Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2446

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“But it’s a pity that this is your fate.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan acted as if he was sighing. 

“You may not be able to smile until the end.” Sword God Xue Liang and Xuanyuan Canglan looked at each other with a smile. 

“I am lucky to be born in this fabulous age. All of you shall become the fireworks for me.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“I shall remember everyone in today’s battle. I, Jiang Chen, will pay it back 10 fold, no, a hundred fold in the future.” Jiang Chen’s expression became serious. 

At this moment, Sword God Xue Liang was getting more intrigued. 

“Jiang Chen, I hope you can still bring me more surprises just like when we’re in the Hidden Secret Realm, you single handedly destroyed the Tao Tie with the power that equals an army.” 

“As you wish.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Today, I, Jiang Chen, shall give the Linhe Boundary a big fat slap. Clear Stream Sect, Ghost Eye Sect, Divine Pill Sect. The day I, Jiang Chen, return shall be the day your sects are destroyed. I shall have the whole Linhe Boundary wash away today’s humiliation!” Jiang Chen silently vowed. 

At this moment, nobody could sway his decision. Today’s humiliation was ‘given’ by these people. This injustice will surely be washed away, as long as he has the strength… Only the weak shall become the sacrifice of others. 

“Jiang Chen, quit dreaming, are you thinking of running away while you’re facing the elders of the hundred sects?” 

Jiang Chengzi looked down upon Jiang Chen’s arrogance. 

“Let’s see about that.” 

Jiang Chen then took out the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning, everyone was shocked. Even those Heavenly God experts felt pressured by it. Only Meng Fanpeng and the other great guardians were calm, since they were on the verge of touching the realm of the Half-Step Divine King. This Heavenly Lightning was something they could withstand.  

“You should give up if this is only your trump card. You’re pretty talented to possess a Heavenly Lightning. But this Dawn Sky Golden Lightning is not enough to allow you to reign supreme.”

Meng Fanpeng then attacked Jiang Chen because he did not have the patience to prolong this anymore. 

“Is it?” Jiang Chen smiled.

As he faced Meng Fanpeng’s attack, another terrifying lightning energy emerged from his right hand. The Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning emerged. At this moment, the colour of the sky changed, thunder roared, the expression of the four realm guardians changed. Meng Fanpeng was forced to jump back because the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning could certainly threaten his life. 

“My Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning!” Xuanyuan Canglan’s pupil contracted. 

At this moment, his expression changed. He could clearly feel that the current  Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning was a lot stronger than when it was in his possession. 

“Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning!” 

Meng Fanpeng’s lips became slightly dry. He acted alone, if Jiang Chen did not care about anything else and wanted to die with him, then not even a Half-Step Divine King could get out of this unscathed. 

“Fellow seniors (four seniors), I hope that you’ll attack this kid together with me, only the combined strength of the five of us can withstand that kid’s Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning.”

The four realm guardians looked at each other blankly, they clearly felt the threatening force of the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning. Although Jiang Chen wasn’t even a Heavenly God, only the five of them could eliminate him. The Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning caused the hundreds of Heavenly Gods to shudder in fear. 

“This fella, to think he possesses such terrifying Heavenly Lightning?! How did he acquire it? Won’t he get a backlash from it?” 

“He’s a monster, once the backlash hit him, not even a God Emperor could save him.” 

“He’s playing with fire, once the Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning fall, this whole area will become hell on earth.”

“Such a terrifying fellow, is he really a disciple of the Profound Feng Sect?” 

Countless people gasped. The Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning on one hand and the Dawn Sky Golden Lightning on the other. Terrifying qi filled the whole air, and thunder clouds gathered around the whole area. 

“Seniors, please.” Meng Fanpeng said. 

“To defend the moral righteousness and to destroy evil is our duty. This kid is too evil, he must be executed.” One of the realm guardians said. 

“You won’t be able to get away no matter what tricks you have now. With the fellow seniors here, your Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning shall be useless.”

Meng Fanpeng became confident as the realm guardians joined in. 

“Nobody could make me bow down, not even the Heavens!” Jiang Chen sneered. 

At this moment, he did a terrifying act. Everyone, including Meng Fanpeng and the four realm guardians were suffocated. 

“What happens if I merge the two Heavenly Lightning together?” 

Meng Fanpeng’s smile froze. Nobody had ever dared to attempt such an act, it was already a person’s ten-lives worth of luck if he could possess one and use it. To possess the two of them without getting any backlash was even one-of-a-kind. To merge the two of them together, nobody knew what kind of effect it would have, because nobody had dared to try it. 

“Jiang Chen, you dare?” 

Meng Fanpeng took a deep breath as his expression froze. 

“I had never tried it but I am willing to give it a go. All of you had forced me to do it, which is quite a feat, frankly. Well then… I will have to do it, for all of your sake.” Jiang Chen smiled. 

“Brat! You dare?!” Meng Fanpeng shouted, instantly attacking Jiang Chen along with the four others. 

Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold. You guys forced me… how many of you are going to live… it’ll all depend on your luck. 

Jiang Chen didn’t know whether it’ll succeed, but he’ll surely die if it failed. But if he does succeed to merge the two lightning together, then this shall become his strongest trump card! 

“Go to Hell! Who wants me dead? I will send him down towards the deepest floor of hell!” Jiang Chen roared as he fused the two lightning together. 

The terrifying lightning zapped and rumbled, a shining rainbow coloured light burst out, when the two lightning merged, the whole forest became a sea of lightning. 

A rainbow light shone after the two lightning merged together, a devastating lightning was born. Everyone’s heart thumped as if they were hit by a heavy punch, they felt suffocated as if the air had left their lungs. 

Meng Fanpeng and the four realm guardians were the first to suffer, they tried to withstood it with their combined force, but the terrifying lightning energy coarse through the area. 

Jiang Chen looked at this scene with a blank stare, he did not expect the strength of the lighting to be this powerful. It was as if the most primal lightning had been born. 

Even though Meng Fanpeng and the four others used everything they had, they were still unable to stop the lightning blasting through the whole forest.  

Countless people tried to scatter, but they were all shattered instantly! It was a terrifying sight to behold! 

Unprecedented murder corase through the clouds! 

“Hahaha! I’ve succeeded! I attempted to fuse the lightning so as to surpass the peak. Now I’ve grasped the Rainbow-Colored Heavenly Lightning, I shall zap whoever I wish!” Jiang Chen laughed violently. At this moment, he laughed happily with the greatest joy he had experienced! 

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