Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2423

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“Father? Hahaha. Have I ever had a father before? You have given birth to me yet you did not raise me. You have even allowed all of your Dragon Clan people to hunt me. Is that your fatherly love? I never have any father, and I never have a mother as well because she has been devoured by me when she gave birth to me.”

The Tao Tie said while laughing madly. He opened his mouth widely as if he was going to devour the heavens and earth.

The Ancestral Dragon Emperor’s eyes looked gloomy. The Tao Tie was the first one who devoured his own mother in order to thrive for over thousands of years. He must kill a despicable bastard like this as soon as possible. However, Tao Tie was the strongest among all of his sons. The Tao Tie had even devoured quite a number of people from the Dragon Clan to make his blood become purer and purer. His blood was not too much inferior to that of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor. In the entire Dragon Clan, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor ranked number one while Tao Tie was the number-two. 

“You, such a bastard should’ve died earlier. You have been tyrannical and created many troubles for the Dragon Clan. How daring you are to think about resurrecting.”

The Ancestral Dragon Emperor said in a low voice.

“You’re not qualified to judge me. If you did not go play around under the heavens, why would I be born? Do you really think that you are a man of justice? I am going to devour you who was my father in order for me to thrive. I am going to be the number-one in the entire Dragon Clan. Hahaha.”

The Tao Tie said while gritting his teeth, and then started laughing madly. 

“I know that you want to resurrect as well because you are not willing to leave your Dragon Clan and your glorious position. However, you are too weak right now despite the Ancestral Dragon Qi. It is just a piece of cake for me to kill you. Haha.”

“You are still this conceited, Tao Tie. You as a bastard should have died much earlier. I shouldn’t keep you in this world as you would cause so much misfortune. Don’t forget that I am the one who gave you life. It’s not difficult for me to deal with you.”

The Tao Tie shivered slightly because of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor’s words. What he said was exactly true. When the Ancestral Dragon Emperor battled with his nine sons, everyone was shocked by the scene of how the Ancestral Dragon Emperor devastated them out of justice.

“Just try it. You are not the invincible Ancestral Dragon Emperor anymore. I am also not at the peak of my strength right now. Let’s see who is going to laugh until the end. It depends on our fortune now. You are such a fake Ancestral Dragon Emperor. In the name of justice, you have killed your own sons. What a demon you are!”

The Tao Tie roared in rage.

“The nine of you are just bastards who brought disaster to the world. It’s my duty to kill you and you guys deserved that. It’s not your fault to be born with the cruel nature, but you guys were so wrong in making your nature even more brutal. If I don’t kill you, there would be countless innocent people that would die because of you. That’s why you deserve death. Today, you won’t be able to run away.” 

“Hahaha, then let’s see if you have such capability. Old bastard, no one can stop me if I want to devour the heavens and earth. I am going to see who would dare compete with me when I manage to devour the heavens and earth. I want the heavens to melt in my body.”

The Tao Tie’s voice was deafening but only Jiang Chen could hear all of these. In Sword God Xue Liang and the others’ eyes, Tao Tie was only standing still there under Ancestral Dragon Pagoda’s suppression.

“It worked! Haha, Jiang Chen successfully suppressed the Tao Tie.”

Liu Quanchao was incomparably excited.

“The Tao Tie finally is under suppression. It’s exciting. Unexpectedly, we were able to survive under Jiang Chen’s protection. It feels very good to survive through a crisis.” Xu Jin smiled and said. 

However, only Sword God Xue Liang continued to look at the glowing Ancestral Dragon Pagoda silently. He realised that something was wrong as he could see that Jiang Chen’s face looked solemn.

Jiang Chen was the only one who understood that the battle was about to start. Whether the Ancestral Dragon Emperor could overcome the Tao Tie until the end was still unknown. It was too early to feel happy. 

“Ancestral Dragon Emperor, hope that you don’t disappoint me.” 

Jiang Chen stared at the two people who were above the heavens. Liu Quanchao and the others could not see this scene at all because the interaction was all in the soul realm that not everyone could see. Jiang Chen could see it because the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda and him were already one. 

“You are only a soul that resides in the pagoda, how are you going to fight me? Devouring Roar!”

The Tao Tie opened his huge  mouth, intending to devour the Ancestral Dragon Emperor and the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda together into his stomach. However, not to be outdone, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor made a few heavy strikes against the Tao Tie and pushed him backwards. The entire sky was filled with Ancestral Dragon Qi which made the Tao Tie feel pressured. Although the Ancestral Dragon Emperor was only a soul right now, his strength should not be underestimated. 

“I am going to keep you in a seal! Bastard!” 

The Ancestral Dragon Emperor roared while his hands formed seals. The Tao Tie was stunned and became solemn. Even if he needed to suffer severe injury, he would not choose to compromise. Once he compromised, he would be shattered completely and would then vanish from the world. It would be impossible for him to be reborn again. This was his last chance. 

The Tao Tie would never give up. He would either fight at the cost of his life or get severely injured. He would definitely wrestle with the Ancestral Dragon Emperor until the end.

“Impossible. It’s impossible for you to seal me!”

The Tao Tie and the Ancestral Dragon Emperor fought fiercely using their utmost power. Everyone was shocked but the Tao Tie still stood still. 

“The atmosphere is indeed quite frightening.”

Jiang Chen said in a low voice while his eyes looked incomparably cold. Who was going to win? 

Jiang Chen stared at them without blinking as he was anxious.

This was the only hope for them in the Hidden Secret Realm. Jiang Chen did not know why but he was very confident in the Ancestral Dragon Emperor even though he was only a soul fighting hard against the Tao Tie. However, he was still very confident that evil would never win against justice. The Tao Tie had been an evildoer and he was also the son of the Ancestral Dragon Emperor, so Ancestral Dragon Emperor definitely would have his way to overcome the Tao Tie.

“How is heaven and earth going to exist? How would everyone be able to survive?” 

Obviously, the Ancestral Dragon Emperor had made up his mind. If he did not choose to suppress the Tao Tie now, it would be extremely difficult for anyone to catch him again if he left the Hidden Secret Realm. More importantly, the Tao Tie’s strength was growing rapidly. If he kept devouring beasts and humans, his strength would continue to grow. 

“It’s impossible. Old bastard!”

The Tao Tie opened his mouth wide and a terrifying spiritual strength crashed into the Ancestral Dragon Emperor fiercely. The entire sky lightened up by the radiance of the clash. 

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