Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2453

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Meng Fanpeng was backed by Clear Stream Sect, and Clear Stream Sect was the number 1 sect in the entire Linhe Boundary. There was no other sect or school greater than Clear Stream Sect. It was undeniable that even Ghost Eye Sect and Divine Pill Sect were only number two and three. The Sect Lord of Clear Stream Sect is a Divine King. It’s believed that there were three Divine Kings in the Divine Pill Sect, but no one knew if this was true or false. Ancient Dragon City also showed great respect to the Clear Stream Sect.

“Is he Elder Meng? Hehe. I haven’t seen you in a hundred years but you still look very fit.”

Guan Sheng smiled and said.

“Not really. I am old now and useless. That’s why I am here to compete for the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill.”

Meng Fanpeng squinted his eyes and said.

“I am also very concerned about getting the pill. Elder Meng, can you show some compassion to us.”

Ghost Eye Sect’s Li Tianhuo said faintly. Everyone had their own desire and plan. None of them present here today wanted to miss out their chance to get the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill. Jiang Chengzi of Divine Pill Sect was also waiting and eyeing the pill. If the price was reasonable, he would spring into action and bid as well.

The Immortal Grade Medicinal Pill was different from a Supreme Grade Medicinal Pill, and its value was extraordinarily high. Immortal Grade Medicinal Pills were not common at all even in Divine Pill Sect. After all, the failure rate of concocting such pills was very high. Sometimes, the price and effort an elder paid to concoct an Immortal Grade Medicinal Pill was more than hundreds of thousands of High Grade Divine Origin Stones.

Zi Luo smiled and said, “Alright. Everyone, please stay calm. I have another announcement to make. If any one of you could take out Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones of the same value, his bid would be prioritised. This is the seller’s request. 

Her words created an uproar amongst the people because the seller most probably was a Divine King expert. The Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stone was necessary for Divine King cultivators. This seller was able to offer five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills which only proved that his background and strength was unpredictably formidable. Even the old ancestor from Divine Pill Sect might not be able to do this.

“The seller must be very strong but chose not to reveal himself.”

“You’re right. It’s useless for those ordinary Heavenly God Realm experts to have Supreme Grade Divine Origin Stones. They can’t absorb the essence inside.”

“No matter who is the seller behind, it’s our Ancient Dragon City’s luck to have someone sell five Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pills. Haha.”

Many of the old people were very content with the auction. They really wanted to get at least a Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill to prolong their life and create a miracle. After all, only by staying alive could they have hope.

“I am going to announce the start of the auction. The starting price is fifty thousand High Grade Divine Origin Stones! Each time, one should bid at least more than ten thousand High Grade Divine Origin Stones.”

Following Zi Luo’s words, everyone took a deep breath because many already had to give up as they could not even afford the starting price. Fifty thousand High Grade Divine Origin Stones was not a price the ordinary Heavenly God Realm experts could afford.

Only those extremely rich or descendants from the major sects could afford this with their massive wealth. 




“57,000 High Grade Divine Origin Stones.”

“I bid fifty eight thousand.”

Although many people couldn’t afford the starting price, there are still a few hundred people trying hard to bid to get the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill.”




There are more and more people bidding. Following the rising price of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill, everyone started getting anxious while Jiang Chen looked at the scene without blinking. He really wanted to know how much his Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was worth. At least, right now everyone was getting crazy.




Within five minutes, the price of the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill rose to more than eighty thousand. It was an increment of thirty thousand High Grade Divine Origin Stones. It was quite terrifying. People who were looking for the show just for pleasure started feeling nervous and excited. They wanted to see a crazier price. Tonight, the entire Gathering Destiny Square would be the center of the public’s attention.


At this moment, Meng Fanpeng joined the bid as well. Ninety thousand was not a low price, it was just a start for those elders.


Bodhi Wang Zhiyuan started competing with Meng Fanpeng immediately and he added five thousand which gave Meng Fanpeng enough face.

“Seems like the price is not high enough.”

Li Tianhuo smiled and said.



Mo Qiancheng said in a low voice and joined the competition silently. To these elders, the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill could be considered as an extraordinarily great Immortal Grade Pill. How could they let such a great thing fall into others’ hands? Of course, they wanted to possess the pill by themselves.


Meng Fanpeng continued to increase his bid.


Bodhi Wang Zhiyuan added ten thousand this time.


Li Tianhuo said.


Mo Qiancheng said.

“Woah, you guys have become more and more awesome. Are you guys going to push the price to its highest? Hehe.”

Guan Sheng laughed and said while remaining calm. He still had not called out his bid.


Meng Fanpeng looked incomparably solemn as this price had almost reached his limit. His total wealth was only around two hundred thousand. It seemed like he was going to go broke just to get the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill


This was an intense competition between Li Tianhuo and Meng Fanpeng. As they were the main figures in the Hundred Sect Alliance, that was why their competition was intense. 

“Li Tianhuo, do you really want to compete with me?”

Meng Fanpeng looked at Li Tianhuo and asked while his eyes carried a sense of ruthlessness.

“So what? I also want the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill, why couldn’t I fight for it? Elder Meng, do you not think that I will show respect to the elders who care for the young? Do you really think that I will give the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill away? My last day is not too far away, that is why the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill is significant to me.”

Li Tianhuo shrugged and said while his face looked extremely calm. In the face of Meng Fanpeng’s question, he was not afraid at all. Although Clear Stream Sect was slightly more powerful than Ghost Eye Sect, it was not to the point that Clear Stream Sect could disdain Ghost Eye Sect. Li Tianhuo was not afraid of Meng Fanpeng at all.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was thrilled by this scene. He was the biggest winner here. Their desire for the Spirit Severing Life Prolonging Pill was beyond what he had expected! 

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