Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2458

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Xiao Wangdan was confident. He took out his nine-meters long blade and slashed towards his target. 

Jiang Chen clenched his fists, he’s also confident. Even if he’s only a Half-Step Heavenly God, he could easily beat down the likes of Xiao Wangdan. 

A single punch clashed with Xiao Wangdan’s longsword, Jiang Chen’s invincible fist struck upon his target like a meteor as he pushed forward with the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps. 

Jiang Chen overpowered Xiao Wangdan in an overbearing manner. With the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps, each and every step made Xiao Wangdan feel like the heavens was crashing down upon him, his long sword was destroyed by Jiang Chen’s single punch, making Wang Bodan and the others gasped in surprise. 

“My Divine Tool!!!” Xiao Wangdan gritted his teeth, and was fuming in anger.

He did not expect Jiang Chen’s fist to be so terrifying, just like a demonic god. 

Jiang Chen was unstoppable, he then threw another violent punch towards his target. No one would surely believe that a Half-Step Heavenly God was beating a Heavenly God. This was completely unheard of. 

A battle with a gap in the cultivation realm, using a single punch, a single explosive punch. Xiao Wangdan couldn’t evade or block it and he fell into the hands of Jiang Chen. His long sword shattered instantly, he didn’t even have a chance to release his Heavenly God’s prestige. Wang Bodan and the others were shocked by Jiang Chen’s overbearing method. 

Mountains crumbled whenever Jiang Chen punched, unstoppable, unbreakable, invincible, a single punch pierced through Xiao Wangdan’s guts and killed him. 

A single punch was used to kill Xiao Wangdan, the latter didn’t even have a chance to defend himself. A terrifying fist, a demonic Jiang Chen, Xiao Wangdan couldn’t believe it even after he drew his last breath that he was this weak, to die in the hands of Jiang Chen like a baby, bursting into nothingness with just a single punch. 

“Terrifying! Is this fella really just a Half-Step Heavenly God?”

“He’s like a… human weapon”

“Fifth Elder, him… haih, we’ve underestimated Jiang Chen.” 

The three of them were utterly shocked. The Fifth Elder was on-par with any of them. But the explosive force from that final punch utterly shook them to the core. 

Jiang Chen’s fame was accurate! 

No wonder the Hundred Sect Alliance gave such a kill-order on Jiang Chen, looks like they have underestimated their Half-Step Heavenly God opponent. 

“Jiang Chen, how dare you?! You killed the elder of your Tiger Leap School. I will rip your corpse to pieces!” 

Although Wang Bodan was shocked, he wasn’t afraid of Jiang Chen. He had complete confidence as he was two realms higher than Jiang Chen. Although Xiao Wangdan was a Peak Early Heavenly God, a Mid Heavenly God was totally different from the former. 

Therefore, Wang Bodan released his aura and qi, it was much more powerful compared to Xiao Wangdan. This time, he locked onto Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen must die, for the sake of Xiao Wangdan, the Fifth Elder, and for the sake of the other dead cultivators of the Linhe Boundary. 

“The little bastard has died, now the old bastard is here to take revenge. Alright, since all of you wanted to die.” Jiang Chen sneered as he fearlessly faced Wang Bodan. 

Jiang Chen did not back off even though he’s cultivation realm was weaker. Both of them stood still and stared at each other. The three elder’s expressions became serious. 

“How can my Tiger Leap School stand proudly in the Linhe Boundary if you’re left alive? A bastard that should be killed by everyone. You will finally pay for your sins.” Wang Bodan said domineeringly. 

He was sad for Xiao Wangdan’s death as they were friends for hundreds of years. But Jiang Chen was just too quick that he couldn’t even save Xiao Wangdan even if he wanted to and in the end, could only helplessly watch Xiao Wangdan die. 

“Third Elder, the three of us are enough to kill him, there’s no need for you to act. We will avenge the Fifth Elder, his death must not be in vain, we shall catch Jiang Chen and let the Hundred Sect Alliance look up to our Tiger Leap School.” 

The Fourth Elder rushed headfirst with the other three following behind him. 

“Be careful, I’ll assist you if you cannot defeat him!” Wang Bodan said quietly after some deliberation. 

“The three of us are enough to face Jiang Chen.” The Fourth Elder said confidently. 

In his point of view, Fifth Elder Xiao Wangdan lost because he had underestimated his enemy and got caught by surprise. However, they wouldn’t fall for Jiang Chen’s trick again. The three of them will fight against him together. Three Early Heavenly Gods, how could they be afraid of a True God kid? 

Jiang Chen was strong but to defeat the three of them? Impossible. 

“Trash is still trash, no matter how many comes.” Jiang Chen sneered as he fought with just his pair of iron fists. 

“Prepare to die!” 

The Fourth Elder, wielding a pair of dragon hooks, rushed towards Jiang Chen with lethal strikes.  

The other two did not dawdle, facing Jiang Chen with all their might. The combined strength of the three was even able to contend against the Third Elder. 

They were not kids that could be easily frightened by Jiang Chen. 

“Eat my blade!” 

The trio attacked altogether as they surrounded Jiang Chen. Powerful wind pressure was brewing, Jiang Chen’s figure evaded as if he had multiplied himself. He then used his lightning fist and punched his opponents, the trio was unable to evade the punches. One versus three, however, Jiang Chen wasn’t losing out, facing them like he’s facing Xiao Wangdan. 

“Three trash and one trash, it’s all the same.” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

He then launched a flurry of lethal punches towards his enemy, the strength behind those punches was as strong as several dragons and beasts, completely unstoppable. 

A dozen punches were launched and landed on the trio’s body, continuous bone-breaking and cracking sound could be heard. With every single punch landing the sound of bones breaking could be heard, invincible indeed. 


Jiang Chen suddenly looked up, his eyes filled with murderous light. Wang Bodan shivered from the sight. The trio quickly retreated as their bones were utterly shattered, they lost the ability to fight anymore. But then came the final strike, a single punch pierced through them and their bodies exploded, leaving nothing behind but blood and meat splatter! 


The trio’s pupils dilated and their expression became pale white. But in the end, they were unable to run away from Jiang Chen’s terrifying fist. 

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