Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2449

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“Quick quick, I heard that there is some good stuff today. It may be stuff from the Hidden Secret Realm.” 

“Stuff from the Hidden Secret Realm? Hehe, quit dreaming. Don’t you know the battle that ensued over there? Jiang Chen swept all the sects to the floor. Even the hermits, the realm guardians also took quite a hit. Only twenty disciples were left alive. This is a huge event, a sad day for the Linhe Boundary.” 

“Ain’t that right! Haih, what can we do about it? Looks like the world is going into chaos. The Hundred Sect Alliance is now formed with the sole goal of killing Jiang Chen, that demon king. Beacons are rising throughout the whole Linhe Boundary, even the whole Ancient Dragon City is in an uproar.” 

“I am curious about Jiang Chen’s background. To think he has the ability to cause this place that has been silent for thousands of years to be this lively. I hope he’s not too weak, otherwise, he won’t be able to get away from the eyes of the Hundred Sect Alliance.” 

Crowds gathered in front of the entrance of the Auction House, discussing, gossiping. There were some who slandered Jiang Chen, some worshipping him. After all, he had offended many sects in that battle, and even killed off some of their lords in the process. That event was now known by everyone and his name was under a tight watch by the Hundred Sect Alliance. 

“Excuse me, brother, make way.” A youngster wearing a dosa said. 

He’s none other than Jiang Chen. 

Currently, Jiang Chen was devoid of anything of value. The Divine Origin Stones he had were thoroughly spent. The most important thing now for him was to increase his cultivation level, his strength. He needs to at least reach the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm to survive his current predicament. Otherwise, he’ll need to use everything he has to even survive an attack from an Early Heavenly God. His movement was heavily restricted within the Linhe Boundary. 

“I’m here to sell.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

“You again? Hehe, you’re… Young Master Jiang, right? What did you bring us today.” The staff said with a smile. 

Of course, he’s forgotten what Jiang Chen’s name was but he could recognise his voice. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be this calm about it.  

“I’m looking for Zi Luo, you guys can’t make any decision.” Jiang Chen said quietly as he sat on the chair, sipping his tea which is always warm as the pot was made by Divine Origin Stone. It allows the tea to stay warm. This was his first time seeing it. 

“Alrighty, Master Jiang, please wait a moment.” 

Jiang Chen was invited into the inner hall after a while. Zi Luo was there, wearing a beautiful purple garment, looking as beautiful as ever.

“To think you dare to return back to the Ancient Dragon City? Don’t you want to live?” she said with a serious and low tone, with worry written all over her face. 

“The most dangerous place is also the safest. Don’t you agree? I need Divine Origin Stones.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

Zi Luo shook her head as she watched Jiang Chen. 

“Aren’t you afraid of me snitching on you? Don’t you know that as long as anyone provides a clue on your whereabouts, they’ll be rewarded with 100,000 High Grade Divine Origin Stones!”

“Is that what I’m worth? 100,000 High-Grade Divine Origin Stones. Hehehe.” Jiang  Chen shrugged. 

“You’re a madman.” Zi Luo said as he watched Jiang Chen speak confidently.

She knew that Jiang Chen really did kill all those sect lords and the other young prodigies. But who would believe such a grand news? One could only describe it as terrifying. When Zi Luo heard the news, she couldn’t believe that it was Jiang Chen who did it, the same lad that brought her those Divine Tools? 

Now, she had to believe it as she watched him because his strength had increased quite a large margin. Rising from the Peak Void God Realm to the Late True God Realm in just a year. But to kill hundreds of Heavenly Gods and those disciples, it was weird… 

“The world of madmen can only be understood by madmen. Even prodigies may not understand it.” Zi Luo silently looked at Jiang Chen, sighed. 

“How much do you need? I can fork out 100,000 for you.” 

Jiang Chen was slightly stunned. 

“Hahaha, do you think that I’m here to ask for Divine Origin Stones to run away?” Jiang Chen laughed. 

“Why do you think that I’m preparing to run?”

“What is your plan then?” Zi Luo frowned and blushed. 

This was the first time she got sentimental. Not even the matured her could guess what Jiang Chen was thinking. 

“I must quickly increase my strength, plus, I will not run away. I will fight all the sects of the Linhe Boundary towards the end! Until either party is dead!” Jiang Chen said with cold eyes. 

After hearing his words, her heart was hit with a wave of emotion. 

“You’re only in the Late True God Realm. Those great old sects have an abundance of resources and power, don’t you know that? Just the Ten Great Sects alone, they have at least a dozen or so Heavenly God experts within their sect, even hundreds. Plus, the lords of the three great sects are all Divine Kings, even though you managed to push back those Half-Step Divine King guardians, that does not mean that you can challenge those Divine Kings.”  Zi Luo said worriedly. 

Jiang Chen was trying the impossible, like striking a stone with an egg, self-destructing. 

“I believe that you’ll have the ability after a hundred years. But you’re still too weak now.” 

“Much appreciated. But this is who I am. Stubborn. Nobody could change my decision. Since they wanted me dead that much, I will play their game of hide and seek. I can kill a hundred of their Heavenly Gods, I certainly have my methods to fight them on.” Jiang Chen’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. 

“I originally wanted to be just, but since they said I am a mad heartless murderer, I will show them madness. The Linhe Boundary cannot stop me. I will kill all those that oppose me and show them what it means to be a devil.” 

Zi Luo became silent, she could see that Jiang Chen had endured a great injustice. The resolve in his eyes made others feel sad for him. He shouldn’t be a heartless killer, right? But being forced to edge by those sects, even a tamed animal will bite back! 

There’s no right or wrong in Jiang Chen’s way of doing things. But in his point of view, this was vengeance, a complete payback, a one-way road without turnbacks. 

“At least you’re alive.” 

Zi Luo forced out a smile. This fella is ballsy! 

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