Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2424

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“Did he win?”

Jiang Chen murmured. He was very worried as this battle was relevant to everyone’s life or death, he was worried about it.

“It's impossible for you to defeat me, old codger. What are your intentions to continue staying here?”

The Tao Tie roared domineeringly loud. At that moment, the soul and shadow of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor became weaker and weaker, it even became gloomy. It was barely visible at the end.

“You’re the son of the devil.”

The Ancestral Dragon Emperor said with a bitter smile. Only his spiritual strength remained. He was completely defeated by the Tao Tie, and completely turned into a shadow and became useless. But still, even with this end, he’s thankful that he could still survive after this terrible strike. The truth, however, was that the Ancestral Dragon Emperor lost and he suffered a crushing defeat.

On the other hand, the Tao Tie was seriously wounded and he reached his limit. However, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor has lost his battle strength completely. The Tao Tie could finally be free from the fetters like a duck to water. He was going to conquer the entire world soon.

“I can’t do anything more.”

The Ancestral Dragon Emperor glanced at Jiang Chen, went inside the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and disappeared. Jiang Chen held the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda in his hand and faced the Tao Tie again. They were defeated by Tao Tie at last. But at the moment, the Tao Tie had suffered severe injury. He was not as scary as he used to be as he had lost the strength that could destroy the world. But even so, Jiang Chen never let his guard down as the Tao Tie is still indescribably terrifying.

As the Chinese saying goes: a centipede dies but never falls down. The combat power of Tao Tie was still as shocking as before. Jiang Chen was holding the Heavenly Dragon Sword and his Sword of Solitude swept across in all directions.

Even with his heaven-shaking and earth-shattering Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique, Jiang Chen was still repulsed again and again. There was a huge difference between both of them after all.

“Who can stop me now? Hahaha.”

Tao Tie was taking over the world. He could take Jiang Chen’s life with just a deadly strike whenever he wanted.

Jiang Chen spurted out a mouthful of blood after being repulsed again. Everyone held their breath and stared silently as their last hope would be completely shattered once Jiang Chen lost.

Jiang Chen knew that the moment the Ancestral Dragon failed, the chance of winning was slim.

“Now I will show you who is the real master.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s mouth tilted slightly upwards as he murmured.

“Brothers from different sects, everything happened because of me. I just realized how much trouble that I have caused after I released this Tao Tie. From now on, I will definitely kill it even if I die. I will make him pay the price. Wherever it comes from, wherever it goes back. I am duty-bound to fix it even if I die in this battle.” 

Xuanyuan Canglan stepped out. At the moment, he gave up dealing with Jiang Chen and the Four Great Demon Kings, and aimed to fight the Tao Tie. He came prepared for this battle, obviously.

“It is never too late to mend. The man that I admire the most will never disappoint me after all.”

Qin Yumo glanced at him as she was impressed by him.

Liu Quanchao and Yu Rongyan were slightly shocked. Xuanyuan Canglan who has suddenly changed sides had made everyone slightly startled. But at the same time, Tao Tie had an absolute advantage. If he followed Tao Tie, he would definitely be the biggest beneficiary. But Xuanyuan Canglan had switched sides as he wished that he could rescue the people from the untold miseries at this critical and difficult moment.

It brought nothing but harm to him. So everyone was startled with his action. Did Xuanyuan Canglan really change? Would he pay for the mistakes that he has made previously? Was he trying to make atonement for his sins?

Jiang Chen wore a worried frown and remained dubious. He thought Xuanyuan Canglan seemed unusual. Xuanyuan Canglan changed his sides and suddenly went after Tao Tie. He was somehow insane. But he sent away all the people and he was bound to fight against Tao Tie in helping the people to get rid of the devil.

“Everything started because of me and I will definitely settle this down. This Tao Tie must die. Otherwise, we will never be able to live in peace and disasters will be spread inevitably.”

Xuanyuan Canglan has made up his mind, he was looking at Jiang Chen and Sword God Xue Liang silently.

“No matter what the reason is, all the grudges can be written off if you can help us defeat this Tao Tie together.”

Sword God Xue Liang said in a low voice. He gave Jiang Chen a profound look and turned to Xuanyuan Canglan. He had to say that because what Xuanyuan Canglan offered was tempting. Even if Jiang Chen and Sword God Xue Liang teamed up, it was still difficult to defeat Tao Tie. But the situation might become different if Xuanyuan Canglan and the other four demons teamed up and fought to the end against Tao Tie.


Jiang Chen murmured. He wanted to know what Xuanyuan Canglan had got up his sleeves. At least their alliance was a major threat to Tao Tie. Otherwise, no one here could resist the anger of Tao Tie.

“I am really curious about what exactly you are planning for. But it is not too late to kill you after we defeat Tao Tie.” He thought. 

He did not believe that Xuanyuan Canglan would change easily because a fox may turn gray, but it would never be kind. This guy was definitely scheming something. Forming an alliance with them might be just a plot to help him in getting rid of Tao Tie’s slavery. In other words, since his destiny was determined after he released the beast, he should be the one who understood how terrifying the beast was.

“I hope you can keep your word.”

Yu Rongyan said in a deep voice.

“Don’t let us underestimate the name of Clear Stream Sect. Your whole generation will not be ruined in your hand.” Liu Quanchao said coldly. 

Xuanyuan Canglan was redeeming himself. If he could help them in defeating Tao Tie, perhaps he could still survive. Otherwise, no one could escape from Tao Tie.

“Maybe I had made a lot of mistakes previously, but I will definitely mitigate all my failures by actions. No one is willing to be someone’s slave.”

He spoke his mind and made everyone feel moved. As what Xuanyuan Canglan said was true, no one would like to be a slave. 

The Tao Tie had made Xuanyuan Canglan as his slave. This was the main reason that Xuanyuan Canglan changed his sides. To escape from the slavery of Tao Tie, he was bound to fight.

But Jiang Chen did not believe that and he still remained dubious about Xuanyuan Canglan. It seemed suspicious that he turned so quickly.

Xuanyuan Canglan took the lead and spearheaded the offensive. He was trying to elbow his way for Jiang Chen and Xue Liang.

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