Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2469

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Jiang Chen retaliated fiercely with his powerful powerful fist and sharp blade, pushing back 500 Heavenly Gods with energy to spare, causing Meng Fanpeng to reevaluate himhim. 

“It’s like this fella’s energy is infinite. Looks like we have to end this battle swiftly. The honour of the Linhe Boundary will be disgraced if we Half-Step Divine Kings were needed to put down this lad.” Meng Fanpeng knew that killing Jiang Chen wasn’t easy. 

With the current manpower of the Hundred Sect Alliance, it would be a joke if they couldn’t even kill a boy, with Half-Step Divine Kings on-site to boot. However, after seeing that 500 Heavenly Gods weren’t enough to put him down, Li Tianhuo admitted that Jiang Chen was truly terrifying. Meng Fanpeng wanted to use the minimum personnel to defeat Jiang Chen and put him down, but now, it looks like it’s impossible to do so.  

Meng Fanpeng had to take into account the honour of the whole Linhe Boundary, and also and also the honour of the Clear Stream Sect. By having such a scale just to kill a little boy, the people from other regions will surely have something to say about this. 

“Jiang Chengzi, Liu Yang, don’t hold back. Both of you must kill him! Otherwise, the honour of our Hundred Sect Alliance will be tarnished!” Meng Fanpeng’s ringing voice reverberated through the battlefield. 

Jiang Chengzi and Liu Yang shivered. They knew what Meng Fanpeng meant, their sect’s honour was also riding together with the honour of the Linhe Boundary. They must not give Jiang Chen a chance to get away. 

“Those who wish to kill me must pay a price.” Jiang Chen harrumphed. 

Jiang Chen then forced back 20 twenty Heavenly Gods with his fist. His defensive capabilities were stronger than before, even without the Profound Heavenly Armour. His defensive capabilities have reached the peak with the buff of the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique.

Liu Yang’s heart slightly trembled from Meng Fanpeng’s words. Because he knew this battle does not only concern him but the whole Linhe Boundary, the Overlord Sect must do their very best. 

“Invincible Overlord Punch!” Liu Yang launched the Overlord Sect’s secret technique, causing the air to tremble. 

Jiang Chen calmly faced that overbearing punch with his own fist. As both terrifying fistss clashed, a great shockwave spread throughout the area, the tremors reaching even places 800 li far. 

Jiang Chen did not use any particular technique, it was just a simple punch. Both of them burst apart after their clash. It looked like they were on-par with each other but Liu Yang’s whole arm was completely numb. He did not expect his sect’s most powerful technique to have such a meagre effect. Jiang Chen didn’t even flinch nor had much of a reaction towards that technique of his. The damage done on Jiang Chen? Negligible. 

Jiang Chen calmly smiled. That Invincible Overlord Punch of his is pretty good. I don’t think I can take that technique head-on if it wasn’t for the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique. 

However, Jiang Chen’s palm was slightly cracked due to the clash and his blood was boiling. Still, it was better than Liu Yang’s situation. 

Liu Yang’s expression was extremely ugly. That punch had caused him to be severely injured, not even the Invincible Overlord Punch allowed him to be ‘invincible’. 

On the other side, the battle between Shisan and Jiang Chengzi was exceptional. Jiang Chengzi lost the initiative; he, who looked down on Shisan in the beginning, was now being pushed around by Shisan, who was two cultivation realm weaker than him.   

Dragon Shisan was able to show them the true meaning of being ‘powerful’: his fighting skills, technique, aura have shocked everybody. Jiang Chengzi was beaten and pushed around by his violent attacks, a Peak Heavenly God, to appear to be so weak…  

Meng Fanpeng’s words had moved Jiang Chengzi, he wanted to end this battle as soon as possible. His premonition came true, Jiang Chen’s friend was the same as him, a thorough monster, on-par or probably even greater than Jiang Chen.  

“Great Heaven and Earth Cauldron, melt everything!” Jiang Chengzi roared. 

It was paramount for him to end this battle fast, to finish off Shisan quickly, to show the world the strength of the Divine Pill Sect. Otherwise, the Hundred Sect Alliance will become a joke for the whole Linhe Boundary, even the neighbouring regions if they caught wind of Jiang Chen and his friend was able to hold their ground for so long.  

Jiang Chengzi performed a series of hand seals and a giant cauldron appeared and trapped Shisan. Heavenly flame and tornado brew within the cauldron, as if it was hell on earth inside. 

Jiang Chengzi’s technique shocked everyone, truly one that hails from the great sects of Linhe Boundary. 

“Now this is interesting!” Dragon Shisan sneered as he revealed his Battle Saint Ape form, shocking everyone instantly. 

His body gigantified and his peerless divine staff also expanded to a thousand zhang tall. He then clashed with the Great Heaven and Earth Cauldron. The cauldron started to vibrate from the clash.

“This is? The ancient divine beast Battle Saint Ape?” Meng Fanpeng was shocked. 

To think Jiang Chen’s friend was this terrifying too, but luckily he’s just a Peak Early Heavenly God. Not even I would dare to face him head-on if this Battle Saint Ape was at the Peak Heavenly God Realm.

“The ancient Battle Saint Ape, truly domineering. Haha, this  Jiang Chen, he’s already heaven-defying yet his friend is also the same.” Ding Qiudong said with a smile. 

“Battle Saint Ape, then, is Jiang Chen  saved?” Xuan Qingming asked quietly. 

Haih, hard! Quite hard!” Ding Qiudong honestly said.  

If that Battle Saint Ape is at the Peak Heavenly God Realm, then it’s probable. But he’s very still weak. The kindling of hope failed to shine from Xuan Qingming’s desperate heart. 

Dragon Shisan waved his peerless divine staff with vigour as if he was an invincible battle god. 

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