Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2415

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Jiang Chen’s face looked solemn as Xuanyuan Canglan’s combat strength was completely out of his expectation. This guy's strength kept increasing unexpectedly. This meant that the blood sacrifice might be significantly relevant to him, otherwise, why would his strength keep increasing?

At this moment, Jiang Chen was under greater and greater pressure while Sword God Xue Liang started getting exhausted from confronting the twenty Heavenly God Realm beasts. However, he had not shown any signs of being defeated at all as he was a Sword God. His actual strength had already reached the Mid Heavenly God Realm. Even though he suppressed his own cultivation in the Hidden Secret Realm, his overbearingness was still irresistible at the moment.

The Four Demon Kings were also struggling facing such a huge number of Heavenly God Realm beasts. Xuanyuan Canglan had already made this plan beforehand and had already foreseen this. That was why he could be this calm and composed. Once the ancient beast was reborn, it would be the end for everyone here.

Xuanyuan Canglan’s attack had become more and more fierce, makkin Jiang Chen extremely careful with his steps. The Fire God Guards’s Heavenly Fire Disengaging Formation kept being suppressed by Xuanyuan Canglan. It was pretty challenging and they did not have any strength to counter Xuanyuan Canglan at all. At this moment, Jiang Chen was still àaaaaable to withstand Xuanyuan Canglan’s attack, however, his situation had become very dangerous. He could be defeated by Xuanyuan Canglan anytime. Xuanyuan Canglan’s strength was on another level now, and even Sword God Xue Liang was shocked by his current strength. 

“I am afraid that Xuanyuan Canglan is not any weaker than me now.”

Sword God Xue Liang knew that he could not compare his strength to other experts here as his actual strength had already reached the Mid Heavenly God Realm. Although he had suppressed his cultivation realm, his dexterity, experience and speed were not inferior at all. His imposing manner and combat strength was completely incomparable to other ordinary Half-step Heavenly Gods. However, Xuanyuan Canglan had already reached the same realm as him right now.

“Jiang Chen’s current situation is too dangerous.”

Everyone looked serious. Liu Quanchao could not help but feel worried. Jiang Chen had been constantly retreating, if this situation continued, there would be no more place for him to escape.

“Jiang Chen, be careful!” The Fire Qilin roared all of a sudden.

Xuanyuan Canglan’s divine halberd fell down from the heaven with enormous power that could shatter the void effortlessly. 

Jiang Chen kept withdrawing himself, yet how could Xuanyuan Canglan’s divine halberd give Jiang Chen a chance? The Divine halberd had blocked his escape. The Fire Qilin immediately rushed in front of Jiang Chen to help him, yet he was repulsed badly by Xuanyuan Canglan’s palm strikes. The Fire Qilin roared in pain and was injured severely. If he was not powerful, he would have been killed immediately by the palm strike. 

“Jiang Chen, I am going to kill you. No one can stop me. Accept your trial.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s divine halberd was unparalleled and no one was able to withstand it. Jiang Chen used his sword to block the halberd, but his sword was repulsed. Everyone found the scene unbearable to watch as Jiang Chen would probably be defeated in the battle soon. Would Jiang Chen who had created miracles numerous times really be defeated in this battle?

“Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour!”

Jiang Chen remained calm while staring at Xuanyuan Canglan who was in the sky. 

With the help of the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, that could even withstand the strike of Divine King experts, Jiang Chen was fearless and confronted the divine halberd directly.

“Jiang Chen!”

Liu Quanchao gritted his teeth tightly and his eyes looked a bit blurry. Jiang Chen had saved his life a few times throughout their journey in Hidden Secret Realm. But, in the moment when Jiang Chen fell into a predicament, he couldn’t do anything to help. He could only watch Jiang Chen fall.

“He is indeed a genius, however, he didn’t have enough time to advance his cultivation realm.”

Yu Rongyan sighed. Their destiny would not be any better than Jiang Chen’s because Jiang Chen's death means that they would not have anyone defending them anymore. They felt guilty for doing nothing, and could only watch Jiang Chen be defeated and killed. 

Under the divine halberd, a part of Burying Soul Mountain was shattered. The Divine Halberd had even caused a huge pit on the mountain, causing dusts to fly across the entire mountain. 

However, while the mountain was shaking, Jiang Chen’s figure managed to stand up slowly from the ground. He was like someone came from the ancient times as his black pupils gave off a dazzling radiance. His body was like a firm mountain standing up in the midst of the dusts.

With the Heavenly Dragon Battle Armour, Jiang Chen’s defense was impressive as Xuanyuan Canglan’s halberd was not even able to hurt him at all. Jiang Chen’s appearance looked cold when appeared in front of Xuanyuan Canglan once again. Sword God Xue Liang who always stayed calm was dumbstruck this time.

“He managed to stay alive, is this real?”

Now Xue Liang understood that Jiang Chen had already reached a realm that was comparable to his strength. Jiang Chen was only a Mid True God, so his combat strength had truly gained everyone’s respect. He even gained the Sword God’s respect.

“How could this be possible? Jiang Chen is still alive. Hahah.”

“Yes. He’s still alive, he did not die yet.”

“Jiang Chen. Unparalleled!”

Looking at Liu Quanchao and the others’ excited faces, Jiang Chen’s heart was ignited once again because he knew that he was not alone. Behind him, there were many other experts who struggled in Hidden Secret Realm. If he lost to Xuanyuan Canglan, then something unfortunate would surely happen to them as well. Because of this, he became even more dreadful as he was energized with trust and hope.

He could not be defeated. It was for himself and for those innocents experts. Xuanyuan Canglan had to die! 

“You’re quite strong and it’s a bit out of my expectation. Okay, then you are going to suffer a more brutal attack later. Hahaha.”

Xuanyuan Canglan said in a ruthless manner. He had already sent out his strongest attack, but Jiang Chen was still alive. Jiang Chen’s rise had indeed shocked Xuanyuan Canglan, but he would not get affected by this. Very soon, the ancient giant beast would be completed. By that time, Xuanyuan Canglan would be relaxed.

“It’s not easy to kill me. I am afraid that you’re not strong enough to kill me. Hehehe.”

Jiang Chen smiled faintly. After using the dragon transformation, Jiang Chen’s strength had already reached the Half-step Heavenly God Realm, but there was still a huge gap between his strength and Xuanyuan Canglan’s. Jiang Chen had to be even more brutal than before, otherwise no one would survive when the ancient giant beast was reborn.

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