Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2414

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In the face of the fifty beasts, the Four Great Demon Kings had not gained the upper hand as all of the mad beasts could not recognise the Demon Kings at all. The beast could only see Xuanyuan Canglan in their eyes and fight with him at the cost of their life. Hence, the Demon Kings had no choice. If they let Xuanyuan Canglan complete the blood sacrifice, this place would be turned into a hell at the end.  

The Heavenly Thunderous Palm struck the void and tore the heaven apart while Jiang Chen’s sword swept across in all directions with use of the Sword of Solitude. Both of them were repulsed backwards by the attacks. Jiang Chen was even shocked by Xuanyuan Canglan’s battle strength now as it was so powerful. Jiang Chen was actually confident that he would not be defeated by any Heavenly God, however, he noticed the formidableness of Xuanyuan Canglan’s strikes. His strength was extraordinarily terrifying.

“You've triggered my real anger inside. Now, it’s time for you to die.”

Each of Xuanyuan Canglan’s steps was filled with intense killing intent. 

The entire Burying Soul Mountain was full of wails. Hundreds and thousands of souls roared fiercely and rushed into the ancient beast. They sacrificed themselves with their fresh blood. At that moment, the ancient beast started shivering and there was even a low heart beating sound coming out from it. Everyone was really depressed and found breathing difficult. 

“Thunderous Defense Palm shatters the world!”

Xuanyuan Canglan showed his trump card this time. When the palm struck, the entire heaven was shaken. Following the dreadful thunderstorm, Jiang Chen immediately raised up his head and faced the palm. 

“Fire God Guards, build the formation!”

Jiang Chen roared in rage. The twelve Fire God Guards immediately built up the formation--the Heavenly Fire Disengaging Formation that turned heaven around with its burning fire flame.

Another Thunderous Palm struck on the Heavenly Fire Disengaging Formation created by the twelve Fire God Guards. The Fire God Guards’s arms started cracking this time, but the formation still remained burning. Suddenly, something changed with the Fire God Guards. Twelve heavenly fires spurted out in all directions and fell down on the ground with extraordinary momentum. 

The Heavenly Fires was burning the Burying Soul Mountain but Xuanyuan Canglan  resisted it successfully. Jiang Chen also managed to escape another misfortune. 

“It’s dangerous. This guy has so many different techniques.” 

Xu Jin was shocked just now and was covered with cold sweat, but Jiang Chen managed to withstand Xuanyuan Canglan’s attacks at the end.

“He’s really terrifying.”

Yu Rongyan looked solemn and said in a low voice. The four of them exchanged a glance, indicating their intention to join hands and help Jiang Chen fight Xuanyuan Canglan.

The Four Great Demon Kings looked at Jiang Chen as well. The battle between Jiang Chen and Xuanyuan Canglan kept escalating and they found it astonishing.

“A Middle True God Realm human can be this formidable. He really opens my eyes,” murmuredthe Dark Bat Kings.

“Yes. This is also the first time I have seen an expert like him. I guess he won’t show any signs of being defeated even if he was confronting us. Humans have another realm of potential that we, the beasts, would never be able to achieve as we are totally different species.” 

The Nine-headed Dragon sighed as he was amazed at Jiang Chen’s potential. 

Sword God Xue Liang was also paying attention to Jiang Chen silently. It was out of his expectation that Jiang Chen was able to withstand Xuanyuan Canglan’s attacks as he was only a True God. He would possibly become an unparalleled expert in the future and Xue Liang felt that his name of Sword God could be threatened.

Jiang Chen took the lead in their fight against Xuanyuan Canlang while Xu Jin and the others were helping aside. Terrifying airwaves swept across heaven and earth dreadfully.

“You guys deserve death and all of you shall be buried here.”  

Xuanyuan Canglan was holding the Overload Halberd and tearing the void apart. It was a Heavenly God Realm Divine Tool. As soon as it struck, Xu Jin and Yu Rongyan were repulsed immediately. Then, Liu Quanchao and Qin Yumo suffered the same consequence as well. 

Jiang Chen was wrestling with Xuanyuan Canglan’s Overload Halberd. Both of them were under great pressure. The Fire God Guards also helped Jiang Chen aside, but they could not help much. Xuanyuan Canglan was like an unparalleled king with an irresistible mightiness. Jiang Chen kept taking steps backwards under Xuanyuan Canglan’s suppression. Although he had the help of the dragon transformation, he could not turn the situation around. Jiang Chen’s face became incomparably gloomy and he could only try his best to avoid Xuanyuan Canglan’s attacks. 

“Divine Halberd, Divine Halberd, it’s unparalleled!” 

Xuanyuan Canglan’s aura was overbearing and it kept pressing against Jiang Chen. The Overload Halberd pricked through Jiang Chen’s clothes and even the Profound Heavenly Armour cracked slightly. Jiang Chen found it hard to resist the dreadful power of the attack and he spurted out a mouthful of blood. His face looked pale. 

“Fire Qilin!”  

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes and summoned Fire Qilin out. He rode on Fire QIlin and both of them soared up the sky while fighting Xuanyuan Canglan fiercely. 

Fire Qilin roared loudly while spurting out his flames around the void. However, Xuanyuan Canglan was not affected at all.

“Not bad that you can make a Fire Qilin submit to you. However, that Fire Qilin would belong to me later on. Hahaha, it is fit to be my slave.”

Xuanyuan Canglan disdained everyone, his laughter was as loud as thunderclap. Fire Qilin was outraged and he kept spitting out Qilin Fire unceasingly. Jiang Chen strengthened his power and came to exchange blows with Xuanyuan Canglan again.

“Sword of Solitude, the Fusion of Dragon and Sword!” 

Jiang Chen was furious and continued to make heavy strikes with the help of Fire Qilin and the Fire God Guards. However, Xuanyuan Canglan’s strength unexpectedly advanced at this moment. It was out of Jiang Chen’s expectation. Although he had not reached Heavenly God Realm, Xuanyuan Canglan’s power had no much difference from a Heavenly God. Fire Qilin and the Fire God Guards, and even Jiang Chen, withdrew immediately. Only by defending together were Jiang Chen and Fire Qilin able to withstand Xuanyuan Canglan’s attack.

“Unexpectedly you have such a powerful battle strength. It’s startling. But, even though you’re strong, you won’t be stronger than the ancient beast. Soon, all of you are going to be buried here.”

“I am going to kill you before that. You won’t be able to see its reborn.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

“Conceited. You won’t be able to run away this time. I will kill you and use your blood for the blood sacrifice.”

Xuanyuan Canglan’s eyes looked ruthless as he stared at Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen looked at the void above and saw that the heartbeat of the ancient beast had become more and more intense. Did this mean that their end was arriving very soon, didn’t it?

The ancient beast was being formed up unceasingly by the blood sacrifice. It was irresistible and everything was ready expect what was crucial.

Jiang Chen turned into a dragon and crashed into Xuanyuan Canglan with the Fusion of Dragon and Sword . Fire Qilin used up his full power as well, trying to create a threat to Xuanyuan Canglan. However, Xuanyuan Canglan became stronger now. Jiang Chen suddenly realised that the reborn of the ancient beast must be relevant to him. Because Xuanyuan Canglan's formidable strength did not seem to come from himself but was somewhat connected to the beast. 

“It’s shameful to have such power by relying on others. Haha”

Jiang Chen laughed coldly.

“You guys are going to die today and even a Divine King wouldn’t be able to save you. I am getting stronger and stronger now, how are you going to fight me? Hahaha. Jiang Chen, give me your life!”

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