Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2486

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Jiang Chen was no senseless murderer, he has his own reasons when it comes to killing. He would be the first to die if he’ll always be generous and kind. By constantly killing and moving forward only then could he live longer. In this world, only the strong thrive and the weak ones are the stepping stones of the mighty. 

Countless murdering will ensure you a one-way pass to the deepest part of hell (18th floor of hell); saving a person’s life and one will gain good karma. 

Jiang Chen looked at the old man… My Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill could possibly save him, although this pill is great, it’s really not THAT valuable, it’ll be worth the price if it could save a person’s life. He was no kind fool but he simply felt pity towards the old man. Countless men leave the world quietly within the Divine World every single year, no one will feel sad for them. After all, one was born into this world with nothing and shall leave with nothing. 

Jiang Chen walked towards the old man and looked at him. The old man was in a daze, yet he wasn’t dirty. That smell of his wasn’t from his body odour. 

“Old man, how long more can you live?” Jiang Chen said with a smile. 

“I don’t know, don’t know, I’m going to die, going to die.” The old man murmured with a frightful eye as he took two steps back, fearful. 

“Take this, you’ll get to live another ten years.” The old man looked at Jiang Chen, slightly shocked and slightly dazed. 

The old man then took the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill and put it into his mouth. 

Jiang Chen bitterly smiled. This old man is interesting. If the auction house knew that he gave a Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill to a beggar… they would’ve been pissed to the core, it would be waste!! 

“Delicious, do you have more?” The old man looked at Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen frowned and gave him another one, the old man took it and swallowed it down again. 

“Delicious, delicious, I want more.” 

Jiang Chen became speechless. 

“Eat your head. 2 Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills are enough to extend your life for years.”

“I’ll trade you with this, do you still have more, have more?” The old man took out a greyish, smelly rock thing, it was the size of a fist. 

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but hold his breath when the old man took out the rock because the thing was extremely pungent, no wonder he’s so smelly. 

“This is? ? Tiger Bone Musk?” Jiang Chen’s pupil contracted. 

The Tiger Bone Musk was a rare ingredient, it could improve a pill’s effect. But he had only heard of it. Because the Tiger Bone Musk was extremely smelly in nature and was born from the fusion of the bones of the White Tiger and the Heavenly Deer Musk,  whoever inhaled the smell of the ingredient for too long would lose one’s mind. Jiang Chen was certain of the Tiger Bone Musk after confirming all the facts. The White Tiger was a Divine Beast, it was extremely hard to find and even harder to kill. On the other hand, there were even fewer people who had witnessed the Divine Deer, the deer was much rarer than the White Tiger. 

“Are you going to trade? Trade? I’ll leave if you’re not going to trade.” 

The old man’s eyes were in a daze but one could obviously see that he liked the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. 


“I’ll give you three more!” 

Jiang Chen took out another 3 more Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills and gave it to the old man. He then stashed the ingredient away. Even your average pill would increase by leaps and bounds if the Tiger Bone Musk was added. Even the Immortal Grade or the legendary Divine Grade pills would be improved. 

After storing the Tiger Bone Musk, Jiang Chen gave the old man a smile of gratitude. He then saw the old man gulped down the three Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills. At this moment, even he, the owner, felt that the old bastard was being wasteful… five pills… gulped down in a manner of minutes. 

“I want more, I want more.” The old man clapped his hand and said. 

“Want your mom! There’s no more.” Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and left. 

Jiang Chen could feel the old man’s body undergoing a great change. At least he wasn’t on death’s door now, at least he gained another 15 years of life. The old man gulped down five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills… but the Tiger Bone Musk was a pleasant surprise. 

Jiang Chen left and joined She Zhen’s group towards the Tianqi Mountain Range. Whereas the old man was still wandering crazily around. 

“The same breed attracts one another, hanging out with a beggar, even you have become smelly. Stinky man.” 

The young girl beside She Zhen frowned as she pinched her nose and sneered. 

The young girl’s name was She Xinying, She Zhen’s niece, the little princess of the escort centre. She was pretty elegant, wearing a white dress, petite and with an S figure, she was a pretty girl. However, her eyes weren’t pretty and Jiang Chen wasn’t attracted to her. 

She Xinying looked at Jiang Chen with scorn. She looked down on his strength and felt that his man was a busybody, and now that he was too stinky, the others were also not taking it well. 

“It’s best if you clean yourself properly, stinking boy. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mind throwing you into the river.” The black-robed youth beside She Xinying sneered while crossing his arm on his chest.

White skin, looking pale and skinny… pretty gay… The youth stared at Jiang Chen coldly, feeling wary towards him. 

“Stinking man, a pretty good derogatory remark. If a man doesn’t stink, how could he become a man with taste? That smooth skin… aren’t you more suited to the art of sewing?” Jiang Chen shrugged as he said with a smile, not angered. 

He respected She Zhen and was trying to avoid causing unnecessary trouble for the trip. 

“Alright, enough. Liu Xingjun, this is not the escort centre, you had followed me twice, don’t you know the rules?” She Zhen glanced at Jiang Chen with an apologetic expression. 

She Xinying and Liu Xingjun were filled with disdain and sarcasm. 

“This is the Tianqi Mountain Range, we are now in the danger zone. The domain of the local gang Twin Dragon Leopard is 5000 li ahead. We need to pay some Divine Origin Stones to them quickly. The demand for Divine Origin Stones are quite high even for those demonic beasts, don’t you dare cause me any trouble.” She Zhen said. 

His words worked pretty well over Liu Xingjun, the others also silently nodded. She Zhen gave Xinying a good stare and the latter just spat out her little tongue and turned back unwillingly as she caught up with her seniors. 

“I’m sorry you had to go through that earlier, please forgive me. Haha, since we’re on this trip together, we should take care of each other. This brother apologises.” 

She Zhen tapped Jiang Chen’s shoulder and smiled. 

“No matter. I have to pay the road tax anyway, no harm is done. ” 

“It’s fine, it won’t make a difference without you.” She Zhen waved his hand as he refused Jiang Chen’s intent of giving him Divine Origin Stones. 

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