragon Leopards, without the Heavenly Dragon Sword to boot. The Twin Dragon Leopards had zero chance in fighting back. 

Mighty dragon prestige filled the air. When She Zhen looked back, his heart became heavy, that terrifying dragon prestige could be felt 100 li away, it was an unstoppable pressure. 

She Zhen’s heart trembled, the Twin Dragon Leopards possessed a mighty dragon prestige. Could Jiang Chen have fallen?  

“Little Brother, please be safe!” She Zhen suddenly looked back. 

He cannot leave Jiang Chen alone! Otherwise, how can he face the world proudly? 

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