Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2477

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Divine King! 

Jiang Chen looked at the old man, frowning. He had what it takes to kill a Half-Step Divine King but not a real Divine King. Schemes and tricks were useless in the face of absolute strength. Jiang Chen was strong enough to kill a Half-Step Divine King but he couldn’t lift a finger against a true Divine King. 

The old man’s expression was calm. He’s donning on a white-robe with his long beard that could even touch the ground. His aura was as cold as ice while looking at Jiang Chen. The latter felt immense pressure crushing upon his body. So this is a Divine King expert? 

The other Divine King was wearing a black-robe, possessing the same mighty aura as the white-robed old man, looking peaceful and respected. 

Currently, Meng Fanpeng’s and the others’ eyes were burning with hope. The look of despair they had before was long gone. 

“Old Ancestor, save me!” Meng Fanpeng said as he looked at the white-robed old man. 

It looked like it’s not their time to die yet. Meng Fanpeng knew that his saviour had come and they got extremely excited. 

“I am here, Old Ancestor.” Ghost Eye Sect’s Li Gui Gaiying too waved as he looked at the black-robed old man. 

“To be pushed towards the edge by a trash who isn’t even a Heavenly God. You dare call yourself the Hundred Sect Alliance? Meng Fanpeng, you have disgraced the Clear Stream Sect.” Di Longqing said with a calm expression. But his terrifying prestige spread across the whole battlefield. 

As the Old Ancestor of Clear Stream Sect, it’s been a thousand years since he personally made an appearance, and for the purpose of saving the disciples of the sect to boot. A Half-Step Divine King lost against a kid who wasn’t even a Heavenly God, the Old Ancestor’s face was thrown to the gutter by his incompetent disciple. 

Jiang Chen and Shisan looked at each other. This fella is too strong, a Divine King is not someone that we could face right now. 

“These two fellas are probably Divine King experts!” Dragon Shisan said quietly with a solemn expression. 

“Different situations call for different action.”

Although Jiang Chen looked calm on the surface, in the face of these two Divine Kings, he knew that all his cards had become pretty much useless against them. 

Meng Fanpeng and Li Gui Gaiying were sweating profusely, they dare not to look up towards their sect’s ancestors. However, it was great that they were saved. Otherwise, Jiang Chen will have become a legend as he would’ve killed the ten Half-Step Divine King experts, and the Hundred Sect Alliance will become a joke of the entire Linhe Boundary for ages to come. 

“Jiang Chen, let’s see how you’re going to run now, with the Old Ancestor present, you won’t be able to get away no matter what schemes you have.” Meng Fanpeng glared at Jiang Chen with his sharp and lively eyes. 

Di Longqing glanced at Jiang Chen indifferently and said calmly: 

“To think that such a monster could emerge in this place, it’s pretty interesting. However, you caused my Clear Stream Sect to lose face and you have killed many of us, you’re bound to be punished, surrender now and we’ll make it easy for you.” Di Longqing said as if he'd given Jiang Chen a death sentence. 

The mighty Divine Kings looked down on the weak little fella that hasn’t even reached the Heavenly God Realm. Although he was pretty clever in killing hundreds of Heavenly Gods, and almost successfully killing Meng Fanpeng and the other experts, he could no longer do anything now that Di Longqing was present. 

One’s strength is the source of one’s right to speak. 

“Should I quietly wait for others to kill me? Hehe, it’s such a funny joke, is that the belief of the great sects? This is hilarious.” Jiang Chen replied with disdain. 

He was unfazed even in the face of two Divine King experts. Excellent composure. 

“Clever kid, strength or honour, which do you think is important?” The black-robed old man said with a slight smile as he stared at Jiang Chen coldly. 

Jiang Chen felt immensely pressured, he could feel his blood running amok within his body under this heavy pressure. 

“Old Ancestor, that kid is too arrogant, he’s even disregarding you, you must kill him.” Li Gui Gaiying gritted his teeth, his hatred towards Jiang Chen was at its peak. 

With his heavy injuries he would at least need several years to return to his peak condition. These injuries were the most severe that he had ever suffered over the course of several hundred years. The others too hoped that the Old Ancestors would swiftly eliminate this kid. 

“Ignorant fool, hehehe, interesting. A brainless young man. But you’re pretty capable, to turn the whole Linhe Boundary upside down. But you’re just too capricious, presumptuous, killing too many people in the process, you’re doomed to die. ” Di Longqing smiled. 

He was confident that he could kill Jiang Chen easily. Could a mere True God get away from him? 

“I will take everybody down with me if I were to die!” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

“Haha, such great imagination, boy. Your end is near yet you’re still this calm. Colour me impressed. My Ghost Eye Sect lacks such a hard-headed person. There hasn’t been anyone who could withstand my techniques.” Li Xiechi laughed as he looked at Di Longqing. 

Both of them felt disdain, albeit feeling amused towards this young man. Since it was rare for anyone to cause them to feel rage. They were like gods within the Linhe Boundary, nobody dared to offend them, they were the literal emperor in the whole Linhe Boundary. 

“You’re pretty interesting. However, there’s no chance for you, with me being here.” Di Longqing said as he launched a simple palm strike. 

Yet, that palm strike was devastating, causing Meng Fanpeng and the others to gasp. A simple strike from a Divine King expert was nothing to scoff at. 

Jiang Chen faced that strike with his Heavenly Dragon Sword. But he was pushed backwards in distraught, however, he wasn’t heavily injured from that strike. 

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