Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2479

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Jiang Chen’s eyes became fierce. At this moment, he was dead set on fusing three types of Heavenly Lightning. The energy that may come from it… will be unimaginable! He needs to succeed in fusing the third heavenly lightning no matter what. 

The sky was currently filled with thunder clouds and lightning. He wasn’t sure whether he could completely tame the third lightning. It would probably try to eat through him if he attempts to do it. But he was left with no other choice. 

“You only live once! Why should I live quietly if I can stand on the world stage?” 

Jiang Chen’s killing intent was boundless as he placed his everything in this gamble. Since he and Shisan were pushed to the edge of death, they must gamble and fight back, otherwise lady death awaits them. 

The fusion of two lightning was almost his limit but the two were now under his control. However, the one on the sky wasn’t. It was violent, it was devastating, it was powerful, ready to strike at anything and destroy anything under the sky. It wasn’t an easy thing to be tamed, hence the difficulty in merging the third lightning… Jiang Chen was only a tenth sure that he could succeed. 

“Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning!”

Jiang Chen silently gazed at the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning. This lightning was stronger than the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning, much more dominating, powerful. The purple lightning shone through the sky, leaving nothing behind as it struck. At this moment, both the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning and Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning were under Jiang Chen’s complete control. The danger that may come from trying to merge the third one was extremely high, he would die if it fails. 

“Fate has its course for me, I’m betting it all on this!” Jiang Chen thought as he clenched his teeth. 

Jiang Chen will surely die if he doesn’t gamble on this attempt. The heavens had already helped him through the Heavenly Lightning, what he needed to do now was to bet on the third lightning because two of those couldn’t defeat the two Divine Kings. 

If the third lightning, the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning, merged with what he had, then a devastating force would be born. At that moment, even Divine Kings had to bow down and surrender. 

“Arrogant fella, fusing two lightning, so what? You’re still far, far too weak.” Di Longqing said with disdain, slightly shocked but unfazed as he attacked with Li Xie. 

They had to save Meng Fanpeng and the others, those were the elders and lords of the prominent sects of the Linhe Boundary, the pillars of the region. 

“Not so fast! Fusion!” 

Jiang Chen activated the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning and Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning and merged it with the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning. He felt the powerful repulsive force coming from the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning, extremely pressuring him. But his two lightning could totally put the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning under his control, and now he was just waiting for the perfect timing to merge the three of them together. 

Jiang Chen’s soul energy was pretty powerful, it was on the same level as a Hierarch. Otherwise he wouldn’t be so ballsy enough to try this maneuver. The revolting energy that came from the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning burst through his body, he did not expect that it would be so hard to tame. That energy almost surpassed his limit, not even the two lightning energies countering it could fully negate the energy that it was emitting. 

The Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning was a ruthless lightning. It’s ownerless. One that exists within Heaven and Earth. Although it was sentient, it could not think and could only move based on its instinct. It only appears during a tribulation, the violent energy it possessed was much more powerful than the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning

The battle between the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning and Jiang Chen went back and forth. The terrifying ball of lightning was growing back and forth in his palm as if it could explode anytime. Jiang Chen will be the one who will be dead once that lightning explodes.  

As time passed, the lightning finally fused into his body. At this moment, he felt a powerful energy coursing through his whole body. 

Jiang Chen’s breath stabilized, he could clearly feel the Purple Ying Heavenly Lightning became one with his body. The devastation it may cause once it erupted… was unimaginable, not even a Divine King could withstand it. 

“Trying to save them? Keep dreaming!” Jiang Chen harrumphed as a lightning struck between the duo like a meteor. 

It then exploded between the two like a blooming lotus. At this moment, the skies were filled with dust and clouds that was created from the explosion, the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation also began to lose its colour at this point. Not even Jiang Chen had expected the fusion of the three lightning to be so powerful that even the whole Feng Ming Mountain began to quake from the force. However, the duo managed to withstand it with all their might. 

“Such a powerful fusion of lightning, we must fight with our full strength!” Di Longqing roared. 

The two Divine Kings dare not to dawdle as they faced Jiang Chen’s terrifying lightning storm. 

The ones who were shocked to their cores were none other than Meng Fanpeng and his gang. From their point of view, Jiang Chen’s lightning storm was getting bigger by the second as it kept on expanding out from the center, like a lotus of death, growing out towards the skies, with roars of thunder reverberating through the mountain, it was armageddon, it was a force totally out from their current capabilities. 



Meng Fanpeng and the others’ expression went a complete 180 degrees, the threat of death was creeping up towards their feet, constantly eating up their confidence, not even the presence of Divine Kings could save them. Are we doomed to die here in this Feng MIng Mountain? 

“Old Ancestor, save me, save me!!” Ligui Gaiyin screamed in despair as he looked at Li Xie. 

But Di Longqing and Li Xie were forced to evade as they dare not take the lightning head-on. It was too terrifying. Who dares to stand in front of it will immediately be engulfed from that giant mass of energy, not even Divine Kings would be excluded from that fate. 

Meng Fanpeng and the others were instantly devoured by that giant mass of energy, leaving nothing behind. The whole sky was lit up by the explosion of energy, Di Longqing and Li Xie’s face were as dark as ink. That attack was way out of their expectation, not even their combined effort could withstand it, and they were forced to evade it instead. Nevertheless, both of them were still heavily injured from that process. 

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