Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2430

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Jiang Chen’s eyes squinted and swiftly nabbed the two figures. However, the two girls were injured. Xuanyuan Canglan’s previous attack was aimed to kill Jiang Chen, but the girls managed to stop it with everything they had. Jiang Chen became depressed from this, how could he let the two girls take such a hit for him? He would never do nor ask for such a thing. 

Those two were Xue Qianying and Ling Long. 

The duo looked at each other silently. Jiang Chen laughed bitterly but was grateful towards them. 

“Many thanks.” Jiang Chen said, he did not know what to do next, however. 

This benevolence could not be repaid as they took the hit for him with their lives on the line. 

“No need!” 

Xue Qianying and Ling Long said in unison. They then jumped towards the Tao Tie. Although they were both Half-Step Heavenly God experts, they could not harm the Tao Tie, and were pushed back by Tao Tie in a distressed manner, instead. 

Jiang Chen acted once again and caught the two girls. 

“Leave it to me, girls should not come to the front line. It's not the ladies turn yet before the guys are thoroughly dead.” 

The girls were stunned by Jiang Chen’s words, and were slightly angered but they did not go against him, no one knew what they were thinking about. 

“Ling Long!” Liu Quanchao shouted. 

He was passionately devoted to Ling Long. However, he was already on his last legs, and couldn’t fight anymore, but Ling Long wasn’t in great shape too, as she suffered the Tao Tie’s attack head-on. It was a miracle that she’s alive. 

“To cower behind women. Hahaha, this is truly an eye-opener. Jiang Chen, let me witness how many more women are you going to hide from.” Xuanyuan Canglan sneered with disdain. 

“From now on, there’s no need.” Jiang Chen said indifferently. 

He felt that his strength has once again reached its peak, just a single step to reach the Late True God Realm. 

“Now that it's come to this, I refuse to believe that you have any cards left to withstand my power.” Xuanyuan Canglan said coldly. 

He was getting impatient, he wanted to devour everyone here as soon as possible, to further enhance his strength. 

“You will never have that chance, as long as I’m still alive.” Jiang Chen’s eyes turned cold. 

Even Xuanyuan Canglan felt a chill. Could this fella still have cards up his sleeve? 

“Jiang Chen… may probably lose… we don’t have any cards to play anymore.” Xu Jin said dispiritedly. 

Jiang Chen did everything he could. No matter if it was Sword God Xue Liang or Jiang Chen, they used everything they had, yet nothing changed. The Tao Tie was too powerful and they fell into Xuanyuan Canglan’s plot, he was the one who benefited the most after the Tao Tie’s defeat. 

“To be a hero both in life and death. Jiang Chen, I am proud of you.” Yu Rongyan said in a cold manner. There’s nothing to be afraid of once death is imminent.  

“Haha, us four great demon kings acknowledge him wholeheartedly, there are not many people who we accept wholeheartedly, but Jiang Chen is one of them. The Fire Qilin, a proud being, even willingly served under him, such a person shall die in a grand manner.” The Nine-Headed Scaled Dragon said while laughing madly. 

Accept the result as one could not change it anymore. They will all die after Jiang Chen is defeated, getting devoured by the Tao Tie. 

“Jiang Chen, prepare to die, you can only blame yourself for being born in this era. Hahaha.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan’s laugh reverberated in Jiang Chen’s ears. Jiang Chen was calm. At this moment, he wanted to bet everything he had, he did not know whether he could win but he needed to put everything on the line. 

“The Heavenly Dragon Sword as the medium, Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation! Rise!” Jiang Chen roared. 

With the Heavenly Dragon Sword as the medium, hundreds of divine blades flew up and filled the skies, all of them were Peak Divine Tools, in addition to two Heavenly Divine Tools, the Storm Hammer and Meteor Hammer. A powerful whirlpool of energy was forming. 

108 Peak Divine Tools, such power… it was indescribable. With the Heavenly Dragon Sword as the eye of the formation, it managed to control the 108 Peak Divine Tools with no problem.  

Terrifying astral wind blades were created, Jiang Chen stood on his trusted blade as the heart of the formation, the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation was formed. At this moment, Xuanyuan Canglan’s expression became solemn, because the formation was too terrifying. 

“That… those… are 108 Peak Divine Tools, this is unbelievable!”


Everyone gasped and their expression changed drastically. Jiang Chen’s sword formation spread throughout the area, completely surrounding the Tao Tie. 

“Two Peak Heavenly Divine Tool, 108 Peak Divine Tool and an extraordinary Heavenly Dragon Sword. This fella, to control such a powerful sword formation, can he even handle it?” Sword God Xue Liang murmured. 

He was worried about Jiang Chen, whether his soul energy could sustain the formation. Even in his prime, he may not be able to withstand this sword formation head-on. Thousands and thousands of sword qi was formed within the formation, the sword formation was unpredictable from within. It was truly majestic and powerful, like the ruler of the world has descended upon them. 

Moreover, Jiang Chen was also somewhat afraid of this sword formation. However, his current soul energy was enough to support this Little Ashura Sword Formation. His soul energy was even greater than those Heavenly God Realm experts, not even Sword God Xue Liang could be his match. 

“This formation is extremely grand and powerful. Could a Mid True God really activate such a formation?”  said Qin Yumo 

Even though Qin Yumo doesn’t like Jiang Chen, he had to admit that Jiang Chen was really powerful, and this formation... not even a Heavenly God Realm expert could take it head-on. 

“Such a powerful formation, I feel that this sword formation could devastate a whole battlefield.” Yu Rongyan said. 

Witnessing such a powerful formation, their heart was once again lit with the flames of hope. 

“This fella always has some surprises up  his sleeves.” Xue Qianying murmured. 

Jiang Chen wasn’t terrifying because of how strong he was, but the amount of cards he could pull out from his sleeve, it felt like it was endless and each was always unique. His resourcefulness and trump cards were truly terrifying. 

“Wow, such a grand amount of resources, 108 Peak Divine Tools, not even the top sect of the Linhe Boundary has that much.” Wang Chongyang said in awe. Jiang Chen, you're always full of surprises, who could’ve imagined? 

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