Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2447

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“What a tremor. That is… the direction of the Hidden Secret Realm. Is something big happening over there?” 

“There was a meteor light that flashed from that place, however, nobody was able to catch it. Something great must be happening over there right now.” 

“The quiet Hidden Secret Realm surely gives us a surprise once in a while. Hahaha.” 

“I have a bad premonition. This Hidden Secret Realm is a mysterious place, it may even bring forth a great disaster.” 

In the Ancient Dragon City, many people saw that lightning storm from afar. Such great disturbance caused a great number of Heavenly God experts to fly up to the sky of the city, they were filled with questions and doubts. Such a terrifying lightning explosion, what matter of catastrophe has happened over there? 

The whole forest became hell on earth under the bombardment of the lightning storm. The explosion produced by the heavenly lightning massacred and devastated the whole forest. The survivors felt like they’ve just experienced armageddon. 

In this battle… 137 Heavenly God experts had fallen, 42 sect lords turned to ashes, 95 sect elders died without a trace. It was truly devastating. If it wasn’t for Meng Fanpeng and the four realm guardians defending it with all their might, the casualties would’ve been much more. Who could’ve imagined that a Late True God youngster has such a card under his sleeve?! 

Lightning strikes! The invincible Heavenly Lighting cannot be stopped! 

A hundred sects suffered immense casualties, a great number of mid-tier sect lords and elders had died. One could already imagine that the Linhe Boundary would surely go into an age of chaos!

At this moment, Jiang Chen had exhausted the last shred of energy he had as he unleashed his trump card. But in the end, he was lucky that he managed to fuse the two lightning together, a gamble that he had taken without any idea whether it would succeed. He became excited as he watched the scene below, he did not feel a shred of sympathy, those people were worth killing, they were the one who pushed him in this situation. They should learn a good lesson from this.  

At this moment, Jiang Chen protected the ones he wanted to protect with the lightning. Nevertheless, Xuan Qingming and the others still suffered an injury, albeit minor, as he did not have much control over it. However, it was better than being killed. Countless people had died without leaving a trace behind. 

“I’ve succeeded! From now on, I shall walk the path of fusing different kinds of heavenly lightning. I shall devour the Heavenly Lightning and fuse them together. I shall kill those who stand before me! Linhe Boundary, I will certainly turn this place upside down!” Jiang Chen sneered. 

His anger could be seen from his cold eyes. There’s nothing that was keeping him in this Linhe Boundary anymore. Now, he had offended all the sects within the entire Linhe Boundary, there’s no place for him here. Linhe Boundary was vast, but compared to the whole Divine World, it’s but a small part of it. Jiang Chen could easily go wherever he wanted. 

Looking at the whole forest, it had become a charred piece of land, countless experts perished. Only 20 disciples were left from this devastation. The casualties of the sects were immense. Some of the sects were fated to perish, and would then consequently vanish in the course of history after this battle. 

“He’s the devil! The Devil!” 

“How could this have happened? Is that guy still human? Gone, everything is gone.” 

Someone cried. It was extremely tragic. Who could’ve thought that a Late True God could create such a devastating lightning storm, and such destruction? 

Some of them were scared shitless. Jiang Chen’s lightning explosion was too scary. The whole Linhe Boundary shall remember this day forever as countless sect lords and elders tragically died in this forest. 

As a matter of fact, they’ve made an irreversible mistake to push Jiang Chen’s buttons. Those self-proclaimed high ranking sect members hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would become their tumour. 

“Jiang Chen. All of us have looked down on him. Cough” Ren Yuanzi coughed, and his expression turned pale. 

He almost died under that lighting storm, luckily Jiang Chen wasn’t devoid of humanity and did not kill the remaining two disciples of the Heavenly Star Sect. 

The four allied sects did not suffer any great casualty. This was the gratitude Jiang Chen had towards Xuan Qingming, and Ling Long. 

“Now, I really believed that Jiang Chen was framed.” Old Ancestor Di Long sighed. 

Even though Ren Yuanzi and him were both Mid Heavenly God experts, without Jiang Chen’s protection, they would’ve most likely died under that lightning storm. Old Ancestor Di Long knew that if Jiang Chen was devoid of humanity, they would’ve all died there and then. 

“Jiang Chen, you shall forever be my Profound Feng Sect’s pride.” Xuan Qingming said proudly. 

But at this moment, he knew that this was just his wishful thinking. Jiang Chen had chosen to leave the sect, and was not a disciple of Profound Feng Sect anymore. 

Qing Lianzi stood firmly, her beautiful face and clean robe remained unscathed. Xue Qianying, who was quietly standing beside her, looked down. She knew that if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen protecting them at the very last second, she would’ve died too. A Peak Early Heavenly God could certainly not withstand that blast. 

“Probably, you’re right. That fella is truly a demon king. But now, the whole Linhe Boundary will be turned upside down.” Qing Lianzi murmured and sighed as she looked at Xue Qianying. 

She cannot see through her fate, it may have been tightly intertwined with that demon king but whether it was good or bad, she didn’t know. 

“Damned fella. Jiang Chen, you’re still able to survive this?!” Xuanyuan Canglan gritted his teeth as he slowly stood up from the ashes.  

Even though he refused to believe it, he was afraid of Jiang Chen. To create such a big disturbance, only that bastard could do such a thing. 

Sword God Xue Liang's lips curved into a smile. Jiang Chen managed to give him an extremely big surprise in the end. However, it was more of a shock! 

With the lightning storm unleashed, who can stand against him? 

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