Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2465

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Even after losing his Profound Heaven Armour, Jiang Chen still had to fight alone against almost two hundred Heavenly Gods. As a result, he was now struggling in the battle and the wounds on his body became more and more severe. Heavenly God realm experts were not easy to deal with. Although Jiang Chen was very formidable, solo battling two hundred experts was actually exhausting to him.

When Jiang Chen struck with his mighty Heavenly Dragon Sword, he only managed to repulse around twenty people while there were still hundreds of Heavenly Gods crashing into him. Even if he wanted to kill more than twenty people at one time, he knew it was as hard as ascending to heaven. 

Jiang Chen made another heavy sword strike and swept another ten Heavenly God Realm experts away. However, it was to no avail and no noticeable difference could be seen. Immediately, another ten experts came and fought him again.

Jiang Chen was injured badly and streams of blood bleed all around his body. He was repulsed backwards as two hundred Heavenly God Realm experts continued wrestling and pushed him into predicament.

“Twelve Fire God Guards!” 

Jiang Chen roared then twelve Fire God Guards immediately rushed into the battlefield. All of the Fire God Guards were already Heavenly Gods. They created a formation to protect Jiang Chen. The Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation was suddenly formed, and it was able to resist Late Heavenly God Realm experts.

The twelve Fire God Guards were quite formidable and they were not disappointing at all as they managed to withstand up to one hundred experts' attacks. The Fire God Guards managed to help Jiang Chen to take his time and opportunity to fight the experts. With the Fire God Guards’s assistance, Jiang Chen became more courageous in the battle and his battle strength was enhanced by the formation as well. 

From the beginning until now, the concept of life or death does not exist in Jiang Chen’s heart. To him, every battle was training to advance his cultivation. 

Jiang Chen’s sword strikes were critical; his Heavenly Dragon Sword was filled with the increasingly formidable aura of the Sword of Solitude. His imposing manner was intensified as his sword strike swept across in all directions. The Sword of Solitude had killed up to twenty seven people and repulsed more than a hundred. Jiang Chen’s mighty aura reappeared with twelve Fire God Guards’ assistance. With the Fire Spirit, the Karmic Fire of the Red Lotus was displayed well on the Fire God Guards. Each of the Fire God Guard’s battle strengths was around Mid-Heavenly God Realm. In addition, the Five Elemental Trigram Fire Formation boosted their strength to the peak of their realm, making them invincible. The more than one hundred Heavenly Gods could not even break out from their formation.

At the moment, Jiang Chen looked less burdened and could handle the battle easily. He rubbed away the blood around the corner of his mouth while his eyes were still filled with unparalleled killing intent. 

“The game became more interesting now. One hundred Mid-Heavenly God Realm experts. I am going to see how you are going to deal with them!”

Meng Fanpeng squinted his eyes and he seemed very confident. He wanted to tortur Jiang Chen alive. So that he could help everyone in their revenge. If he killed Jiang Chen directly without torturing him, the price would be too cheap.

Everyone was looking forward to the end of the battle as they wanted to see how Jiang Chen was tortured to death. They were playing tricks to Jiang Chen now.

One hundred Mid-Heavenly Gods were comparable to five hundred Early Heavenly Gods. Their collective strength might be even more formidable than five hundred Early Heavenly Gods. Jiang Chen’s countenance fell the moment he saw the one hundred Middle Heavenly Gods joining into the battle. Nevertheless, even though the entire Linhe Boundary’s strength pressed on his shoulder, Jiang Chen’s eyes still looked ruthless. 

“Another one hundred Middle Heavenly Gods Realm experts. You have overestimated Jiang Chen’s strength. This time I am afraid that he won’t be able to run away from the misfortune.” 

Ding Qiudong gave Xuan Qingming a glance, and then he shook his head helplessly. Jiang Chen was indeed a monstrous evil at the troubled time. In such a terrifying formation, it was not easy to catch him at all. Right now the situation has completely turned into a massive masscrace. 

Xuan Qingming could only look at the scene silently because he could not do anything. Profound Feng Sect was in a mess right now. The eyes of the sect’s disciples were filled with tears. Jiang Chen was the true hero in their hearts as he solo battled with so many experts for them!

“Jiang Chen, it’s your day of death. It might be the best ending to torture you to death. Hahaha.”

Li Tianhuo said fiercely while his facial expression looked horrifyingly cunning and evil.

“Alright. Now’s the time. I am going to kill everyone here!”

In the face of one hundred Mid-Heavenly Gods, Jiang Chen broke through the heaven and immediately killed thirty Early Heavenly God Realm experts. However, terrifying auraswere fiercely rushing towards him and made him feel pressured. Those were the auras of Middle Heavenly Gods and they were incomparable to Early Heavenly Gods’. 

Each of the Heavenly Gods aimed at Jiang Chen with their terrifying aura and each of them were the top experts of their respective sects and schools. They were all experienced, unlike those Early Heavenly Gods who lacked battling experience. Jiang Chen started finding it hard to move after the Mid Heavenly Gods joined into the fray. His Heavenly Dragon Sword was unable to handle so many experts simultaneously.  

The twelve Fire God Guards were also suppressed by more than one hundred and forty Early Heavenly Gods’ joint attacks. Finally, they also showed some signs of being exhausted now. They only managed to withstand the Early Heavenly Gods. Meanwhile, on the other side, Jiang Chen was battling with one hundred Mid Heavenly Gods alone. It was estimated that his opponents’ collective strength would be able to destroy any sect in the Linhe Boundary.

Jiang Chen kept stepping backwards but soon there was no way for him to retreat anymore. Although his battle strength was extraordinary, the opponents were even stronger. This was in Jiang Chen’s expectation.

Even the Ancient Dragon City would not dare to underestimate the collective strength of one hundred Mid Heavenly Gods as they were really dreadful. However, it was just part of the strength of the Hundred Sect Alliance. Those vigorously formidable individuals might not be here yet. It was ridiculous for Jiang Chen to withstand one hundred Middle Heavenly Gods alone. 

“Ashura Sword Formation!”

Jiang Chen roared. With ten Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones as foundation, he did not need to use up his own strength this time. Otherwise, he would be exhausted very quickly in order to support Little Ashura Sword Formation.

Ten Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones were quite powerful. At least, they would help his Little Ashura Sword Formation to last for fifteen minutes. And it delivered, within these fifteen minutes the formation had managed to sweep across many experts.

One hundred and eight pieces of supreme Divine Tools flew to the void while Jiang Chen was holding Heavenly Dragon Sword. The Hammer of Storm and Hammer of Meteor kept spinning above the void. An invincible sword formation had been casted as well. Dreadful sword shadows sweep across in all directions. The Little Ashura Sword Formation was one of Jiang Chen’s trump cards. The more his opponents were, the more he liked to cast this because no one would be able to break his sword formation. Jiang Chen was very confident in fighting with the experts in this battle. 

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