Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 2408

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Dongfang Kuangyin’s blood gurgling scream reverberated in everyone’s ears. They immediately shivered in fear the moment they heard his scream. Now, Jiang Chen’s back felt like it was a giant mountain that couldn’t be surmounted. Is his choice the correct one? 

Nobody dared to sympathise Dongfang Kuangyin as he reaped what he sowed. Jiang Chen wouldn’t have attacked him if he didn’t mock him. 

Jiang Chen was no simple and kind person. He did not want to increase the pressure for Liu Quanchao and the others, so he chose to leave them. But Dongfang Kuangyin had pushed all his buttons. In the end, Jiang Chen had to retaliate. 

Dongfang Kuangyin could not speak as blood dripped out from his lips. 

His tongue was cut off by just a single strike. Yet nobody was able to see when or how Jiang Chen did it, nor how powerful that slash was. 

Who amongst them knew the might of that sword? 

Dongfang Kuangyin’s follower who was standing behind became silent as a puppet. Their expression became grey as their lips shut tight, while shivering in fear. Jiang Chen was the weakest on the surface but he’s actually the most terrifying. Even Yu Rongyan and Qin Yumo became solemn as they gauged his strength. 

“That fella is very strong. Is that the strength of a Mid True God?” Yu Rongyan was shocked as he looked at Jiang Chen’s back. 

“Now you know why we're that concerned about what he said… ” Xu Jin sighed. 

Yu Rongyan and Qin Yumo did not utter another word anymore. But the shock within their hearts was immense. 

Dongfang Kuangyin was the one who was regretting the most. Jiang Chen kept it to himself for as long as they could remember. Now, Dongfang Kuangyin was the one who received the blow. He’s extremely confident in his abilities, yet he hadn’t expected that he would be beaten down by a Mid True God! 

His eyes were now filled with boundless fear and hatred. Of course, that hatred was hidden as he dared not to show it. He could do something for his lost tongue but he won’t be able to do anything if he loses his life. 

He reaped what he sowed. 

“There’s no escape for us now. We need to enter the Burying Soul Mountain. Sword God Xue Liang is in the vicinity, we must not fall too far behind. Our goal is to brave through this challenge and become a true expert.” Yu Rongyan said in a serious demeanour. 

Jiang Chen leaving them was but a small interference. Without him, they could still fight and face the remaining battles head-on. 

“You’re right. We will not stop now. If Sword God Xue Liang could do so, so can we.” Xu Jin said confidently. 

Jiang Chen has already left them but they must move on. 

The blood-coloured skeletal structure was now almost complete. The silhouette of the beast was now visible, it was a thousand zhang tall, as tall as a mountain, it was a ferocious beast indeed. However, it’s form was incomplete. 

Everyone became solemn as the environment became heavier. The brewing wind was strong enough to cut and shred apart the void. 



Suddenly, howling could be heard. The Burying Soul Mountain finally showed its true face. A giant crack suddenly appeared in the middle of the mountain, and it then devoured everything near the crack. The place surrounding the crack suddenly became black, and a bloody mist could be seen. Everyone started to shiver in fear, including the demonic beasts, not even those Heavenly God Realm demonic beasts could maintain their composure. 

“Those are the wandering ghosts of the Burying Soul Mountain, they have finally shown themselves.” Yu Rongyan said. 

“I’ve heard of this, a soul change will occur in the Burying Soul Mountain once every thousand years. Whenever that happens, this place becomes a land of death, not even a Heavenly God Realm expert could survive the onslaught of those wandering ghosts.” Xu Jin said. 

“This is not right! Only 400 years has passed, it’s not even a thousand years, how could a soul change occur?” Liu Quanchao said as his expression drastically changed. The feeling of uneasiness spread through everyone’s heart. 

“A soul change is the cumulation of hatred of those wandering ghosts from the countless corpses and souls buried under this mountain. This soul change shouldn’t be happening now… could the event here trigger the soul change?” Qin Yumo said. 

“Looks like we’ll have to go all out to defend our lives. Everyone, be careful!” Wu Tinghou shouted. 

The countless wandering ghosts started to roar and howl more intensely. A tsunami of wandering ghosts burst towards the sky and fell towards the blood-coloured skeletal structure that had gone through the blood sacrificial ritual and fused with the structure. 

Sword God Xue Liang stood at the forefront and withstood the brunt of the terrifying assault on the soul. 

“Those are ghosts with their lingering soul attached… who dares block my path!” Xue Liang sneered as he launched a flurry of sword strikes, striking down the souls of the dead before him, leaving nothing behind!

Xue Liang decimated those wandering ghosts that attempted to attack him. Thousands and billions of wandering ghosts burst out from the deepest corner of the Burying Soul Mountain, however, Xue Liang maintained his composure and decimated all those ghosts that stood in his path. 

Whereas Yu Rongyan and the others were struggling to stay alive. Even the strongest one amongst them, Yu Rongyan, was pushed into a passive stance, defending, unable to take a step forward. Yu Rongyan, Xu Jin, Qin Yumo and Liu Quanchao were the first line of defense. Zhang Lei and the other Peak True Gods gathered in a group and defended against the onslaught of ghosts from every direction. Who would want to face these ethereal beings if they could choose? 

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