Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2487

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Jiang Chen thought… it’s just a small change of Divine Origin Stones. Though She Zhen is a pretty hot-blooded man, he’s also very loyal. 

“Oh, right… Brother She, how much further do we need to venture in this Tianqi Mountain Range? How many humans and demonic beasts are occupying a mountain?” Jiang Chen asked.  

She Zhen nodded and sighed. 

“Ah. We need to go through the Tianqi Mountain Range every 10 years, escorting service is not an easy job. This Tianqi Mountain Range is not as simple as you think. Even though this is an amazon, there are people living in this place. Most of them are evil people who had built their bases within this place, they were wanted people that are here to avoid others. But most of the occupants here are demonic beasts who had built their own influence in this place.

“There’s a saying, there’s no path in the beginning but a path will slowly form after countless people walk through the same direction. This is the fastest path discovered by our seniors who traded their life with. The 180,000 Li of the Tianqi Mountain Range is far and wide, most of the places are uninhabitable. We’ll be walking to our death if we do not follow this path. Not even Divine Kings or Hierarch experts dare to venture into this mountain range recklessly, one could easily lose their life here.”

She Zhen said in a serious manner. Jiang Chen dared not to dawdle as She Zhen was a senior, he’s well versed about this path and it should be easy for them to get through the Tianqi Mountain Range.

“It’s pretty mysterious, the survival rate of those who venture through the Tianqi Mountain Range is less than 10%, only us who had dealt with this area for countless years and had some experience in dealing with the dangers of this place could pass through with our lives intact. We could only slowly train and improve ourselves and earn some coins for the sake of climbing to the top in the future... 

“This mountain range is boundless, we need more time to reach the Qilian Region.”

She Zhen obviously felt a bit helpless, but he couldn’t do anything. There was only a single goal in the Divine World, it’s to reach the God Emperor Realm. To achieve immortality. But several 100,000 years had already passed since the last God Emperor appeared. The might of a God Emperor was even forgotten as none had witnessed it for thousands of years, no average cultivator could easily witness the might of those beings. 

“The Black Rock Ridge is just in front of us, it’s the territory of the Twin Dragon Leopards, we need to at least pay several hundreds of High Grade Divine Origin Stone to get through this place.”

After two months, they were met with a few battles. She Zhen who was a Peak Mid Heavenly God was pretty strong, and was experienced, he could easily get through the battles without any casualties. 

Jiang Chen followed She Zhen. But it was obvious that Liu Xingjun and She Xinying wanted nothing to do with him. They were even rude towards him. 

“Junior sister, you do not need to care about that fella, he’ll know his place when there’s danger. Trying to be cool, heh. You think you’re some hot shit?” Liu Xingjun sneered. 

“There’s no need for you to say it, that bastard, my uncle only accepted him because of his benevolence, that’s all.” She Xinying harrumphed. 

Black Rock Ridge, countless black iron pine trees covered the whole region, it was thoroughly black. This whole mountain was black in colour, hence the name. 

“This mountain is mine, the trees here were planted by me, those who wish to get through this path, pay up.” 

A leopard slowly came out from the Black Rock Ridge. Its body was gigantic and firm, emitting a violent aura, causing Liu Xingjun and the others to be slightly shocked and they dare not to make too much noise. 

This was their first time escorting. This 180,000 Li Tianqi Mountain Range was extremely dangerous. The demonic beasts they have previously encountered were all Early Heavenly Gods, but this Mid Heavenly God beast possessed such powerful prestige and aura… even She Zhen who was at a higher realm felt weaker in terms of aura. As lions, tigers, dragons and leopards are stronger compared to the other beasts.  

“I am She Lan Escort’s She Zhen, greets Brother Leopard. You still look mighty as ever even after so long. Haha, please do greet the two lords for me. 500 High Grade Divine Origin Stones and this fifty is yours.” She Zhen said with a smile as he passed the stones to the leopard. 

The leopard looked at She Zhen and said indifferently: 

“Pretty smart. But this year is different, the prince of the Eight Lineages, Silver River, is going to get married, our boss wants to send 100,000 High Grade Divine Origin Stones as a gift. Hence, this year’s toll fee is 5000 stones, otherwise, leave everything here and become my slave for ten years.” The leopard’s cold voice reverberated in She Zhen’s ears. 

She Zhen was slightly stunned as he thought ‘sh*t’. This was just the first stop of the Tianqi Mountain Range, the Twin Dragon Leopard was pretty reasonable but it’s different now. He couldn’t possibly pay up the toll if it’s this high now. Even if he could, how could he pay the next one? There were more than ten areas in the Tianqi Mountain Range controlled by either humans and demonic beasts. Each of them would surely demand 500 High Grade Divine Origin Stones, but it looked like it’s not even enough for this toll. 

“Brother Leopard, this… seems a bit unreasonable…” She Zhen replied with an awkward laugh. 

“Yeah, are you trying to swallow us whole? Hmph.” She Xinying said with disdain. 

“A pretty good girl. Hehe, the debt is cleared if that girl stays with me. How’s it gonna be? Don’t force my hand, otherwise, none of you shall leave here.” The leopard said as he glared at She Xinying in a playful sight. 

She Zhen’s expression changed drastically and said:

“Brother Leopard, please do not get angry, this is my little niece, she’s unruly, I hope you’ll forgive her behaviour.” 

“Isn’t it just a leopard? Why are you afraid? Uncle, I refuse to believe that he could eat all of us.” 

She Xinying said angrily, ignoring She Zhen’s apology. 

“Shut up!” Slap 

She Zhen turned and gave Xinying a big slap. At this moment, even Jiang Chen was stunned. This was his first time seeing She Zhen being this harsh. But he knew that this was for her own good. An immature girl who’s fearless towards the world... Unfortunately, one needed to have the power to back it up. A little girl dared to act tough here… she’ll probably die somewhere without knowing if she continued to act like this. 

She Zhen was worried about her safety, that’s all… 

“Uncle, you… you slapped me?” 

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