Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2439

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“Jiang Chen, now that it has already come to this, aren’t you going to plead guilty? If you acknowledge your crimes you might have a proper burial.” 

“Jiang Chen’s crime is clear, it’s useless for him to try to escape, there’s a hundred witnesses.” 

“That’s right, Elder Meng, Elder Li, Elder Jiang, you have to take charge in this. Jiang Chen is an absolute evil, he killed our disciples, he must not be allowed to leave. Otherwise, those that have died in the secret realm would’ve died unjustly. They were there for the trial but died under the hands of the evil.” 

“Hmph, such a scum should be killed and his corpse be publicly humiliated. Let him know that the sects of Linhe Boundary are not some easy targets. The Profound Feng Sect is certainly not some great sect too, to have such an evil person under their wings. I suggest that we remove the Profound Feng Sect for the sake of peace of the entire Linhe Boundary.” 

A tsunami of voice could be heard as they ‘crusaded’ against Jiang Chen. As if those thousands of disciples died under his hands. Yang Jian and Man Shuai were depressed because of this. Jiang Chen was innocent, if it weren’t for him fighting Xuanyuan Canglan to the death, then the Tao Tie would be born and the Linhe Boundary would’ve fallen into despair. 

However, the truth was altered by Xuanyuan Canglan, and Liu Quanchao, and the others were the first to blame Jiang Chen. How could they not be angry? 

Xuan Qingming looked at Jiang Chen silently, he was shaken by what the experts said. Could it be that Jiang Chen did all those things? But he instantly suppressed that thought, because he was willing to trust his disciple. 

“Nonsense! Jiang Chen is a good man! If it wasn’t for him, everyone here would’ve been dead. All of you would’ve been sucked into the chaos. You guys don’t know what happened within the Hidden Secret Realm! All of you guys are putting the blame on Jiang Chen just from the words of that Xuanyuan Canglan?!” Yang Jian shouted. 

He felt wronged that Jiang Chen was blamed for those crimes. It was Jiang Chen who had used his life as collateral to beat Xuanyuan Canglan, yet in the end, what did he get? Not compliments, not love, but blame, asking him to be killed, what would Jiang Chen think? 

Yang Jian’s voice became slightly hoarse from the shouting. But his voice alone could not cover the voice of the thousands. Plus, the people here had gone crazy, would the lords and elders of the sect listen to someone like Yang Jian? 

Plus, Yang Jian was also a disciple of the same sect, who would believe him? 

Jiang Chen’s eyes were the same, he had already anticipated this, but he still felt somewhat sad from this. But why? Nothing he could say could change this, nobody was willing to trust him. 

This the state of the hearts of men.

Xuanyuan Canglan sneered as he looked at Jiang Chen, he didn't need to act to kill Jiang Chen, he’ll die under the hands of the others. He had calculated all of these, those disciples that had died in the realm, their sect members will put their death in his hands. 

“Did he kill all those prodigies? To think he’s such a person.” Ren Yuanzi frowned. 

No matter what, Jiang Chen was still a member of the Profound Feng Sect, one of their sister sects. He does not want to see Jiang Chen getting killed by the hands of the other sects and see the Profound Feng Sect fall under this situation. 

“Hard to say… I think he’s not that kind of person. From his act of giving us the pills, we could see that he’s not an evil person.” Old Ancestor Di Long said quietly. 

But no one dared to be firm in their opinion because nobody saw what happened, and Liu Quanchao and the others said it was all done by Jiang Chen. At least their words were somewhat believable. 

“One could never know the hearts of men. Jiang Chen may not have done it, but now that he’s pushed to a corner, let’s see whether he’ll just lay it down or fight towards the end.” Mu Tianen said. 

“Are you saying that Jiang  Chen will not take it silently? He’ll never admit it even if he dies… he doesn’t look like a person who would put down his weapon and let others do whatever they want on him. He’ll certainly fight back if you try to frame him.” Xuan Qingming said. 

He knew of Jiang Chen’s character even if he’s new in the sect, he’s not like those cowardly people that would do despicable acts behind one’s back. He’s one to admit to whatever things he’s done. 

He was willing to believe that Jiang Chen was innocent. Because Man Shuai and Yang Jian were the same, and he believed in the characters of these two disciples too. Profound Feng Sect will never have such an evil person under their wings.  

“Don’t be so sure about that. Hmph, now that Jiang Chen has become the public’s enemy. Are you going to help him? Think about your sect, you’ll be lucky if you’re not affected by this bastard.” Mu Tianen said. 

Even though it wasn’t pleasant to the ears, Xuan Qingming knew that he was thinking about him. But everything was pointing towards Jiang Chen. 

Jiang Chen admitted that he had killed the men of Ghost Eye Sect… Divine Pill Sect… Clear Stream Sect. Ignoring the smaller sects, these three great sects would certainly chew him alive. 

Xuan Qingming was filled with worry. But Jiang Chen was able to kill 6 of those powerful disciples, this means that he’s extremely strong too. Profound Feng Sect would’ve risen to a new height if Jiang Chen didn’t become the public’s enemy. 

“He killed those prodigies, we must kill Jiang Chen, and destroy Profound feng Sect!” 

“Yeah! Kill Jiang Chen to pay back the blood that has spilled for those prodigies!” 

“Elder Meng, Elder Li, Elder Jiang, you have to make a judgement. The death of our disciples must be paid in blood!” 

Jiang Chen felt that a thousand of energy and killing intent was locking towards him. 

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