Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2428

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“You really have an ulterior motive, such a great scheme.” Jiang Chen said with cold eyes. 

At this moment, the only fighting force left was him, Xue Liang was also injured and he had no idea whether Xue Liang was still in a fighting condition. 

At this moment, Jiang Chen was carrying too much responsibility. He needs to fight till the end, the lives of the people here will be forfeited if he loses. Although, for him, this wouldn’t be his fault, he’ll still regret it nonetheless. 

“I will devour all of you and increase my power. Hahaha!” declared Xuanyuan Canglan. 

Xuanyuan Canglan suddenly moved and grabbed the remaining demonic beasts that were under his control and put it into his giant mouth, and he started munching on them. Even though the beast’s body was injured, it gained some strength back after Xuanyuan Canglan’s soul fused with it. 

“You’ll have to get through me first.” 

Jiang Chen moved forward at the frontmost position, and faced the munching Tao Tie. At that moment, his heart was calm. It doesn’t matter if he wins or loses, he’ll put his all into this battle. 

“I will assist you.” Sword God Xue Liang said indifferently as he looked at Jiang Chen solemnly. 

He couldn’t return to his peak strength anymore. He could only assist Jiang Chen and reduce some pressure for him. 

“Impudent fools, you shall be my first meal. My strength will certainly rise after I get my hands on that pagoda. Nobody will be able to stop me after that! Haha.” Xuanyuan Canglan arrogantly said, looking down on Jiang Chen and co. 

Jiang Chen and co. had become lesser beings, like ants, for him. 

“I never thought that you’re such a despicable person! We’ve been cheated, thinking that you’ve turned over a new leaf. A fox may turn grey, but never kind!” Liu Quanchao said while gritting his teeth. 

“Now that things have progressed into this, we have no choice but to put our faith in Jiang Chen and Xue Liang. Although I am not one to put my own lives into the hands of others.” Xu Jin said with a bitter laugh. The helplessness, sadness that was hitting him was beyond words. 

“Jiang Chen, die!” Xuanyuan Canglan said. 

He then leapt towards Jiang Chen, like a giant mountain falling towards his target, he then threw out his sharp claw towards his target, not allowing Jiang Chen to run away. A ten li radius was flattened from his attack, cracks appeared on the earth, the earth shook and rumbled.

Jiang Chen managed to retreat. As he became more proficient with the Heavenly Dragon Sword , a connection was established between him and the sword. 

The sword suddenly expanded into a hundred zhang and clashed upon the claws of Tao Tie. Jiang Chen was pushed back a dozen li and his body felt the pressure from the counterforce of the impact. The difference between their physical body was too big. 

Jiang Chen’s grip was broken and blood flowed from the impact. The blood within his body began to boil, the force from the impact was more than he expected. Sword God Xue Liang quickly reacted and launched a dozen or so slashes toward the Tao Tie but no visible damage could be seen, only sword marks. 

“Trying to fight me? Only death awaits you. ” Xuanyuan Canglan harrumphed. 

He then tackled Sword God Xue Liang with brute force and simultaneously tried to munch him down. Luckily, Jiang Chen managed to stop him by using his giant blade. Jiang Chen then kept on attacking the beast but was pushed back every single time. With the Heavenly Dragon Sword on one hand and the Qilin Divine Arm on the other, Jiang Chen was utilising every ounce of his strength, yet he was still far too weak.  

Yet, by constantly battling and taking in the spiritual water, Jiang Chen was on the verge of breaking through. 

“Sword of Solitude, void breaker!”

His blade changed into a meteor light and flew towards the Tao Tie, cutting through the void in its way. A giant bang could be heard as it reached the target. The Tao Tie staggered a few steps back, causing the earth to shake. It roared in anger and then he tackled Jiang Chen once again. 

“Five Elements Battle Dragon Seal!

“True Dragon Palm!”

Jiang Chen kept throwing out attacks one after another. Those attacks could even threaten a Heavenly God, yet it couldn’t do anything against the Tao Tie. 

“You can never defeat me,” the Tao Tie said. 

The Tao Tie flew towards the sky and thunder rumbled, the whole mountain range was suddenly pressured by an invisible force. 

“Haha, such a rowdy event, how could you leave me out? Jiang Chen, allow me to join!” 

Along with a loud laugh reverberating in the sky, a blue figure appeared and immediately tackled Tao Tie with a long sword but was thrown backwards a dozen li, yet managed to stay energetic. 

“Wang Chongyang!” Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a smile. 

This fella, who has gone missing for such a long time, finally showed his true strength. Jiang Chen knew that this fella was special, Wang Chongyang probably went through some special trial and got something out of it as he had reached the Half-Step Heavenly God Realm. Jiang Chen became slightly relieved as he wasn’t fighting this battle alone. 

“It’s him!”  Liu Quanchao frowned. 

He suddenly remembered that a humble-looking disciple from the Profound Feng Sect when they first entered the realm. He was but an Early True God at that point, but now, he managed to achieve such exponential growth. He must have had great luck during his journey within this realm. 

“After going missing for so long, he’s most probably surpassed us all.” Liu Quanchao smiled bitterly. 

He was pretty strong, compared to the other Half-Step Heavenly Gods but he’s weaker compared to Wang Chongyang. 

“Hahaha, let us face a common enemy in today’s battle. I have no regrets even if I die fighting. If I live to see another day, you and I shall have a toast together. Hahaha.” Wang Chongyang pointed his sword towards Jiang Chen and emitted a terrifying battle intent. 

He was a genuine battle junky. At this moment, only battle intent burns within his heart after seeing Jiang Chen once again. 

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