Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2418

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Everyone’s eyes were fixed upon the giant beast as if a giant hammer was pummeled upon their hearts, their expression changed drastically as they were in a mental shock. 

The body of a lion, the tail of a horse, the eyes of a tiger, the brows of a dragon, a gigantic body like a titan, a mouth like a black hole, one that could even devour the heavens, the earth, the mountains, the river, and shattering everything under the heavens. 

Jiang Chen’s gaze was extremely serious. That giant beast was one of the most ferocious beasts since the immemorial time, nobody knew who it was, but everyone was afraid of its prestige. 

“I…… am finally revived.” The immemorial giant beast murmured.   

A hint of confusion could be heard in its voice. It’s giant eyes looked across the mountain range as everyone had felt a deep sense of fear. 

“Where am I… How could I not remember who I am… what am I doing… where did I hail from… ” The immemorial giant beast said. 

Jiang Chen was slightly stunned by the words of the beast. Looks like this big fella has lost his memories. Why? Could he be connected to the frozen man from the Earthly Hades Sacred Mountain? Every one of them was guessing why the giant beast lost its memories… 

“Hahaha, the immemorial giant beast is finally revived. All of you here shall die!” Xuanyuan Canglan sneered. 

At this moment, the immemorial giant beast looked around with eyes full of avarice. 


The immemorial giant beast sighed and grabbed four Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts with its giant claw and shoved it into its mouth. The four beasts were instantly devoured. No one was able to react to that, because it happened in an instant like someone was chomping down on a dumpling. Even Jiang Chen was stunned by this scene. This beast is way too scary! He could already estimate the beast’s strength. A true immemorial beast that stands above all others!

“We need to get out of here as soon as possible. Otherwise, we’re all going to become food for that giant beast.” Sword God Xue Liang said. 

He realised the danger of facing the immemorial giant beast. They must get out of here fast. 

The giant beast immediately grabbed six Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts with its claw after Xue Liang finished his sentence. They were all subordinates of Xuanyuan Canglan. The latter just stood there silently as he knew that the big fella was going to devour those beasts, it was inevitable. 

“What kind of demonic beast is that? How could it be this powerful?! To be able to gulp down demonic beasts alive?!” 

The Dark Bat King’s expression changed drastically as it took several steps back. The four great demon kings were all wearing an ugly expression, They were swift in their reaction and were able to avoid being devoured. But the appetite of the giant beast was massive. In just a while, another five giant demonic beasts were swallowed whole, it was a gruesome scene. All beings, no matter beasts or humans were shocked to the core and dared not to dawdle. 

“A giant beast that devours, looks like we’re in big trouble.” Jiang Chen said quietly as he looked at the Fire Qilin. The latter changed into his human form, his face was pale white as he looked at the immemorial giant beast, completely speechless. 

“Do you know what it is?” Jiang Chen asked quietly. 

The Fire Qilin looked at Jiang Chen without saying anything for a while. 

“We’re probably all going to die.” 

“Why? That immemorial giant beast, what is it? Is it that powerful?” Jiang Chen said in disbelief. 

“The dragon has nine children. Each of them is different. The most terrifying and gluttonous one is none other than the Tao Tie. Moreover, this is not the offspring of Tao Tie, it’s the ancestor. Even though it doesn’t look like a dragon, its blood is purer compared to the Dragon Clan. Because it is the son of the ancestral dragon. ‘In the legends, there is a monster called Tao Tie, it could devour the sun, moon and stars. It died in the Northern Sea and was buried under a green hill, its soul wandered in the nothingness, yet it could not enter the Divine Tomb. Those who saw Tao Tie shall be devoured.’” The Fire Qilin’s voice trembled. 

“The Qilin clan could face it, but only the Single Horned Golden Qilin could face the Tao Tie. But both of them should’ve perished in the immemorial times. But this Tao Tie has been lying in wait for god knows how many years, buried underneath this ground, awaiting its revival. He must be the remnant of the immemorial age. In my inherited memory, there’s a vague record about this, a giant battle, a battle that lasted for two eras, the beginning and the end of one era. All beings perished, experts were like ants, dying here and there. The nine children of the dragon could devour everything, only the Ancestral Dragon could truly suppress them.” 

Jiang Chen’s heart was hit by a wave of emotion through the Fire Qilin’s words. Who could’ve known this secret if it weren’t for the fragments of the Fire Qilin’s inherited memories? 

When Jiang Chen lifted his head once again, his eyes were extremely solemn. 

“We only have one choice, and that is to run, run as far as we could.” The Fire Qilin said quietly. 

He wasn’t a cowardly and weak person, but in the face of absolute strength, all schemes were useless.  He was strong but not invincible. The Fire Qilin thoroughly lost against Xuanyuan Canglan even though he could easily win against your average Heavenly Gods. 

But at this moment, there wasn’t a choice left for him to choose. He knew about the terror of the Tao Tie. He cannot fight back, that would spell the death of him. Perhaps, they could get away with their lives if they could run and hide until the realm reopens. But the end may have already been set in stone before that moment comes. 

“Congratulations, my Lord for your return, my Lord shall reign supreme in this Heaven and Earth!” Xuanyuan Canglan said excitingly. 

“I remember you, you’re the human who helped me return to this world. Very well, from now on, you shall be my slave, this is your greatest honour.” The Tao Tie said. 

Xuanyuan Canglan’s lips slightly trembled. This fella totally thinks that I am his slave, that wasn’t what he said when I helped him prolong his life. Now, Xuanyuan Canglan knew that he was played by Tao Tie. 

“Something’s not right, why is my Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning gone? Speak, did you embezzle my Heavenly Lightning?!” 

The Tao Tie took a step forward and the earth shook. Xuanyuan Canglan took several steps back with an ugly expression. He then pointed at Jiang Chen: “It’s him. He’s the one who stole my Lord’s Nine Stars Heavenly Tribulation Lightning, it's my… blunder.” Xuanyuan Canglan gritted his teeth, silently praying that he would not incur the wrath of the beast. 

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