Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2443

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“Since you guys want to kill me that much, then I am going to let you taste my true color,” Jiang Chen said coldly. 

As he became stronger, he became more skillful with the Little Ashura Sword Formation. When the one hundred and eight Divine Tools appeared on the void, even Meng Fanpeng and others became solemn.

“How could he get so many supreme Divine Tools? It’s terrifying.”

Some people exclaimed in shock because their sect elders might not even have a piece of supreme Divine Tool. This scene also caused countless Heavenly God Realm experts to be full of jealousy towards Jiang Chen. 

Right now Jiang Chen has become a huge piece of delicious meat to most of them. Meng Fanpeng felt the same as well. He was jealous of Jiang Chen. If they could get so many pieces of supreme Divine Tools, Clear Stream Sect’s influence and power would definitely soar greatly. That would help them to cultivate more Heavenly God Realm experts.

“A lowly disciple could have so many supreme Divine Tools. It’s dreadful. These Divine Tools should not be in his hands.”

“You’re right. I think Jiang Chen could not escape from death anymore as there are so many elders aiming at him right now. Even if Jiang Chen was an incarnation of the Divine Emperor, he would not be able to get out of this situation today.”

“Those supreme Divine Tools... I don’t even have one. Why would he have so many supreme Divine Tools?”

They were all filled with greed and yearned to have the supreme Divine Tools. Some were surprised and some felt unresigned. All of them had shown their terrifying jealousy.

With the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand, Jiang Chen was controlling the sword formation. When the Hammer of Storm and Harmer of Meteors appeared, Meng Fanpeng and Li Tianhuo’s countenance fell. Jiang Chen did really have many treasures. These two Heavenly God Realm hammers were really tempting to Meng Fanpeng and Li Tianhuo. No one had any complaints about the number of Divine Tools they possessed. 

They did not know what kind of treasure the Heavenly Dragon Sword was. However, it was the center of the formation. When the Little Ashura Sword Formation was formed, they only realized that the Harmer of Storm and Harmer of Meteors were nothing compared to Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword.

“What a terrifying sword. It could control the two Heavenly Divine Tools and one hundred and eight pieces of supreme Divine Tools. I am going to get that sword!”

Meng Fanpeng squinted his eyes and aimed for the Heavenly Dragon Sword. The four guardians who stood behind Meng Fanpeng had also expressed their astonishment because Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword indeed surpassed any Heavenly Divine Tools.

“Jiang Chen, you’re a good one. You have such a dreadful sword. Then you have to exchange your Divine Tool for my son’s life.”

Li Tianhuo was deeply moved and tempted by Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword.

“Ashura Sword Formation, slaughter the Heavenly Gods!”

Jiang Chen casted his Azure Dragon Five Steps, but he only managed to walk on the void for a distance of 20 meters. He could not shutter in the void at all. Nevertheless, the Little Ashura Sword Formation was still overbearing and it caused great changes between land and sky.

Many of the Heavenly God Realm experts found breathing difficult, as Jiang Chen’s Ashura Sword Formation was too dreadful. More than a hundred disciples were trapped inside the formation. Even Xuanyuan Canglan looked terrified, after seeing that Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation was more powerful than before.

Jiang Chen released a deep killing intent, as he wanted to kill all of these genius disciples. 

“Whoever blocks me is going to die!”

Jiang Chen roared in rage and the Little Ashura Sword Formation suddenly blasted out. Hundreds and thousands of sword rays pierced through the disciples’ chest. That was the moment Meng Fanpeng and the others knew how powerful Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation was. Not many of the Heavenly God experts were able to withstand such a formidable strike.

“No! I couldn’t die now!”

“Sect Lord save me!”

“I don’t want to die! I have just come out from the Hidden Secret Realm. I am the genius of Linhe Boundary.”

Hundreds and thousands pierced through their hearts! The terrifying thunderous swords rays were extremely brutal. Even those that were a thousand miles away could sense this tragic scene. It’s extremely terrifying!

“Elder Meng, take action now. The sword formation is too dreadful and we could not withstand it!”

Xuanyuan Canglan called for help but the Heavenly God Realm elders realized that it was too late. Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation had already killed more than a few hundred people. Except those Heavenly God genius disciples who were at their last grasp, the Late True Gods were all killed in a flash in the Little Ashura Sword Formation.

Jiang Chen’s Little Ashura Sword Formation had killed many in all directions!

“Things don't look good now. His sword formation is too dreadful. We must kill him as soon as possible!”

“All the elders, we have to take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, we might lose our lives as well.”

“Save me! I don’t want to die. I have gone through a lot of struggles in  the Hidden Secret Realm. I can’t die now. I can’t!”

The screams made everyone present tremble in fear. Jiang Chen’s Ashura Sword Formation had shown everyone here what dreadfulness meant. At the moment, the elders, Sect Lords and disciples who suffered from the Ashura Sword Formation were all frightened. With the sword formation’s mightiness, Jiang Chen had killed hundreds of disciples.

Blood was shed all around the greenery. Jiang Chen’s face looked incomparably ruthless as he watched the deadly scene. This was the consequence you had to bear as you guys had forced me. Since you thought that I was the one who killed everyone, then I am going to kill everyone.

He was never a person who could be bullied easily. He had put in all of his stakes in this battle. When others wanted to kill him, should he still show mercy to them? If that was the case, it should not be called mercy but cowardice.

Jiang Chen had decided to kill everyone and his killing intent had created enormous pressure on those that were still alive. Even the Heavenly Gods felt great suppression. The Little Ashura Sword Formation was out of their imagination.

Once again, Jiang Chen showed his dreadfulness. He killed seven hundred of the most outstanding eight hundred genius disciples in Linhe Boundary. Now, there were only less than a hundred of them still breathing. All of them were Half-step Heavenly God Realm experts, so they manage to withstand the sword strikes. But they still failed to break through the dreadful Ashura Sword Formation.

“Let’s unite to withstand the sword formation together. Otherwise, none of us would be able to stay alive.”

Xuanyuna Canglan’s words made all of the disciples feel desperate. Since Xuanyuan Canglan had said so, that meant withstanding the sword formation was out of their capability.

“It’s just a sword formation. I really want to see how powerful you are.”

An Early Heavenly God Realm elder stepped forwards and came to the Little Ashura Sword Formation. He wanted to break through sword formation with his power yet he was immediately repulsed backwards. Blood kept spurting out from his mouth. A Heavenly God Realm expert had no way to deal with the sword formation, and was instead terribly defeated.

Who could resist the sword formation that intends to kill everyone?

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