Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2440

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Who would’ve thought that these experts would aim their killing intent towards Jiang Chen. If this goes on, Jiang Chen might really not be able to get out of this. A single Jiang Chengzi, a Heavenly God could easily kill him. 

In the Hidden Secret Realm, Jiang Chen only fought those below the Heavenly God Realm and even then he had used all he had. The Tao Tie was beaten due to the Ancestral Dragon Emperor’s help. Jiang Chen could fight against a Heavenly God toe to toe but that was just your average Early Heavenly God. 

Jian Chen looked at Xuan Qingming deeply. He knew that he’s going to bring trouble to the sect, and the lives of countless other disciples. 

“Sect Lord, I’m sorry.” Jiang Chen’s smile made Xuan Qingming feel sad. 

Xuan Qingming could not say anything to him. Jiang Chen did not blame Xuan Qingming because the latter still chose to believe him. He felt content, even though their sect was weak, they could still withstand the might of those giant sects, plus, the lord wasn’t alone, he had to take care of the other disciples behind his back. 

Xuan Qingming did not have what it takes to fight against the other sects. The experts from the entire Linhe Boundary… if he decided to stand with Jiang Chen, then the whole Linhe Boundary would go against the sect. Plus, the two girls were still in the sect. 

“Jiang Chen, will you surrender quietly or do I need to do it myself.” Li Tianhuo stared at Jiang Chen violently. 

The most painful thing in the world is to send off the younger generation while being still alive. His two sons were killed by Jiang Chen, how could he let this vengeance go? 

“You want me to surrender? Impossible, unless you can kill me.” Jiang Chen stared back at Li Tianhuo. 

At this moment, he was fearless, fearless even against a Peak Heavenly God, he was calm and confident, even though the latter gave him a lot of pressure. He was still calm, and nobody could stop his dominating qi that was aimed towards the peak of cultivation. 

“Does this mean that you’re going to act? Hmph” Jiang Chengzi looked at Jiang Chen coldly, completely filled with disdain. 

No matter how heavenly-defying Jiang Chen was, he could never win against this many Heavenly Gods. He’s only going to shame himself. He probably already accepted his fate that he’s going to die under the hands of a Heavenly God expert. 

“So, what?” Jiang Chen was still as proud as he looked at his surroundings and said: 

“I, Jiang Chen, from now on, am not part of the Profound Feng Sect, I am no longer a disciple of Profound Feng Sect. Great Sects like you all should not trouble the men of Profound  Feng Sect right? Otherwise, you’ll be the joke of the world..”

Yang Jian, Man Shuai and Xuan Qingming’s hearts were shaken by Jiang Chen’s words.  

That figure, lonely yet firm, nobody knew how lonely his heart was. But Jiang Chen never told anyone, even if he’s been betrayed by millions of people, he’ll never back down. However, his heart has gone cold at this moment, it’s filled with killing intent, those who do not know what’s right and wrong, there’s no pity in killing these bastards. 

The eyes of these people were filled with killing intent. 

Jiang Chen stood at the peak of the mountain, feeling the wind blowing against his back. His whole body became cold, his heart became cold as ice as he was hated by everyone. So what? He still stayed faithful to his heart, other than Tang Zhen, the others were worthy of death. 

It’s a disgrace for these people to even be alive, Jiang Chen’s heart became still and cold. 

“Jiang Chen……”  

Yang Jian and Man Shuai looked at Jiang Chen with their hearts bleeding. 

Xue Qianying and Li Long quietly looked at Jian Chen. Their hearts were pained, but they could not understand why, as if he’s still a good man, however, in their eyes he’s an executioner, a murderer who had killed countless men. 

Qing Lianzi looked at Xue Qianying and said:

“You’re not wrong, he’s a heaven-defying prodigy, otherwise, how could he kill the two grand guardians, and monsters of the Clear Stream Sect, the Ghost Eye Sect and the Divine Pill Sect? It’s a pity that he had garnered too many enemies and had made the whole Linhe Boundary his enemy. He will surely die.”

“He’s… not that kind of person.” 

Xue Qianying’s beautiful brow frowned and murmured. Even if Jiang Chen had a hundred mouths, he could not get out of this. 

“Since all of you said that I’ve killed them, what is there for me to explain? I admit that I’ve killed those people. However, those men deserved it. Clear Stream Sect, Ghost Eye Sect, Divine Pill Sect, three great sects, cunning yet petty. I’ve killed those scums to rid Linhe Boundary from those malignant tumors. Hahaha, if you want my life, come and take it, I, Jiang Chen, am not afraid! This is the greatest honour, to have the whole Linhe Boundary fight me. Hahaha!” Jiang Chen laughed madly. 

There were more than two thousand people here, around a thousand of them were Heavenly God Realm experts. All of them were extremely angry, a mere True God dared to provoke all of them, is he looking to die? 

They will surely join hands together to make sure he’s killed. However, they did not expect Jiang Chen to provoke them, such an attitude was one to be admired. Nevertheless, there’s nowhere for him to run now, those words will only bring more sadness. From the perspective of others, he’s just showing a bravado. 

“Since you’ve admitted it, quietly surrender. It’s just a pointless struggle even if you want to fight.” Somebody mocked. 

“Jiang Chen, accept your fate. You will never leave Linhe Boundary alive. Now that all the sects are here, what do you have to make it out of here alive? Hmph, don’t think that you can do whatever you want here, this is not the Hidden Secret Realm.” Xuanyuan Canglan stepped forward, blocking Jiang Chen’s path. 

At this moment, everyone locked onto Jiang Chen, it was impossible for him to escape. 

“I never thought of running away, since you all frame all those crimes to me. Let’s fight, I, Jiang Chen, shall gladly accept.”  Jiang Chen said calmly with a cold smile. 

He was no coward, he will not back off even if it means death. 

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