Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2488

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*The head leopard is a spotted leopard 

She Xinying was biting her red lips with tears swelling up in her eyes. She never imagined that her domineering and powerful uncle would bow before a leopard who was weaker than him. The honour and prestige of their She Lan Escort were tarnished by her uncle. 

“Great God! Please don’t speak anymore.” Liu Xingjun tugged She Xinyin but the latter pushed him away.  

“Don’t touch me, all of you are cowards! Cowards!” She Xinyin said furiously, her pretty face even got red from anger. 

“I’m not in a great mood now, 5000 stones, no less, this little lady included. Otherwise, die!” The spotted leopard became cold. 

“5000 Divine Origin Stones, we’ll pay it. Brother Leopard, I apologise on behalf of my little niece.” She Zhen said. 

She Xinying gritted her teeth. She couldn’t accept it and she couldn’t bear watching her uncle bow down towards this demonic beast. But she did not know that this is life… From the moment she was born, she was pampered with love and care. Her food, clothes, and the roof above her head were all earned with the sweat, blood and tears of her ancestors and father. She was raised with all of those resources and never faced any hardships, hence  she always felt greater than others. A mere demonic beast? How can she not be angry? 

Jiang Chen did not speak a single word. This was her overdue lesson. Otherwise, this little princess will always live in her fairy tale where she’ll get whatever she wanted, and the world of the cruel and cold world was a far-fetched reality for her. 

“What if I say no? This little lady has quite a temper, I want to try and ‘educate’ her. Hehehe. ” The leopard said coldly. 

“Prepare for battle, Liu Xingjun, protect Xinying. You’ll take full responsibility if anything were to happen to her.” 

She Zhen knew that a battle was inevitable. Xinying had thoroughly offended the spotted leopard. They will be enslaved by the beast within the Black Rock Ridge if they do not force their way through.  

“She San, Ma Jun, the two of you prepare for battle. Jiang Chen, assist us from the side, we’re in big trouble.” She Zhen said quietly. 


The spotted leopard roared and dozens of leopards came out from the jungle, over thirty leopards who were Early Heavenly Gods.  

She Zhen’s expression became gloomy. The amount of spotted leopards… This situation is pretty dangerous. I can handle the leading leopard but the other thirty or so leopards…. Ma Jun and She San could barely face 7 on their own, Jiang Chen is an Early Heavenly God, no matter how talented he is, he could only take on 5… the remaining ones… She Xinying’s safety…. This is her first trip with me, she begged me for 7 years to leave the Tiger Leap Region, to explore the outside world but to think that such big trouble came on her first trip.  

She Zhen couldn’t help but sigh, She Xinyin was still too young. He had told her to not be too arrogant before departing a thousand times, to avoid getting into trouble, but now it looked like his advice was useless, it would be a waste of effort if he were to get mad now.   

“Puny humans, all of you shall become my slaves. This little hot chilli… me likey… kakaka.” 

A spotted leopard pounced towards She Zhen. Although the latter was stronger than the beast, they were in the enemy territory, hence the enemy were well-versed in the terrain here. Yet, She Zhen was a veteran who had gone through hundreds of battles and always came out alive. 

She Zhen and the leading leopard clashed. The latter was 5-meter tall, hence a melee was very disadvantageous for She Zhen. To gain back the flow of the battle, She Zhen attempted to utilise his greatsword. Both sides were attacking fiercely by aiming at each other’s vitals. 

On the other side, thirty spotted leopards surrounded Jiang Chen and the others. Ma Jun and She San were veterans but their faces were painted with fear as the amount was too much for them to handle. Thirty Heavenly Gods... they couldn’t possibly fight them all. 

“What are you afraid of? Watch me.” 

She Xinying got through Liu Xingjun and rushed towards a spotted leopard. The white jade blade of hers was nimble, but she was still an Early Heavenly God. Liu Xingjun and the others quickly joined up with her when they saw her rushing over. The five of them faced thirty beasts, Jiang Chen smiled. He did not want to show his true strength now, it’s best for others to not know his identity. He did not want to cause trouble for them.  

For Jiang Chen, thirty leopards were as easy as a single stroke of the blade. But the four of them were forced into passive, even though Jiang Chen was handling 8 leopards alone. The four of them were even injured from the clash. 

Especially Liu Xingjun and She Xinying, this was their first time coming out after all. Although they possessed the strength, their experience was lacking. Xinying was a daredevil, but she’ll pay dearly for her recklessness as claw marks appeared on her body. Liu Xingjun who was tasked to protect her couldn’t pay any heed towards her as he had his hands full. 

“We can’t take it anymore, Master She.” 

Liu Xingjun was surrounded by three leopards, making him sweat profusely. Moreover, he’s  continuously getting injured. The others were also walking on a tightrope, they lost all their confidence under the onslaught of the beasts. Liu Xingjun’s eyes were filled with fear and She Xinyin had lost her princess confidence. Although she’s fierce but the fact was there, they did not have what it takes to fight back.  

On the other side, She Zhen was pushed back by the beast as he was worried about others, taking away his concentration towards the fight before him. Even though he was definitely stronger, he couldn’t deal a decisive blow towards his opponent. 

“Be careful!” She Zhen roared. 

She Xinying was ambushed by two leopards from the back. Powerful claws were closing onto her and she could hear the air ripping apart from their claws, she could clearly feel the threat of death closing onto her. 

Jiang Chen moved and punched twice, instantly crushing the skull of the two leopards. She Xinying was  stunned by this to the point that she couldn’t move nor say a word. She would’ve lost her head if it weren’t for Jiang Chen.

She Xinyin was filled with gratitude and curiosity towards Jiang Chen even though she was disrespectful towards him earlier. At that very moment, Jiang Chen’s handsome and dominating figure had been sealed in Xinying’s maiden heart. 

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