Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2437

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Not just Xuan Qingming and Mu Tianen, other sect’s elders and sect lords were wearing a solemn expression due to the extremely high elimination rate of the trial. Ten thousand disciples have entered and it’ll be lucky if there were 800-1000 of them that came out. 

Even so, most of the sects hoped that their own prodigies would come out from the place alive. Then, it’ll bring honour toward their sect and further strengthen their sect. Even though the chances were low, they’re willing to take the bet. 

In this one year, all the sect’s elders and lords were depressed. They wore a heavy heart, after all an extra survivor from their own sect signifies an increase in honor for their sect. 

“I wonder how many people from my White Sun Sect will come out this time.” 

“Yeah. I am pretty nervous too… what if… what if… haih, not even one of them comes out. I don’t even know how I’ll be able to return to my sect.” 

“There’s nothing you can do about it. Those who manage to come out are fated to shine.” 

“I too came out from that bloody place, those who have not entered the place will never know the terror of that hell.” 

Countless people were discussing with one another, because they were worried about their prodigies, whether they’ll become a shining gem and traverse the path of success or not. 

For the disciples, it was a life and death trial; for the seniors, it was a trial for their hearts.  

“Look, the Young Lord of the Frozen Ice Sect, Han Bingling, is out.” 

Someone shouted, and then the Sect Lord of the Frozen Ice Sect rushed towards his son while crying in happiness as he was his hope. 

“The Shadowless Sect, those two are from the Shadowless Sect!” 

“The Shadowless Duo, both of them managed to come out, unbelievable. Both of them reached the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm. Pretty scary.” 

“Liu Quanchao and Ling Long of the Heavenly Star Sect, they’re out too. The top ten sects, the number one of the Heavenly, Earthly, Profound and Yellow sect, only two of them came out?” 

Ren Yuanzi squinted his eyes and saw both of them. Their aura was stable, this meant that their strength had improved and their eyes were sharp as a blade. 

“Congratulations, Ren Yuanzi, your Heavenly Star Sect came prepared. Haha.” Old Ancestor Di Long said with a smile. But he was internally worried. Zhang Lei, that kid… where is he? 

“Only two of them, this is slightly disappointing. Last time, four of them managed to come out from that place.” Ren Yuanzi sighed. 

But he was internally happy, at least two of their peerless prodigies managed to come out unscathed, four came out last time but two of their prodigies fell in the realm. Although strength was one of the factors of surviving that place, that’s not all, only those who knew how to survive could truly become an expert. 

“Zhang Lei, Zhang Lei came out, Earthly Hades Sect’s Zhang Lei.”  

A sharp guy saw Zhang Lei. Old Ancestor Di Long finally breathed out a sigh of relief. 

“Haha, great, great lad.” Old Ancestor Di Long patted Zhang Lei’s shoulder and said. 

“Grand Guardian of the Clear Stream Sect, that’s Xuanyuan Canglan, it’s him but why is he the only one?”

Somebody shouted in surprise. Only Xuanyuan Canglan alone came out. At that moment, everyone became restless. The trio always stuck together, now that only he came out, this meant that the other two had fallen. 

Meng Fanpeng stepped forward towards Xuanyuan Canglan. At that moment, countless other sect members wore a solemn expression. If the two could not come out alive, what about the others? Ghost Eye Sect’s monster, Li Zongheng, the genius of the Divine Pill Sect, Lang Ya, and Zhu Mingyang of the Overlord Sect? 

“What happened? Wu Rufeng and Tang Zhen, where are they? They…” 

Meng Fanpeng looked at Xuanyuan Canglan as he asked in a serious demeanour. 

Xuanyuan Canglan said with an ugly expression: 

“Second Brother and Third Brother were killed by Jiang Chen.” 


Meng Fanpeng, the elder of the Clear Stream Sect, one of the most prestigious and powerful individuals amongst the other sects, was shocked. At this moment, his face became cold, everyone heard what Xuanyuan said, Wu Rufeng and Tang Zhen were killed by the same person, how could they not be shocked? 

“Jiang Chen? Who is Jiang Chen?” 

“Jiang Chen of the Profound Feng Sect? I heard of him during the auction. He was pretty chic then. Not even the experts of the Divine Pill Sect are his match.”

“Could it be that Jiang Chen? It’s my first time hearing this name. Not even the trio of the Clear Stream Sect is his match? Is this a dark horse from the Hidden Secret Realm?” 

“Probably… Jiang Chen’s name shall reach the whole Linhe Boundary. But I bet that the Profound Feng Sect will be implicated by Jiang Chen. The Profound Feng Sect will never be peaceful.” 

Everyone was curious who this Jiang Chen was. How powerful was he to kill two of the grand guardians? 

“Li Zongheng, Li Yan, Lang Ya, Li Yanchao, and Zhu Mingyang, all died under the hands of Jiang Chen.” 

Everyone’s blood became pumped and were in an uproar from Xuanyuan Canglan’s words. 

Everyone became extremely solemn. Especially Liu Yang of the Overlord Sect, Yang Chengzi of the Divine Pill Sect and Li Tianhuo of the Ghost Eye Sect, all of whom looked at Xuanyuan Canglan. 

“Boy, are your words the truth? Why did this Jiang Chen kill so many people? Does he possess the capability to do so?” Liu Yang said with shock. 

“Xu Jin here reporting to Elder Liu that it is true, Jiang Chen killed Zhu Mingyang. This bad blood must be paid!” Xu Jin said. 

Jiang Chen had become public enemy no. 1! 

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