Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2475

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At the moment, Jiang Chen had the upper hand. It was beyond everyone’s expectation that Jiang Chen, who was at his last breath just a while ago, could frighten them right now.

Li Gui Gaiying’s face looked gloomy. He was not afraid of this formation but he was afraid of being unable to get out of this formation, and get killed by the Lightning Tribulation. Since they had not breakthrough to Divine King Realm yet, of course they would not have much control over the Lightning Tribulation of the Divine King Realm.

“ I am going to see if your lousy formation can trap me or not.” 

Li Gui Gaiying did not trust Jiang Chen’s power, so he rushed into the formation with his best attacks. His dreadful aura swept across in all directions, crashing into Little Ashura Sword Formation. However, what came to him was a thousand terrifying sword shadows that broke through the void. He was still able to resist some of the strikes, but the sword formation had become stronger now after his attacks.

More than ten Heavenly Gods were immediately killed.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with fear and horror. Who knew that Jiang Chen would turn the situation around and now all of them were like confined beasts in the battle field.

Li Gui Gaiying kept attacking but each of his strikes failed to hit Jiang Chen’s formation. All of his attacks were repulsed by the dreadful sword shadows.

On the other side, dreadful purple thunderous clouds started accumulating together. Previously, many of those who wanted to break through to the Divine King Realm were buried under the Lightning Tribulation. The chance of surviving the tribulation was less than ten percent. Everyone there did not have the power to withstand the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation and they were completely trapped by the formation. As soon as the Heavenly Lightning Tribulation fell, all of them had to face a life-and-death battle. Everything would be shattered and turned into ashes under Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. 

Meng Fanpeng and the others began to make heavy blows against the Little Ashura Sword Formation, but it was to no avail. Instead, more and more Heavenly God Realm experts were eliminated by the sword formation. Now, there were only two hundred Late Heavenly Gods left. All of them were exhausted and looked horrified.

Meng Fanpeng and the others were also incomparably worried. Although they could still withstand the Little Ashura Sword Formation, they might be striked into ashes by the Lightning Tribulation of the Divine King Realm. 

The Heavenly Lighting Tribulation almost began. Jiang Chen was still very relaxed and confident, but Meng Fanpeng and the others were now very nervous like the ants on the hot pan. They were panicking as Jiang Chen was going to take revenge and kill all of them. A battle of vengeance was going to start soon!

“Jiang Chen, don’t be stubborn. Break the formation and let us out. Otherwise, you would be killed here as well.”

“That’s right. You have provoked everyone and even heaven’s anger. We are going to forgive you if you break the formation. Otherwise, you will see what consequence you will receive.” 

“You are going to receive your karma soon.”

Jiang Chen smiled contemptuously. He was completely speechless as he listened to these people’s words. Were they crazy to still try to threaten him at this moment? He really did not understand if they were really retarded or was just faking it out. 

“Are you kidding me? Haha. Where is your power that you had when you were chasing after me? Five hundred experts tried to suppress me, eliminate me and push me to a dead end. Why don’t you think more thoughtfully? Why did you not feel guilty when you wanted to kill me to get my treasure? Do I deserve to be killed by you? And I shouldn’t kill you? Are these really your thoughts? Do you really think that I’m easy to bully? I am sure that I will kill you guys and I will not let anyone stay alive today.”

Jiang Chen’s aura was like a dragon and he was overbearing. However, Meng Fanpeng and the others still did not take any action because they felt that it was completely moral to kill Jiang Chen. They did not feel guilty at all because they felt Jiang Chen deserved death..

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, he did not really care about these people. When they pushed him to the dead end, had they thought about his innocence? How daring were they to ask him to spare their life in such an arrogant manner?

Jiang Chen was fed up with these people. This battle was going to be a battle he fought for himself!

“Well said, Little Chen. None of them are good men, they just want to kill you in the name of justice. They thought they were very noble. Do you really think that you could control others’ life and death? Why? You guys should taste despair now.”  

Dragon Shisan’s eyes looked ruthless without any compassion. Death was the best thing they deserved.

“Bullsh*t. You’re the common enemy of the whole Linhe Boundary right now. When you die, the peace will be restored. How many people have you killed and how much blood has stained your hands? Stop it before it’s too late. If you continue to make mistakes like this, no one would be able to save you,” Meng Fanpeng said with a deep voice.

“Are you going to preach me now? Hehehe. Meng Fanpeng, you deserve death more than others. No one would be able to run away from my palm. These people that you summoned  are going to die because of you. I never know what mercy is, so it doesn’t matter if I kill everyone. So what if I am a demon?” Jiang Chen said in disdain.

“Are you really going to do this?”

Xuan Qingming murmured. He did not know if Jiang Chen was right or wrong. However, if Jiang Chen did not choose to do this, he might be the one who died. He had no choice at all.

All the thunderous clouds were gathered into one place, just above their head. When the Lightning Tribulation appeared, Jiang Chen soared up to the sky and came closer to it. He was dealing with the thunder and lightning alone.

Everyone, including Meng Fanpeng and the others, was stunned and took a cold breath as they looked at Jiang Chen. This was completely out of their expectation.  

Jiang Chen was like taking a shower in the thunder and lightning. He was not hurt at all and the thunderous sea was like a bathtub to him.

Jiang Chen’s divine light shone out in all directions and he managed to control the dreadful Heavenly Lightning Tribulation. Finally, Meng Fanpeng and the others who were trapped in the Little Ashura Sword Formation looked completely stunned and anxious as they knew that their last day was here.

“Jiang Chen, you will be punished by heaven.”

Meng Fanpeng said solemnly.

“Punished by heaven? Hahaha, I am in heaven. If god is going to stop me, I will kill god. If the demon is going to stop me, I am going to slaughter the demon. If heaven is going to stop me, I am going to rule over heaven. This is my philosophy, my philosophy of heaven!”

Jiang Chen smiled brightly in the thunderous sea. Meng Fanpeng and others were panicking under the torture of the Divine King Realm Lightning Tribulation. Each of them were growling in pain and begging for survival. Yet, none of their crops and bone remained. 

Jiang Chen did not show any facial expression. This was their destiny! 

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