Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2409

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If it’s only one spirit, it would’ve been fine. Ten? Fine. Hundreds? A worthy battle. Thousands? That’s a formidable amount. Tens of thousands? Not even a Half-Step Heavenly God could withstand it. Those countless spirits were more than tens of thousands, not even the strongest expert could withstand their might. 

The expression of Yu Rongyan and the others became ugly. Although they had managed to temporarily withstand the onslaught of the spirit, who knew how long this soul change would last? 

Those Peak True Gods were shivering in fear because if Yu Rongyan and the others could not hold on anymore, their lives would then be probably over. 

At the same time, Jiang Chen’s expression was extremely serious. Although they were observing from afar, they still could not avoid the soul change’s onslaught. However, those spirits did not do much against them. His control over the Great Soul Derivation Technique was at the peak, no spirits could get near him. 

“Why did those spirits not attack you?” Man Shuai looked at Jiang Chen weirdly. 

The trio was covered by Jiang Chen’s aura and all those spirits avoided him. 

“Yeah. I cannot understand you anymore. Anything seems possible when you’re around. This has become a norm for me. Haha.”  Yang Jian tapped Jiang Chen’s shoulder. Believing Jiang Chen was definitely the correct choice. 

“Those who believe in Brother Chen shall gain immortality. Haha.” Man Shuai also laughed. 

His current strength was insignificant within the Hidden Secret Realm. Even though he had the same cultivation as Jiang Chen, the gap between them was enormous. Jiang Chen could not be compared to an average True God. 

Jiang Chen smiled and stayed silent. Because at this moment, he sensed a great resentment through the Great Soul Derivation Technique. They were dragged by a powerful force of attraction and became that giant mass of spirit, becoming the nourishment of that terrifying being, fusing with that blood-coloured immemorial giant beast. 

Their souls would then suffer forever, becoming cursed forever that couldn't freed and reincarnate, unable to stop the onslaught of the soul change. 

Jiang Chen’s heart suddenly became saddened from what was happening because those spirits looked at him with despair and were pleading. Jiang Chen’s expression instantly changed as a wave of emotion spread through his heart. 

“It’s probably due to the Great Yu Soul Forming Light.” Jiang Chen took a deep breath. 

Jiang Chen found out that if he did not give these souls a proper send-off, they would just be put in a different cage after being released from their previous cage. He could feel their pleas, their powerlessness. They're all just shattered souls waiting to be slaughtered. 

Looking at those countless spirits flying towards the skeletal structure with despair. Jiang Chen’s heart slightly trembled. He wanted to save those pitiful souls, but he did not possess the strength to do so. He grabbed one of those spirits but he couldn’t take control of them and they all flew towards the immemorial beast. 

Jiang Chen closed his eyes shut. He did not know whether it was right for him to release those souls from the Great Yu Soul Forming Light. He only wanted to free them, and give them a chance to reincarnate. But it looked like they were bound by another shackle. 

At this moment, the Hidden Secret Realm was but a sad world for them. 

“What happened? Jiang Chen.” Yang Jian frowned and asked as he saw sadness and anger on Jiang Chen’s face. 

“It’s nothing. I’m just slightly depressed.” Jiang Chen shook his head. 

He’s no saviour but he could calm his heart. What would happen to those billions of spirits if he just left? That negative feeling within his heart will surely haunt him for the rest of his life. 

The path of cultivation was to have a conviction of sort. Jiang Chen’s conviction was to the Dao of battling against the Heavens, the Supreme Dao, the Dao that dominates all. To fight against all adversity without regret, and to only stay true to one’s heart.  

Suddenly, Jiang Chen opened his eyes and looked at the giant mass of spirits with a firm heart. 

He wanted to demand an explanation from the unjust Heavenly Dao. He wanted to grant those spirits peace! 

To be simple, to follow the wind. 

To dominate the Heavenly Dao is to have a Dao Heart that does not go against one’s will. 

Jiang Chen’s lips curved into a smile as if his mind had been opened up. He needed this kind of conviction, he needed to go back. 

“Let’s go back.” Jiang Chen said. 

“Didn’t you say that only death awaits us there?” Man Shuai was slightly startled. 

“You’re right. But I must go nonetheless. Those countless spirits refuse to let me go. This time, even I do not have the confidence… I don’t know what being is that immemorial beast is. But I must give those spirits a proper send-off. My heart knows no retreat. My Dao disallows me to lose.” 

Jiang Chen turned back and flew towards the Burying Soul Mountain. 

Yang Jian and Man Shuai looked at each other with a smile. They must follow Jiang Chen’s footstep, even though Jiang Chen said that only death awaits them on that mountain, they will still follow him without a doubt. They have no reason to back off, they won’t regret it even if they die following Jiang Chen. 

On the sky of Burying Soul Mountain, Xuanyuan Canglan’s heart pounded heavily as he looked at the nearly completed blood-coloured immemorial giant beast. 

The skeletal structure was near completion, its figure was nearly complete. This was the final soul sacrificial ritual, he did not expect for the ritual to go smoothly. 

Moreover, the spirit sacrificial ritual was unexpected, he did not expect so many souls. The revival of the immemorial beast shall be much more complete!

“Finally, it’s time to sacrifice those Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts.” Xuanyuan Canglan’s lips curved up. 

He had been preparing for this for 70,000 years, he had patiently waited for 70,000 years, and served this immemorial beast for 70,000 years. It was time for him to reap his reward. 

“This time, who can stop me in this Hidden Secret Realm?! The Linhe Boundary is now beneath me. Hahaha.” Xuanyuan Canglan’s voice echoed through the heavens, his fiery eyes looking across the boundless sky! 

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