Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2467

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Li Tianhuo’s Great Arhat Prajna Formation retaliated, the 500 Heavenly Gods were in synch. Like a demon lord being born, eliminating those that stood in its way. The black ethereal skeleton gradually gained a physical form as whirlwinds covered its body, it opened its giant jaw and devoured all the swords. This was the first time Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation has failed to show supremacy. 

Jiang Chen’s expression drastically changed. 500 Heavenly Gods, a giant wall that’s hard to overcome. Not even his Little Ashura Sword Formation could make a dent on them. After devouring those swords, the skeleton then proceeded to devour the formation itself. 

Jiang Chen’s expression became solemn. The Great Arhat Prajna Formation was able to thoroughly overcome the Little Ashura Sword Formation. As countless blades disappeared into the black fog. 

“Damned fella.” Jiang Chen gritted his teeth. 

Li Tianhuo easily controlled the Great Arhat Prajna Formation to do his bidding as he laughed at Jiang Chen’s predicament in complete arrogance.  

“Zongheng and Little Yan died in your hands. Jiang Chen, you shall pay for everything you’ve done. Die!” Li Tianhuo said. 

The black ethereal skeleton rammed upon Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation. The latter roared as he withstood and maintained the formation under the onslaught of 500 Heavenly Gods. However, he could feel the divine tools shaking as they were reaching their limits. The formation was reaching its limit… 

Jiang Chen’s guess was right. The Little Ashura Sword Formation instantly broke and the 500 Heavenly Gods were pushed back from the final push of the Little Ashura Sword Formation. 

It was heaven and earth-shattering, mountains fell apart, the ground split, the riverbed crumbled, millions of beasts died, hundreds of disciples of Profound Feng Sect died from this giant clash. 

Jiang Chen was pushed 800 steps backwards from the clash, his expression became gloomy and pale. He coughed out a great deal of blood and kneeled down on one knee. 

Jiang Chen kneeled down with one his knee as blood dripped from his mouth, his body was covered with injuries. 

Fresh blood covered his whole body yet his eyes were still as sharp. He managed to injure those 500 Heavenly Gods at the final clash. 

Li Tianhuo suffered the strongest back-lash as he was the one controlling the Great Arhat Prajna Formation to destroy Jiang Chen’s formation. 

To inflict the enemy with 100% damage and suffer 80% damage himself. Li Tianhuo suffered a heavy injury. If not for the 500 Heavenly Gods supporting him, he would’ve lost against Jiang Chen’s formation!

The Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation did not lose, it’s just that Jiang Chen couldn’t unleash its maximum potential. No matter how heaven defying Jiang Chen was, he was still facing 500 Heavenly Gods. 

Those 500 experts stood proudly. Although they suffered quite an injury, they still maintained their calm on the surface. Because they were injured by a junior, a Half-Step Heavenly God kid! They cannot appear disgraceful. 

Except for Jiang Chen, who could stand his ground against 500 Heavenly Gods and Early Divine King?! Not even Meng Fanpeng, Li Tianhuo or Jiang Chengzi, these famous experts were able to do it! 

At this moment, Li Tianhuo was dead set on getting his hands on Jiang Chen’s formation, his eyes were shining. 

Jiang Chen was kneeling on one knee in the face of 500 Heavenly Gods. One could only watch in awe, this man, oh so powerful, if he was given 10 years, no 100 years, not even the Lone Dragon County, the whole Northern Cold Divine Region, who can be his match? 

Xuan Qingming was filled with a swarm of emotion as he watched Jiang Chen kneel due to injury, yet there’s nothing he could do. 

“Jiang Chen, Profound Feng Sect is proud of you.” Xuan Qingming murmured as his heart was filled with pain and sadness. They could only silently watch from the sidelines as Jiang Chen fought a bloody battle. 

Jiang Chen was now on his last leg, everyone was watching him silently as death slowly crept over ever so closely towards him. Meng Fanpeng and the others have watched enough and wanted Jiang Chen dead there and then. 

From the start towards the end, Jiang Chen fought with all his might. He gained quite a haul in this battle, but he’s not sure for the next, and whether he could live to see another day. However,  he lived to battle, he shall never stop! 

“Jiang Chen, what do you have left to offer? Haha, come, show it to us. You’re only a step away from death.” Jiang Chengzi sneered. 

At this moment, nobody could save him, not even God could help him. Jiang Chen had used every ounce of his strength. Although the Hundred Sect Alliance was like a delinquent, they were tormented by Jiang Chen, harshly. Jiang Chen was a tumour on their side, they will never forgive him no matter what reasons he had now.

Linhe Boundary will not be peaceful if Jiang Chen was not killed!

“Now, it’s finally my time to act.” Jiang Chengzi said confidently. 

Seeing Jiang Chen on his last leg, Jiang Chengzi was confident in taking him down now. 

“Fellow comrades, follow me and put this monster down.” Jiang Chengzi looked at the twenty Peak Heavenly Gods behind him and said indifferently. 

One could’ve said Jiang Chen had fought the whole Linhe Boundary alone. Twenty Peak Heavenly God experts. Jiang Chen raised his head slowly with a bitter smile on his face. But as long as he’s still alive, the battle is yet to be over! 

“The heavens have forsaken me, but I shall have everyone accompany me towards the river Styx!” 

Jiang Chen looked up towards the sky as the 20 Peak Heavenly Gods closed in on him!

“Little Chen, how can you leave me out in such a fun battle?” 

A black figure came bursting down from the sky!

Jiang Chen trembled but even without knowing who it was, his lips gradually turned into a smile. 

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